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  1. Will the cost-reduced HM skills traded with Zen Beans/Battle Points require certain PvP ranks? Because Dragon Express tab does not ask for rank or whatsoever. If it requires no rank, then this is a premiumship benefit that is given to free players. Nothing to say here. If it require ranks, then both free and premium player have to pvp for a while to get the skills. This is counter-productive for the sales of Duelist Bundles and Premiumship, since both of these are to cater players who spend to have it easier to access HM skills without going through pvp.
  2. He already paid for the game's services, so it is no longer for free to him :3
  3. People are going to live in basin anyway, thanks to Treasure Pouches available for 500 peaches. Dragon soup might sell well too, to grind EXP along the way. If anything, any daily-currency-gated materials only hurt new and alt players. They would want to utilize their precious solar energy for expensive soul badges instead.
  4. NCWest still forgot about discounted soul badge. Let nudge them for our F2P brethen :3
  5. But they are not from Rosethorn Chest? :thinking:
  6. I don't see a reason to not vote-kick someone going offline during the very first entrance of Tower of Memory, for example. You either have to bear 5-man it, or leave and make another not-in-progress party. People have their reasons to not vote kick -> If the one who get vote-kicked is their friends, they can always say so, especially when they have a mean to know if he comes back or not. The rest is just pure laziness and hinder the group performance. I'm sick of doing the first boss of a dungeon (Naryu Sanctum, for example), someone went offline and never came back
  7. Vote-kick is kinda annoying when you don't who in the party has not yet voted an Offline Player for fresh recruitment. Some players claim they have voted, but they actually did not, so it is somewhat rare to see a successful kick to happen. I suggest to add a checkmark next to voters to know who not yet votes. Similar to current Whistle.
  8. Someone random is not enough. Must be whale heroes to have the impact. Everything else is just commoner zeroes. And whales don't complain here. They are now busy taking video and selfies of their ten characters in Rosethorn set now.
  9. He doesn't even talk about Soulburn.
  10. Pioneer. Nobleness. Rosethorn. Rosethorn Cat (dirt cheap)
  11. HMcoin users can only buy 10 chests per day. Many of them haven't unleashed their whole HMcoin wallet to its fullest.
  12. Nope, I grinded that thing when it was still a good part of dailies. Never drop once for me before. So RNG is RNG, and it sucks when it is not your side.
  13. Well, it depends on how you look at it too. For an outfit collectors like me, and as I just recently has a new character where I would love investing in outfits for her, this RNG box is basically god-sent compared to those material boxes. I can fill a lot of empty space in her wardrobe. I hate previous material RNG box, cuz it is a bigger slap to someone loves outfit like me. I only want the outfit, not PSTS or Sacred Oils. They are nice to have, but I only want the outfit, and the drop rate is basically 3%. I can spend for 1,000 boxes and get nothing. For t
  14. Check around to see if anyone is asking for free moonstone first. What people want is not free moonstone, but a stable supply where people can grind for in PvE content. Not everyone likes pvp, so shoehorning them into the content they dislike to get what they need is like being asked to eat the food you hate in exchange for something you want. For a few times, it sounded okay. But try to do that on daily basis, so you either vomit and give up the whole thing, or had to "love" the food.
  15. If you make a character past the age where Skittering Tunnels is still useful (lv45 and when Radiant Ring Addendum was still a hot item), then First Step is god-sent which basically helps you skip the grind or spending like 900+ coin. All with the price of 130, if you get it, to save time and efforts. Believe me, you don't want to grind Skittering Tunnels for the outfit. It is one of very few dungeons with annoying forced mechanic, where even the strongest whale cannot skip the thing.
  16. Thank to them, the game is alive and kicking, though. Why should they? Unless no Rosethorn outfit never drops, which is not the case. Like every single thread with RNG box. In any case, if you aim to get Rosethorn, may as well get them from F5, and buy enough boxes for fabric for other items. Maybe wait for like a week for price to settle first If you're lucky, you will get another Rosethorn and sell them, getting back money. If you're unlucky, at least you don't have to deal with RNG.
  17. The combat bug issue has lasted since the launch of this game in Korea, alongside with BM/BD's tendency to go out-combat mid-fight and drops Draw Stance along with boss aggro. I doubt it get fixed. The idea to deal with combat bug is actually not new. I think when the UI with Ultimate gauge is introduced, someone managed to tell who get the combat bug, but I honestly don't know how it works. About the game being SB/BB oriented is not, we have four classes that handle SB/BB: Sin, KFM, WL and Gunner (for reset). Also, there are people who not yet have the cooldown reducti
  18. Same to me. While low ping is an attractive point of a local server, the fact that Garena server has NA-like ping for some Vietnamese player despite of being located in Vietnam, as well as subpar service quality really turns me off.
  19. For xml editors, they can disable that function, lol.
  20. Afkers spoil the fun of parties, leech people's efforts and gold share. Some of them are even shameless enough to bid the loot which they don't deserve. Since we cannot vote-kick them, I think we should at least be able to report them quickly. For now, to report an afker, you have to submit a ticket, maybe with proof. I suggest to add a Report AFK function in the right-click menu. When used, the afker will be send a message to warn them (maybe with a whistle sound too) that they have 10s to do something breaking of their afk status (chat or move around). After the time
  21. Which free items? How many character slots do you have now?
  22. If you see something cheap but vital for upgrade/crafting abundant in supply, just hoard them. One day, NCWest will reduce the supply and make them expensive again. Repeat the step below to make them abundant and cheap again. If you see something expensive for now due to being rare, it may become cheaper when NCWest adds more supply to them. Repeat with the step above to make them scarce and expensive again. Work for: -Moonstones that come from 60s (pre-Naksun nerf) to 2g (SSP nerf) to 4g (further SSP nerf) -Sacred orbs from 2g (Pre-Mast/Gloomross patch when
  23. With the new UI, it becomes easier to manage your own buff from that cluster of buff bars now. It is a step to right direction. Here are some suggestions to make it even better: -Add an option to exclude pvp-related debuff on target. No one really cares if the bosses get approach-skill or block-skill disabled in PvE content, and it just makes the target's buff bar a cluster. -Add Soulburn/Fighting Spirit icons next to the UI for weapon/accessory/soul buff for easier buff management. -Adding an countdown icon next to the HP bar of Warlock/Kung Fu Master/Assassin that
  24. Every server is like that. KR has next tier of soul that makes True Cosmic/Ascendant a child's play. TW has their own Pay-to-win version of Legendary weapon that basically costs you thousands of Elysian. CN is in their own world, heavily designed to make you pay. While Vietnam makes it easier to farm materials, they add more to your playing time with RNG upgrade. I like NA/EU server about they actually voice their complaints, and their complaints are actually listened and catered of. This makes the game much more alt-friendly, contributing to its replayability. I'm a Vietnamese
  25. Get VT gear, and your DPS will be boost by a large amount. However, your DPS will be not as good as Earth with same gear.
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