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  1. They want new players to focus on story quests to quickly goes to end-game content, instead of wasting time on blue quests. However, they do not count that these blue quests are what flesh out the game's story. There are many characters that you meet them during side quests, then they appear in story quests. For example, remember the baby you saved during Blackram raid on Bamboo Village? There was a hint that the attack was gonna happening, if you did a side quest during your journey. Or, you will know about Yunsang way in Viridian Coast, or learn that Namsooyo is a material girl f
  2. -It is a 21-day event. -Daily challenges gives you 2 Killer Coins. Three Zaiwei dailies gives you boxes with 3 Killer Coins, and 3-6 Thriller Coins. So at the end of event, you get 105 Killers Coins and 62-126 Thriller Coins. Vial-wise, you don't even get one and have to kill some Zaiwei bosses for more Thriller Coins. Pet Pack-wise, you may get 1 per character at the end of the event without touching non-daily bosses. For TT wing, you may gain a single unit. -With 105 Killers Coin, you can get 2 vials. But you will need to grind 144-208 extra Thriller Coins from Zaiwei
  3. Valentine's True Heart can be considered as the biggest thumb-down in term of event quality. Players spent a lot of time to get the True Heart for its cool aura, just then getting their bragging-right shot down to oblivion when the proper Heart item is released, turning the cosmetic heart into something entirely useless. You cannot skin the Valentine's Heart into the Heart item, and cannot use the Valentine's Heart in any meaningful way for the Heart, like giving some cost reduction. To make it worse, it seems NCSoft has given up on developing this cosmetic heart. It has a bug to p
  4. From what I know, when the awakened skill patch hits, Restraint skills will no longer be available. Some of them will become a normal skill (like SF's Beam Cannon), but I doubt anyone will use it. Soul Shields that provides bonus damage to Restraint skills will shift to Ultimate skills instead. When that time comes, than Grab/Grip of Des/BD goes back to the time where they are only used to buy more time in boss fight. Which is very rare in more recent dungeons since bosses cannot be instant-CC thanks to having too many bars. Even though the patch comes with reduced CC bar, they als
  5. Or they can just enjoy more money from people in need? Like with current system, there are 1 out of 20 players (made-up number) who accept the overpriced voucher, netting them 1,000-coin worth. If you make a hair-change for 200 coins each, 10 of 20 players will find it affordable and afford it, netting them 2,000-coin worth. The same reason why selling a pack of cigarette one by one gives the seller more profits than selling the whole pack.
  6. Good ideas, I guess. Before, the Spectral Demon Scorpion quest used to be part of daily challenge. Would not mind if becomes a permanent daily quest during the event. Shuffle it daily with Pyrefist and Murkwing Lord quests. Or they can make it a special exception to lengthen the daily challenge list to 13, including all Zaiwei quests, so that players can choose to go through normal daily challenges or just camp Zaiwei.
  7. Pay for treat or grind for trick! Cuz they can actually offer good outfits from events, and have already done so many times. Two previous Halloween events offer good outfits, especially the second one, which actually offer a wide range of outfits from events to too-outdated-dungeon outfits. Though the second one is also rigged by RNG cuz Merchant of Wonder. Some other good outfit are given outside of event too, and require little to no effort. Alice outfit (the player desiged one) was given for free on 1st anniversary. Several of Jackpot outfits are good too. Then ou
  8. Or another Jackpot. Or add to the next event cuz theme. Or at least offers them at discounted prices via Daily Specials. Pieces by pieces. But no, let go full force, bundle everything, offer at maximum prices possible, rub salts to older-players who miss a singple piece.
  9. I don't mind if it costs 100 badge per F13 ticket. The thing with Naksun runs that if you run out of tickets, the whole run becomes a chore due to the dumb Tower Defense in F12 that drags out for too long. A single F9-15 runs would equal to 5 runs of F13-15 just cuz of the F12 thing.
  10. Ice Warden. Everything is light and rainbow. Slow but effective. Sentry Stance = summon sky-piercing sword of light, follows by salvos of swords of light. If you have VT badge and fighting a metallic enemy, you will hear a lot of satisfying klang klang sound.
  11. Remove all your gears, including SS, then re-equip them. Someone said this will fix the DPS drop.
  12. Tl;nr: the Title Let face the truth: Recolored Night Luna as Halloween event reward this year looks so bad. And it doesn't has a single sperk of Halloween Spirit in it. It looks like just some leftover designs that NCSoft does not know what to do with it and just decide to throw it to events. Meanwhile, check out this new rotation of outfits, bonus Halloween theme: Aside from Graveheart and Creepurr Cat which are always F10 items, let go through an analysis other items: -Spellcaster and its hat are free outfit items in very first Hall
  13. I call them 10-run newbies, though they are not necessary fresh meats. Anyway, when you finish a dungeon run from DT to EL with those newbies, you will receive some bonus reward from loots, and an extra chest in dynamic quest. Let leave the loot aside, cuz I only want to talk about the extra chest. The extra chests contain weapon chests and something soul shields of the respective dungeons. Great if you want IF, EL weapons for upgrade, or for weapon skin collection, or soul shield collection achievement. However, after you pass these, the extra chests become redundant a
  14. I still remember Raven SS reward in Hard Mode where everyone has VT SS. Those darn legendary light is so misleading :3
  15. Nope. I'm on my Sum who has the 50-clear achievement. Except when the raid leader enters first and skip the cutscene, every other souls will get stuck in the cutscene for one whole minute. And they cannot skip it mid-way even if the raid leader enters later and skip the cutscene.
  16. -Scaling Boss HP: Unless the bosses has at least 100mln HP, they will get wipe out by Whale Motion Gunners and other Angry Whales the moment they are targetable. -Having Zaiwei outfit and head adornment (or whatever their name) to be event rewards. Yeah, I know that Zaiwei ruins itself drop the outfit, and you can farm it from arena, but considering the facts that: +This year's outfit is lame +Natural drop rate is abyssal. +Not everyone loves pvp and some wants to puke the moment they have to pvp for something. So no. Instead, just let me farm it the PvE way t
  17. Time to introduce bound-to-account PTS. Time to intrdouce PTS pouch to the event. Bound PTS pouch offer you 50% of dropping a bound PTS or nothing. Why only 50%? Cuz NCSoft cannot be nice without pulling some tricks.
  18. DD Boss 3 is wipe-able if you don't have a party smart enough to use their own class skills to stun the boss in-time (yeah, they exist. I meet quite a few of them when recruiting R6+. I even had two WL and two gunners which are mech-skippers, and they still failed miserably), which results in 15-30% (deep wound on/off) heal. The boss also has reduced enrage timer and stall for very long time with his burrow mech, so an average 100k-DPS party will do not have much time to finish him off if they fail even a single mech phase. Even Boss 2 DD is wipe-able if your party is too dumb to d
  19. I don't think they will ever implement Silver Scale to solo bosses. There are no Blackstone drop/trade from any solo boss before. So why should be there for Silver Scale? When the next tier of expensive materials are available (aka Blue Scale, Blue Pearl and Blue Glass) in next dungeon update, Silver Scales, Blood Pearl and Sea Glass will be more available, and will gradually become just other Blackstone and Void Fragments 2.0. For now, since Silver Scale/Fragment are account-bound, just do daily quests on DD/RT/ST on a few alts (and Shadowmoor too if you can). Do
  20. Thankfully, not. At the end of the story, it was Dowager who betrayed her country, and was currently being hunted down (which led to next raid. Hope with not sobbing side story cuz I just wanted her to drop death). If anything, the ninja girl has big achievement here, assisting Hongmoon hero in preventing a full-force war between Stratus and Talus, bring back the true heiress of Stratus (or the whole united Stratus/Talus before they became two countries), reveal the and betrayal of Dowager. If anything, she deserves a medal. I can imagine that half of the national budget will c
  21. I saw a Warden complain about having to run 50+ Drowning Deeps run to get a Numok Bracelet for his Master Hong's bracelet, but still in vain. He was ready to bid 500-1000g just to skip his misery. I saw a returning Warlock wanting to kill himself after 20 runs of Awakened Necropolis to get Lucent Earring, which he unfortunately did not receive from story quests. Pretty much solo the whole thing since no one wants to run it, unless they want the same thing as him, which means more competitors. "I saw a <Class X> who have to run <Y times> of <Dungeon Z>
  22. Two words: annoying, and depressing. Act 9 is obviously made to a be tearjerking moment. So many characters close to Cricket and young Jinsoyun died. And their deaths were for each other: -The Lyn boy died cuz he insisted staying until Ryu was "saved". -His sister died because she shielded for Jinsoyun. -Jinbin, the Jin boy died because he stopped his master from committing a crime for their sake, thus angering Mushin. Yeah, the act is sad. The final mourning scene was heart-breaking However, coming hand-in-hand with this depressing feeling is the feeling
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