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  1. Farming Hammers give a lot of Thriller Coins now, but since the most rewarding loots are gated behind Killer Coins, which can only increases by dailies and killing Vivasa. At the end of the event, you will likely only get two vials due to the gating, and a lot of Thriller Coins leftover. Maybe Thriller Coins can be used to exchange for Killer Coins at the ratio of 5:1 or 10:1. That way, excessive Thriller Coins still have their use. Also, I think all bosses should drop/have chance to drop Killer Coins from their loot too.
  2. If a PvE players don't 6v6, then keys are still useless in the end, even if tradeable.
  3. As part of weekly challenge's rewards, the game gives you 4 Battleground Keys. While it is certainly a useful reward for 6v6 players, it is completely useless to pure PvE players, or to Arena-PvP players who prefer a gear-equalized environment where they can just jump straight in and fight. I suggest that upon complete the weekly challenge, instead of Battleground Keys, you should offer a chest of choice where you can right click on select a reward of desire: -For 6v6 players: you still get 4 Battleground Keys -For Arena players: you can get 4 Arena Key
  4. Since Warden doesn't have a focus bar, items that regens focus is useless on Warden. This also makes Warden immune to focus damage items from pvp skills/gear, while a pvp Warden can still deal focus damage on other classes. I think it is kinda a waste. Maybe these items should have an effect on Warden somehow. Maybe interacting with Warden's Resilience in someway (increase/decrease recovery rate, regen/deduct Resilience), or influence Warden's HP (decrease/increase HP cost for using skills, orpart of HP heal transferred partly to Resilience/part of damage dealt on Warden going dir
  5. Just camp those 3m-5m HP mobs. One hit and they are all yours.
  6. They will, when the next solo dungeons come out and Master Hong falls out of F11 ranking. Until he receives a nerf, I don't consider farming him at my ping (260-290ms) even when I can deal 300k DPS, because the skill response is very bad to deal with his mech. It doesn't mean he is not doable, but fighting him at my ping is very RNG to win.
  7. Kinda come a little too late. Already farm over 150 mobs for 44 Legendary Gem Hammers. Now the feeling of missing like 100 coins kill my excitement. But yeah, still helpful for whoever are grinding mobs. Also, this makes random trash mobs offer much better rewards than long-spawning bosses. Wait, trash mobs are already clearly better, considering they already drops coins and hammers at a good rate now.
  8. Assign him to design this event, of course.
  9. They seems making quite some mistakes on other weapons too. For example, instead of Python weapon, they give you Frostscale one with similar appearance, but cannot be stored in Showroom.
  10. I doubt they will be able to fix it until the next major update. Also, unskin your pistol to show that you have Aransu one. It is like some other regions where you cannot see F2 profile, where people unskin weapons so that they can clearly show what weapon they really have.
  11. Can you make all bosses in Zaiwei ruins to give one guaranteed Thriller Coin, with a chance for more? Visava (or whatever its name) should give one guaranteed Killer Coin, with a chance for more, too. Else, it would make camping random mobs to be much more profitable than camping bosses, saved for dailies, Takharan and Visava. Not mentioning that random mobs already have a good chance to give a legendary hammer already (farming 1h nets me 10 hammers). Also, regarding of legendary hammers, I hope it doesn't receive a stealth nerf. I never see both Thriller Coins and Lege
  12. Warden gets these cuz this is a band-aid solution for some of weapon boxes do not offer their weapons. For example, a Yeti weapon chest clearly state "Does not contain a Warden weapon". For some reasons, they just decide to add these to the NPC instead of proper weapon boxes.
  13. Kinda like 1 hongmoon gem fragment can be salvaged back to 10 gem powders, then combine back if necessary. Why do I suggest this? To save space. We have a lot of items that also has fragment versions. Yunsang bead, Yeoharan coins, Master Hong tokens, Tower of Infinity Tokens, Blackstone fragments, Silverscale Fragments... To name a few, each of these requires two slots to store. There are no doubt that we will get more in future, together with other non-fragment materials. Meanwhile, we pretty much have very limited inventory/vault space, which NCWest refuses to expand
  14. Report them for griefing, with video/screenshot proof. Worst, support will not do anything, like usual. Best, someone gonna get a few days banning :P Also, if some attempt that, just reveal yourself from stealth and the mob will come back to you. Yeah your DPS will suffer a bit, but better than having your mob stolen.
  15. The only thing amazing about this event is legendary hammer drops, which is useful for unlucky roll with rift/dawn weapon from previous event, or to prepare for future 7th-8th slot. That is the only thing I can think to be positive about this event. The idea is okay, but the execution has a lot of hic-ups, mainly about the unbalanced ratio of reward:efforts. Basically, you grind a lot more for much less rewards. It is okay if you only has a main cuz your reward is just whatever you can get, but for people with multi-alts which they use to farm oils during events (sadly, it is the o
  16. Would be cool if everyone can just go and tag the boss for quest credit. I tried to party with people to share the credit, but not all of them agree, even if they are low-geared and have all the time, as it takes some of them like 30s to kill the boss. Change channel may end up to a channel where the boss is already killed. So either wait, go to other bosses, or log out to reset channel switch. Just small quality of life improvement.
  17. If anything positive from this event, it is that 3m-5m HP mobs can drop legendary hammers in Zaiwei. We are going to have 8 gem slots on our weapons, and will certainly need a good amount of hammers (22 units per slot). Or if you are unlucky with gem slots from previous event's weapons and just want to fill the space. In any case, those big mobs can drop various things aside from hammers, mainly the 15AP pot, sacred crystals, elysian crystals, and of course, Thrill Coins. I went there and farmed for like 30m, and got like 4 Thriller Coins and a legendary hammer, as well
  18. Hiding blue quests only work if you are like 10 levels above the quests. Yeah I miss Doduri. Hope to see her to make cameo in near future. Maybe with Alice in Wonderland theme (she did an old Korean story in Moonwater, and Wizard of Oz in Silverfrost).
  19. Read your skill description. If it says "Unable to reset cooldown" then it is unable to reset cooldown. Only Warlock with VT badge can reduce the cooldown of such skills if they go Time Distort.
  20. Nope, they are not our developers. Our real developers are ones in another side of the Earth, namely in a country that is called South Korea. And they work for the NCSoft, parent company of NCWest, the publisher of this game in NA/EU. Every change in this game has to around the world, back and forth. NCWest can barely provide any change to the game's content. They are only here to collect feedback, send it to NCSoft, and NCSoft sends back the change that they feel "Ah, this may DO NICELY in the West". Too bad, the event does not DO NICELY at all, and there is a tons of other proble
  21. And for people who did get loot, their RNG haunts them still. Here is an example of 64 normal Zaiwei boxes from someone on reddit:
  22. Cuz you still manage to make it in time? 25 token needs only like a week, or finish the story. You don't even need to farm. Just F10 token is enough if you remember to collect them. However, what if you have 2 hours left and your total tokens are nowhere near the requirement cuz you join late? Or, you can play 1 hour per day, have to absent a month, then when you come back, it is too late to get enough tokens? Or you are grinding the last tokens from story quests, then suddenly power outage happened, then server maintenance came? There are a lot of scenarios that can prevent you ge
  23. No guys. Dawn 1 = Seraph 10 lol Also, what if he just joins the game in the last moment of the previous event?
  24. I only buy boxes and troves for outfits. So far, I think this box is much better than previous boxes for outfit collectors. The previous one asked for 50 boxes per outfit set, while this one gives you 3 sets with 50 boxes.
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