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  1. It is a rare outfit from Poharan impostor (black and red hair instead of our favourite white and black hair) in the 24-man E.Fleet Supply Chain. To spawn her, you need to kill 3 major bosses thrice in that dungeon. It is possible to solo easily with story-gear, but gonna be time-consuming cuz all of the spawn waiting time.

  2. Like you have known, the dungeon is gear-normalized. You can join in either with whatever gear, CtA or not.


    The thing is that the dungeon is not the same with the Blackram Supply Chain that Western players have experienced. During that time, they were overgeared a lot, so that explains why Realmrift is much harder than the version in NA/EU.


    I used to go through similar events twice in the past, and seems my knowledge has not yet rusty, so I hope it will be helpful to whoever choose to grind this dungeon.


    Items to prepare:

    -AP pill: the dungeon gives you very low AP, so the 100 AP from the pill is a blessing for burst. I think there is HP version to if you want to face tank freeze bomb without costing a blood.

    -Food: you can go spicy dumpling for more oomp, or mild for more HP.

    -Vitalizer: if you run out, buy some from Dragon Express. Don't use Vitalizer to fill your Dragonblood as there are Naryu-coin ones for that. Only use it when you deplete one Dragonblood during in-combat, efficiently gives you 3-4 blood/combat.

    -Fortune Potion: one drink fill your whole bar. Don't be cheap. Don't use the vendor healing potion cuz it has very long cooldown.

    -Revive charm: careful of the mass revival one. It is currently bugged and will share cooldown with your lamps. Single one with 15m cooldown should be safe.

    -Whatever dungeon-only buff charms you have (dunnot if Heroic Friendship Charm is still a thing. Any stat squeeze in make the run easier.





    Boss 1:

    -When he becomes untargetable, he will shoot projectile. Summoner/FM should have their anti-projectile for this. If you don't have them or they refuse to use, just block/iframe the attack.

    -When a gong sound happens, he is going to boil water. Iframe this with your long iframe, or spam shorter one.

    -After the boiling, he will rush attack. Block his rush to make him targetable again.


    Boss 2:

    -When she does the dash-dash-dash attack, you can CC her. Right after she finishes the attack, immediately move away from her to avoid poision cloud. 5 stack will mostly eats your dragonblood, unless you iframe or diligent drinks potion to counter thawt.

    -Avoid her obvious landmine, of course.

    -You can have someone tank the add. He is very slow in attack so shouldn't hurt you a lot.


    Boss 3:

    -Most of his attack is projectile, so you can just anti-projectile him.

    -CC him if he grabs someone..

    -Beware of red landmine. It is your dragonblood killer. Try to not stay too near to each other while fighting him.


    Boss 4: Your lovely party crasher

    -CC her when she kicks someone up to the air, cuz that move will likely to eat a dragon blood.

    -For her ring-out, ring-in flame attack, don't panic if you get hit once by the ring-out. Immediately get up and iframe the ring in by SS/E away from the center.

    -For the freeze bomb attack, you gotta use the mech. Have everyone stands where the smoke is (prefer not the one that is in flame puddle), and you stand by the lever. There will be beeping sound. Once the beeping starts to go faster, use the lever and run back to the smoke. This will save you from being frozen. Note that the freeze bomb may go with a ring-out flame attack, thus eating a dragonblood of any frozen person. You can also tank this with a HP pill and a fortune potion to heal up.

    -For the two tigers, have a ranged or a tank kite them around.  Summoner's cat taunt work too, but be mindful of its HP.

    -The freeze bomb with the two tigers gonna be hectic. Be ready.


    Hope you have fun!

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  3. 1) More accessible orbs is always nice, but the nicest would be NCSoft just removes the stupid orb requirement for Heaven's Mandate. You do daily quests to earn gold, not to spend gold on to do daily quests.


    2) Sure. Though I think they keep the cap to sell Reputation charms later.


    3) Nuff say.


    4) Yeah, event quest as daily challenge is nice, cuz it lessens burden for alt players (don't mock them for no-lifing, cuz they are the ones who make this game lively), and helps to get the quest without having to go through a few loading screens if you forget.

  4. Considering NCWest seems want to abuse the new 3-4-5-quest daily challenge reward system for future events. If anything, it helps alt players a lot, which are pretty much the most active and gear-relevant players (on their main, at least) in this game.


    Also, it will help to be a good reminder for players to remotely get their quest inside dungeons, in case they forget to accept it before going inside.

  5. 16 hours ago, AkibaTheOne said:

    Serously that ? why cant make it for free like other servers ?

    Cuz they want you to play their contents, of course.


    14 hours ago, Shadowfrost said:

    others servers you can't even transfer gear LOL

    Server A don't X, Server B should not be able to do Y. Nice logic.

  6. Like, you have a Sum with this staff skin that is ugly, but looks pretty cool on Warden as a big sword. However, you don't actually have any way to get the same skin again. So, with <put the resealing item name here>, you can reseal the staff skin into an account-bound weapon skin box, and send it to your Warden.


    The cost should be cheaper than the weapon skin itself (often costs 499 coins). Maybe 99-199 coins?


    Also, I think all pet skins should be account-bound (not the tradeable one, mind you) and cost deliver stamps to send. 3-6-9 stamps for normal-awakening-ultimate seems to be suitable costs

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  7. Fishing is part of event, yup, but you don't need to do it immediately. What you want from fishing is the pearl, which is a year-round currency that happens to be part of the event. Someone calculated that you can earn up to 1,300 pearl/day (15+ pearl/fish/30 second), so you don't need to worry about lacking of the pearl for the event The bait from the event just helps you to catch rarer fish, thus more pearls,


    So yeah, while I don't know if it is completed Act 10 or during Act 10 to be able to do fishing, you don't have to worry about fishing on the very first day. You don't have to fish daily either,as you can fish everything pearl in one go if you want.

  8. To sum it up:

    -Event happens for 35 days


    -You can earn tokens from following sources:

    +3/day from doing 2 Daily Challenges

    +3/day from doing 4 Daily Challenges

    +1/day from event dungeon

    +6/week from weekly challenges

    +1 from daily login rewards (3 for premium). Unless they change this


    -Assuming doing all, you can earn 275 tokens in total, with 35 or 105 account-bound tokens to throw around.


    -You also need to do some fishing with the new system for pearls to trade tokens for rewards. From what I know, each fish gives 15+ pearl and takes around 30s. Using bait from event gives better chance for rarer fish, thus more pearls. Should not take you much time.


    -With more efforts spent (4 Daily challenges/day + event dungeon + fishing + Weekly), which is more works to do than previous events), you can get 6 oil/character. Assuming you don't want to do 4 DCs, then doing 2 DCs + event + weekly should still give you enough for 4 oil/alt. Up to whether you want to tryhard or not.


    However, this event is completely gated to new/alt characters have not yet finished Act 10 (or reach Act 10, I forget), cuz that is the Act where fishing system gets unlocked. If you want to fully exploit this event, get your alts to current final act.



  9. 10 hours ago, sojaa said:

    Some valid points however it is very nit picky. Grim is not really a white knight. Most of the time he gives feedback that is accurate. I don't always agree. Either way I am glad he takes time out of his day to talk to us. Thanks Grim. Pvp is dying not the game. I can que up in f8 dungeons really fast and get a party. 3v3 not so much. That's my opinion. 

    White knight is not what I call him, but people in this forum itself.


    I guess cuz he will appear in every single thread where players suggest something nice just to shoot it down. If there is something that needs to be fixed or have to workaround (Mailbox is a clusterfreak, for example), through his view, it is entirely players' fault for nor adapting ot it, not NCSoft's wacky design in the first place. From other people's point of view, he also has very strong pro-NCSoft stance for most of the time and ready go into length with other posters about it, enough that people think he works for NCSoft.


    If anything that he ever does it right, it is about him trying to help people who ask some questions about the game. Most of other time, nope, he is wasting his time to protect a thankless publisher from other people's rightful wrath.



  10. Easy, just change the daily-challenge quest from 3-stage MPS to kill 5 grass yetis. Like what they have done with Shattered Mast in the past.


    I'm more annoyed that some people have patience of a tick, always go off to kill boss without waiting for anyone, thus forcing them to restart the whole run cuz of missing quest objectives.

  11. There should have been more outfits to throw in F10 rotation. However, knowing NCWest, they keep those shiny new outfits for RNG Box and Trove. The last RNG box basically has 4 different outfits, all tailor-able. Plus a cat outfit.


    RNG Box is fine, cuz at least you can just buy boxes to earn currencies and trade for them. Trove is a nightmare, cuz NCWest puts them into 2-star, or even 3-star. While you get frustrated cuz you cannot win RNG to get that last piece of outfit, one year later, they decide to sell the whole set on F10, or put the set in other RNG boxes (Mythos Collection, I look at you). You want that hair adornment to complete your 4-piece outfit set? Then buy the whole outfit set just for that hair adornment, leaving you another set that is lacking of hair adornment.

  12. Like those dungeon/raid chests that allow you to select a type of scale/wing currency that you get from daily challenges.


    There are two reasons I suggest this:

    1) Some long-time players have an excessive amount of blackstone/silver scale and BT/VT currencies. They don't really need more of these, so it is more preferable for them to be able to choose what they need. Similarly, new players who lack of these early resources can still get what they need, instead of getting a blue scale/GC wings which is kinda in a further part of their gear progression.


    2) It will save a lot of space in Retrieved Mailbox. Instead of having like 7 different currencies, you know only have 2 types of chests. You know how infamous slow-loading the game's retrieved Mailbox is.


    A scale chest may have less number of currencies than a whole scale (3 vs 20 for blue scale), but it is still better than just miss-and-hit with your roll.

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  13. 4 hours ago, Shanae said:

    i think if you want to get more people to play a certain game mode, id add more rewards at certain hours, rather than restricting game times

    Or, you know, think of a pvp event that helps players to upgrade pvp gear and offer good rewards for higher rating tier. Run it along with a pve event with meta rewards (oils, gems, outfits), of course, or you will enrage pve folk.



  14. Merchant of Wonder sometimes rolls out to sell a single Victory Token. However, for current contents, it have become outdated. There are very few things that Victory Tokens can be used for trading:


    1) ToI pvp badges: you need 70 victory tokens to trade for them. However, there is no longer any source to grind for Victory tokens , except from rare merchant spawn, people's leftover. Not sure about F10, but considering Victory Tokens are not trade-able, so it is still hard to come by if that is the case.


    2) Other previous TOI tokens: you need to trade 70 TRADE-ABLE soulstone and a victory token for any of other previous ToI token. The victory tokens from merchant already cost like 10g to buy. Adding soulstone just makes the cost inflated.


    It is more preferable if the token is changed to:


    1) Current ToI token, which is Liberty. Change to newer tokens when they are out.


    2) A chest that contains every ToI token to select from. Also reduce the purchase cost to like 1g.


    3) Something more useful. Even a jewel/element at 5g worth more that a victory token.

  15. 9 minutes ago, Kitsune Takahashi said:

    Still if you add the vote kick option back, it will be abused which is why it was removed in the first place. Players need to basically speak to one another, check to make sure people are actually there before entering dungeons, ask if people load slower. You are still able to kick before entering the dungeon. What I do while it might not be ideal is just this everyone gets one chance with me on F8, if you leech, afk or whatever, you get blocked. I notice you in my dungeon party while we are still recruiting you get kicked. Also, yea people rush through the dungeons and don't really deal with the trash mobs and yet if they actually killed the trash mobs it would help out make the run overall faster so the rest of the party behind them wouldn't be stuck in combat therefore slowing down the run. Logic right?

    Vote kick online players are never be implemented in the first place. What is removed is the ability to set master loot, which leads to ninja looting back in early days of level 45.


    Vote kick online can only be abused if you run with a group of five players who can unanimously vote kick against you. It is hard for a group of five strangers to do that, mainly cuz they don't know the story, don't know how to vote, or just be too lazy to bother. Unless you somehow make all of them hate you, like being an ass, or a leecher. If that happens, you deserve that.

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  16. Agreed. It is extremely hard to recruit people into dungeons with progressive daily quests, cuz unless they intend to farm these dungeons, they will immediately left cuz they cannot completely daily quests without earlier boss clears.


    Leechers are problematic, yeah. But leechers don't care if earlier bosses are killed or not. They can still just go in, and leech whatever gold bid players can, or just get the end-reward dynamic quests so that they can send materials to main characters. In short, progressive daily quests do nothing about stopping leechers, while discourage normal players from LFG into parties that need more manpower.


    The only way to stop leechers from harassing you is online vote-kick, which NCWest refuses to implement.


    Outside of F8 dungeons, I think Midnight Skypetal Plain also needs to change quest type from killing Stage 1-2-3 turtles into killing 3 turtles of any stage, so that people will feel more encouraged to join non 1-3 runs more. Even if they want to do 4-6 too, as long as they still have the quest, they would prefer waiting 1-6 run instead of joining other 4-6 runs.

  17. 25 minutes ago, SkFy said:

    Do you have any idea how much time it takes them to create the a race for a class? much better to spend that time on the billions of bugs that exist since beta and still aren't fixed.

    Let be real.


    Lyn Assassin would bring revenue, cuz of Race Change Voucher sales. That is the reason why they keep adding Lyn to new classes. Lyn Gunner, then Lyn Warden, even if the latter makes no sense.


    Bug fixing brings no revenue and is nothing big enough to be hurried with, except game-breaking (like raid bosses cannot be cleared). In some cases, when contents are old enough, old players would just shrug and get over it, while new players don't even know about it.


    Yup, bugs are annoying, but if it tolerable or have a workaround, it tends to be with you for a very long time. Thinking in-combat bug that does not let you use Dragon Pulse. Solutions? Just let players use Dragon Pulse even in-combat. And this only happens YEARS after. People rant? Yes. Do they leave the game for this bug? No. So just let it there in the bottom of to-do list.

  18. Picked this from a Discord server.



    1.75 million DPS this time.


    Obviously, it is a subject to change for our region. But consider they seem to change nothing for turtles, I guess this would be the same. Reward-wise, once again, if you can do 1.75m DPS, you don't need anything TT-level that the event offers (maybe you can use garnet and obsidian though), butthis is another subject to change.

  19. ToM is an old event back when we had no Letter section in Quest Journal. The quest literally rubbed into players' face in daily basis and was always on top of your Quest Tracking window, unless you hid that. Think of daily Hajoon letters. While it was annoying, it actually did a good job in reminding players to take the quest.


    Nowadays, the quest are only available in the Letter section. If you are new players, a good chance that you won't know that and miss the quest. Even for veteran players, they may make mistakes after their brain get numbed for alting and forgot to take the quests.


    Nevertheless, I think it is okay to ToM dungeon without daily lock. To prevent juicy exp farming, just shift exp from dynamic quest to daily quest. Done. This game has some non-daily-lock dungeon event and they work just fine, such as the sunglassed frog one during summer which is pretty easy to miss the quest credit (you accept quest outside, and have to do that again for an inside NPC. I don't see any good excuse to keep daily-locked even dungeons, outside of laziness to change.

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