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  1. They will change the tree back. Under normal policies, they will not do this for you twice, as the service is a considered a one-time thing. But with the temporary policy, they're saying that they'll switch it back again. I'm sorry if I didn't make this sufficiently clear in my original post.
  2. It does work, I've tested it out. Support will consider swapping trees an upgrade and switch it for you. I've also asked whether there is a formal definition or support policy, and there isn't, so its pretty much up to interpretations.
  3. Eyy lmao you fell for the click bait title. hehe xd There really is a loophole though... kind of... So, with the upcoming soul cost reductions, a lot of people will be asking for reverts. So a "Temporary Item Reversal Policy" was created and can be viewed here: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000726886-Empyrean-Shadows-Update-Temporary-Item-Reversal-Policy For all of you who didn't click on the link, basically if you've upgraded a soul or weapon between May 1st to June 19th, you can get it reverted regardless of having an item reversal or not.
  4. Looking to buy a poharan pet on Soha/Jiwan server group, paying 650g. Mail WheresMyHPBar.
  5. The April 12th patch is bringing a lot of new content, but the most controversial change is the upgrade material revamp for legendary weapons. From the perspective of new players, this gives them a much easier time getting into endgame content. This also shifts the overall gear quality of casual players up, making endgame dungeons more accessible, especially in instance server. However, this change also discourages people from trying to progress their gear as fast as possible, as nerfs to costs seems increasingly consistent after new content. Moreover, this change is ar
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