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    K thank u
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    So how do they go about making this new email my old account and not a new one ..?
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    i have and when i log in with the new email it a new account not my old one
  5. Account is locked

    So i got hacked Feb 26 the day of the hacking i couldn't log in so i changed my password and then put in a ticket. Then a few hours later a GM Locked my account, which make sense but i said in the ticket that i changed my password and email password so why would he still lock my account? After the account was locked i got this from another Gm Dazell (Blade and Soul) Feb 28, 02:20 Hello there, It seems that you are still using the same email from the previous ticket #4585230. Please be informed that you must use the new email address that is not associated with any NC account then send us a new ticket. Reference again this ticket number #4585230 or #4634590, any will do. Please take note that you must not reply on this ticket. Send us an email (new ticket) here: We hope you understand. Regards, Dazell NCSOFT Support Team So after days of trying to get my other ticket viewed with the new email i loged on today to check my ticket and they are all marked as solved and i am still locked out of my account. Really not sure what else to do about this i got Master founder pack on this account , I Really do not want to make another account and lose the master Founder pack.