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  1. Merry Potters Uniform

    ooh damn ty for the help
  2. Merry Potters Uniform

    I have a toon with Merry Potters and i like the hat from the uniform but i dont like it in the toon that has Merry Potters can somebody tell me if the hat can me mailed to another toon from my same account like the bound to account items?
  3. Clan Uniform Outfit

    i really wanna know the same thing
  4. Old purple dungeons

    Ty very much
  5. Stuck in first person during dungeons

    Had the same problem just 1 time and then it fixed itself
  6. Can we still get the outfits from poharan and mm even with no 4 man dungeons anymore?
  7. 3 free slots?

    I dont know about that but what i know is that u can sell some gold and buy more slots i did that starting with a destro until lvl 45.. then some dailies and now i have the 8 slots max so it could help u like it did to me
  8. Hello people! amm yesterday i was trying to purchase some stuff from the market but there were no items and i could not buy anything somebody know why i cant se anything on the market is it just me its a bug my client or something? sorry for bad english and ty if u can help me with this