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  1. Be thankful you got dyad square and skill illusions drop. I bought 50 keys to test and all I got was 2 stars from guarantee one. Best drop was a custom that I may never wore. Will I buy more keys? Nope!
  2. You said there were 7 of them on the market? I see none. Exactly how do you searched for it? Thanks
  3. Stop playing the game for about a year and now I am starting to catch up. May I ask if it’s possible to obtain the special training weapon anymore. It’s hardly ever go on the market place, especially for gunner. And how did we get it before? It’s in a trove or something? Thank you.
  4. try this bro. It help me. control panel>hardware>power options>change plan settings>change advanced power settings>high performance.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I used to get 80-120fps solo and around 50-80 in crowded areas on max setting. NOW i get anywhere from 35-65fps solo and 25-45 in crowded areas. It happened about 2 weeks ago. I dont' think it's my computer because It's only 3 weeks old and I got 16gb of RAM and run on gx1060. ummm.
  6. I just bought a brand new computer 1 week ago with i7 and GeForce 1060 graphics. First few days I play at max setting with constant 65-110 FPS. Now I play with 20-60fps max and some lags. Anyone know if it’s my computer? Or what I can do to get better FPS? Graphic card is always up to dates.
  7. How many in this forum knows all bosses attacks rotation? Being a range class you can stand far and dps. Being a tank you have be next to the boss and take every attacks. Let me say it again, next to the boss and take every attacks. You can’t move around either cuz you don’t want the boss to turn around and hit a close range attacker. It’s not easy being a tank. You need to learn all the bosses attack rotations and be ready to get flames while doing so. If you chose a blade master, f key is your best friend.
  8. Just be prepared to get flamed by your party. Being a tank is not easy. To avoid being hit you have to know bosses rotations. It’s not just block block block, etc. good luck
  9. Update: I just canceled my order on that pc and just got another one at BestBuy. Its specs as follows: intel core i7 7700 Nvidia GeForce GTX1060 3gb 16gb system memory 1tb hard drive and 120gb solid state drive Does this look better?
  10. Hi, I just bought a new computer and its will be shipped to me soon. I was wondering if the specs is good enough. I know it’s not single core but this is all I can offered atm. Thanks for the inputs. Windows 10 Home AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor GeForce® GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 8GB DDR4/2400MHz RAM MSI B350M BAZOOKA Motherboard 1TB SATA3 7200 RPM HD
  11. Blade master with 930ap. How hard is it to kill Xanos in normal mode nowadays? I've never been to that dungeon before. Do you really need to know mech in normal mode? Thanks
  12. Ok, mushin floor 16-19 is easy, but floor 20 is giving trouble. Any tips is welcome and greatly appreciated! thank you. i'm bm hm11.
  13. I got 110 flowers setting in my storage. I was wondering how to get legendary msp soul shield pieces 678? Also as a blade master is full msp set good or 12345msp and 678 desolate shield? Thanks
  14. I got the necklace already. Been running desolate over 300 times. But I have never run foundry naryu before. I am a blade master with 770ap. I heard it's very hard that's why I never try.
  15. Does anyone know if we can buy legendary belt or ring off market? I am searching for it but couldn't find it. Thanks.
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