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  1. I still don't understand what's there to fix? Could you elaborate more?
  2. For me, 3 tries on my main and 6 tries on my FM
  3. It's not dead. Majority of people do it on the weekends because it's double chest reward :) Wednesday to Friday are usually for DKV Sat and Sun is when MSP parties start forming
  4. A bit confused here... If you are still using the old HongMoon weapon, you can salvage it which will give you the equivalent (or even better) new weapon. You can check them here: http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/evolution-streamlining/
  5. My Summie (YamiKokennin) My FM (AnemosVelos): Don't have one for WL and BM yet :3
  6. It's always a delight to find friendly and competent players. I have been in so many pug nexus and trust me, I get irritated when I see Des or BD doesn't carry the robot to the pools or people blocking the boss miles away from the pools. A more annoying and tilting situation I had was a couple day back in Nexus. I had a HM10 summoner with Baleful (stage 5) join my party. I thought to myself that he knows the mechanic but no. Dude did wrong CC during CC phase @ Sarge. Dude almost cause a party wipe @ Scorch/Singe because he started it when half of the party weren't even ready (oh and he didn't
  7. It is easy although granted you have to know the boss mechanic and what you need to do. I cleared it last night with 1 550 (my FM), 1 543, 1 490, 1 475, 1 450, and 1 420. Yea it was a clan run since I know my clanmate who are under 500 will never be able to pug
  8. Nope! As far as I can tell, most people just want to play the best DPS class... Assuming you are one of the playing to enjoy like me then we are the rare breed actually.
  9. I don't think I can concentrate if I see a KFM Gon Female big breasts fighting the boss with current jiggling physic..It would be very entertaining at the least... Plus, how do you even move with that?
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