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  1. So I saw few sumoners which had this skin on their staff. Where did they get it ? I didnt see anything about those on the internet. I only saw this staff on players on the cross server but not on people on my server. I suppose its not a mod when other players can see it so..how did they get it ?
  2. Well I just made 3 characters, but now I cant decide who should I choose. Can someone help me ? xD
  3. Yeah, I guess I will maybe ask my bf to help me with some ''gold getting''. Or I will just suffer in pvp xD
  4. So its me again..yep I just bought another slot for characer, but I made 3 characters and I just cant decide now. I know this isnt really a problem, but guys..can you help me decide ? xD
  5. Oh god... Well thank you both, I finally know how. I guess I will just stay in the battleground for a week haha.
  6. Hello so I've been looking at some builds and I see very often the Multiple Blaze skill in those. I really like this skill so I tried to search for it, but I couldnt find the answer I want. So how do you unlock this one ?
  7. Some people here have really lovely chars, so I decided to post one of my characters too. ^^ I just love this one.
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