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  1. This list is not enough , continue )) Make this topic always UP Known Issues: Will of Iron – December 11 - this is not what we want to ;) Make game run smooth first off all , make your micro code works fine , remove all this bugs from game items , buffs , weapon , skills , gear, maps, dungeons, raid's , all over world of blade and soul please do something. Get your asses and start work around :)))
  2. It's not a Graphic card you experience or cpu , but we have same problem in our group we have dps we have gear but without ctrl+f when all people starts attack frezee lagz and etc is happens . And after that i just realize i just need to go to shop and buy new cpu . But i don't understand witch one cpu we need to just not experience this ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ inside TT raid . Maybe someone can tell us from NC wtf is goin on and why ?????
  3. https://bnstree.com/character/eu/Xtansion Here you go :P
  4. You don't need to use bns buddy to or disable xing code , just remove quest log clean it and all this slutters ans fps drops disappear That's how you can do it
  5. WHAT ?????? Ban for 7 days and remove are you crazy ?? Bug abusers how this happens i will tell you . First off all when you use this chocolate in dungeon you have buff for 30 minutes , so if i just after the dungeon went to battle ground this is bug abuse ??? Second , remove all chocolate ok remove it but return gold would be nice , cose you can sell them to other players in game and price 5 gold for each . And third Ban for what ? for use chocolate when i use it in dungeon and just went to battle ground is stupid . Think wisely before you ask the community
  6. Don't you think you can get acc from vendor all ready for cores ? 173+162 runs = if you got unlucky you all ready have more then enough to take pvp acc from vendor for cores . What the problem ????????
  7. 3-4 ours at everning time , i think it's enough to learn all stuff , and you talk about work It takes many ours to now what where and how , one mistake wipe , tank dead wipe and many many more shit inside can happen bugs freezes and bla bla bla . You spent only 30 ours and come here to cry to nerf, get a hold of your self and continue , no one can help you only you and your patty members .
  8. This is just a child cry again to nerf the Temple the hardest content in game 30 + ours funny my clan spent 3 week's to clear 3 bosses Please delete this post .... no more word
  9. You now guys what 's funny , this baby cry . yesterday i buy but today i sold and now this again 5 years old baby nothing more of the stupidity of brain , this is a gamble you lose today and somebody more smart get it back tomorrow
  10. you now guys first thing is first , I just done that with buddy . in global condition have 30 ping to server. Ok now I just lower down that from 100 to 70 or 50 and make apply . came in game and nothin changes absolutely . After all this shit what you talk about speed hack this is can't be done . On video it's a fake . You can't ,lower attack speed by add the XM file nothin more .
  11. Same shit here, uninstall them fully and install a new version 381.72
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