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  1. You don't need even need wins to buy the HM skills, just Whirlwind Tokens and Bravery.
  2. Mushin soul shields? They're from Mushin's tower floors 5-8 and not F8, and you can also buy the pieces from the merchant (next to the bank NPC) with warrior tokens, also from Mushin's tower.
  3. Summoners aren't meant to solo stuff after the patch, since bleed stacking is basically impossible.
  4. The menu says the ranking starts at 1400. It doesn't. This is just a typo. The ranking for WWV starts at 1600 and not 1400, just like everything else.
  5. Ebondrake will replace Asura at the end of this year, so most people opt for 1-5 legendary and 6-8 ebondrake for the AP set bonuses (and also because 6-8 legendary would be a pain in the ass to farm + max roll + fuse).
  6. Lair always gave 1.87 gold before the patch, and mandate always gave 2.04 gold as well. The gold rewards in the spreadsheet (post #2 in this thread) only applies to premium members, so maybe your premium membership expired a little after the patch hit?
  7. Does it say "unsupported media type" when you try to upload? If so, they disabled custom pictures a while ago and you can only upload profile pictures taken in-game. If it just says nothing, then I don't know. Maybe you just need to do run the file repair or something.
  8. Well I don't do SSP, so I don't have faction insignias to buy it with. I was more looking to farm them as drops from mobs in the skypetal plains area, but I don't know which mobs to farm.
  9. I'm going to Baleful soon but still need the Soulstone staff for the evolution. Where is the best place to farm for the locked weapon chests? Do all the elite mobs in Skypetal Plains drop it (I don't do SSP anymore), or do only the SSP bosses drop it?
  10. You should know that CN version is nothing like NA/EU version. Edit: Or maybe we'll get it eventually https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4k6dbe/black_dragon_boss_after_yeti/
  11. I can't even imagine how hard it must have been to search for soulstones then.
  12. https://www.twitch.tv/bladeandsoul/v/81980256?t=19m36s
  13. So for those who didn't watch the stream today, they announced that a new weapon path was coming soon to NA/EU. Anyone know the specifics of this, for example when the changes are coming, or whether it will be an alternate path like Siren/Oathbreaker or just a single path?
  14. Can anyone quickly tell me how many coral fragments I need to buy an Oceanic Nebula Stone? I'm not at my desktop right now so I can't see in-game.
  15. Thanks for the info. However no one in their right mind will farm Beastbog for the quest, especially those who have 1000+ Naryu coins sitting in their inventory. Also, for those interested in the Mad Scientist title, you have to complete this quest 100 times. So yes, 100 days of BnS tower defense.
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