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  1. No im amazing person but sadly im not generous :))))))))) Deleting them makes me feel better giving them to you or anyone else doesnt go use ur wallet now to buy rngshit or grind
  2. I rather delete them than give anything to anyone
  3. Well this was final nail in coffin. Several my friends left because of this even and ill go with them. Better spent my gaming time with games and gamecompanies that are not Ncsoft OR Gameforge. So let me welcome Ncsoft to my blacklist. GZ second game company whos game ill never again play in any case thank you. Sayonara. Im not leaving because of Rng box / key event shit i hate them BUT getting 2 p2w / p2p what ever you want to call them in couple of weeks was final tick. -First tick was how much they ignore EU players -Second tick was how horrible service they provide
  4. Originally I NEVER SAID i made 600g / h. I said i was capable of doing that per day but its possible to do in hour too. Log in for 1h do my stuff for hour and get lucky. Then its 600g / h. Heck you can even do 5k / 10mins if you get lucky. Get freaking 5k pouch from rat. Its not reliable income and it varies but back to point originaly i never said 600g / h. Had to check what i wrote days ago so someone just pulled that from their arse
  5. Njah if i could do it everyhour i would have 655 AP atm. Yeah might be but its completely possible. heck even hitting 600g hour is completely possible. Making money in this game like many other mmorpgs is based on luck and hard work. Time to time i get extremely lucky and can make shitloads of gold then i might be extremely unlucky for few days and not able to make anything. It varies a lot. Took me less than week to get from 500gs to 1300gs + 730venom stingers + 40 silverfrost transformation stones. Now im back to 500gs and pretty much nothing due i upgraded awekened scorpio / tru
  6. Yup exactly only thing each player should do is get weapon to true pirate -> switch to upgrading accessories get them to true oathbreaker then you're completely fine for long time. Myself im awekened scorpio + true oathbreaker accessories i wanted them and i continue to pile stuff for next patch and future upgrades. But thats how i like to play. Players should just take it easy youll eventually reach your upgrades and so on
  7. Because giving chat bans and closing accounts are two completely diffrent things. Ingame masters wont change anything even if they're there. There still would be limited employees working and top of that they have limited time to ban around and answer to report tickets. It does not matter where their CS is stated. If they're ingame masters or CS. This is through Ncsoft eyes. 2 accounts 1 hacking and 1 spamming. Spammer can be immedietly after certain amount of reports chat banned so that spammer cannot continue to spam and later on banned after investigation is done bec
  8. Even if you save up your credit card numbers it NEVER saves up your 3 digit CVC code or what ever it is. Only way to get hold to that is to get keylogger on computer which records it. And to pay something you have to insert your CVC code. Atleast thats how it works for me
  9. So i've question that i've been wondering for while now about all of you who are ranting about this. In what timeframe makes you guys happy to get bots banned once you've reported them?
  10. And you have problem understanding what i said. I said i have not seen BUT if i went to SSPs i could most likely see few destro bots running around and so on. so cry me a river
  11. 200G hour is extremely rare its possible but most certainly it DOES NOT HAPPEN all the time. I can do it i have done it. And arena players get more stable income than i get. 600g per day was only because expansion was just out. Nowdays im not doing that. Maybe in next patch im again able to hit 600-1000g per day income but we will see that when it comes
  12. Sry thats pretty much full of shit i dont know where did you find it theres missing atleast one game that is far more popular than TERA in west. http://steamcharts.com/app/323370 Heres steam charst based on how many logging tera gets. Thought it only counts towards those who use steam but avg 2k per day? thats hardly any. Even if there was double amount outside steam it still would only mean 4k or even trible that would be avarage 6k. And you're saying that Tera has bigger income than FFXIV for example? Ill call that list full of shit Tera is not profitable game to bot th
  13. Oh look another one how original. Ill start shooting you down now. If you spent 10 seconds looking thread list you would see that duplicate threads about same issue is not allowed. Next thing is do you think that they're not doing anything? Theres plenty of evidence on internet that they actually ban botters / hackers but which you seems to fail understand that Ncsoft HAS and WILL ALWAYS HAVE limited resources. Lets make assumtpion because about this i have no clue. They have 5 specialy assigned to go through reports about botters / hackers. Well how many do you th
  14. Its not unknown they're there. Only thing is that they dont cause this huge ruckus over them because whole game is almost fully instanced
  15. Im too lazy to go look for videos about this but here is answers from Ncsoft. SO how about instead of ranting about issue that THEY ARE AWARE OF and try to think about what they're doing and think really hard about whole issue 00:51:35 What are plans for dealing with bots in 3v3 and afk in dungeons? We’ve talked about this a lot, we did a huge bot ban over the weekend, we’re constantly working on this as a top issue. Vote kick is a difficult issue, has potential for even worse abuse. Master loot issue has been solved 00:13:05 Tackling bots is a priority for us.
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