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  1. It seems there was a BIG ban wave, and a LARGE outcry in the forums in many spots. Even on twitter people went haywire. ONLY reply on twitter was : Took 22 hrs to get my respnce from email stating that i used "3rd party software" It was an automated reply that others had also posted in the forums. I DONT use cheats/bots/hacks/exploits/3rd party sw. 22 hrs of wasted time. Like most people, ive spent $ on this game for diffrent reason. Its utter crap! I dont know what players can do, but i do believe its time that ALL players.. those banned n those not.. take a stand.
  2. amazing how identical these look :/ THIS is a joke... thanks for the money... byebye! total and utter crap! wont make another account.. wont spend any more $$ on crap service. so, enjoy the # i spent, itll be the last you get from this player.
  3. Just recieved after 15 hrs Would you like my ss#, DL#, and blood type also?
  4. Start the whole email process at 630 am my time... 930 pm now. Still unable to log in. Glad im such a valued customer.
  5. Your request (*******) has been received and is being reviewed by our support staff. To add additional comments, reply to this email. 12 hours ago.... nice support! wont spend another penny on this game!
  6. Same. been playing fine since head start.. tried today and locked due to "suspicious activity"... really?
  7. Same here. and ive put a small amount of cash into this game. at first i thought it was just something stupid... small error or something, but have tried everything including reset pw to no avail. and of course the only way to contact them is through email... which may take only god knows how long due to alot of people getting "suspicious activity" warnings.
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