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  1. Rukirii made a post about GameGuard on this board. So it would imply they are aware of the issue at least, but won't outwardly admit specifics. Also, why do some people on here seem to think, this is some sort of conspiracy against GameGuard? The amount of people reporting FPS stuttering since GG's reimplementation, and their recounts of what or when it happened, should rule out coincidence. Bots are still rampant. I know I didn't had any issues running the game while GG was gone (80fps on max settings). Now it's just like watching a slide show or scrolling down a slow paced manh
  2. I have a fairly high-end PCs (GTX 980, SSD, 32GB RAM, etc etc) and I was running the game smoothly at 80fps on max graphical settings. In walks GameGuard, Boom, FPS stutters.
  3. Unfortunately, I am also suffering from the "GameGuard side effects" as NCSoft staff calls it. I have posted about this in Bug Reports in the hopes that someone out there has a potential fix, apart from removing GameGuard entirely, which obviously we can't do on our own. The sad dark days of GameGuard returns... I am interested to see if anyone notices a difference in bot population with GameGuard activated, my server certainly hasn't seen a change.
  4. Hey Guys, I've managed to fix the issue for my case. I did a few of things: 1) Updated graphics driver and restarted PC 2) Shut down/quit Razer synapse, and checked it was dead in task manager. Apparently, as others have said, there are serious compatibility issues for Razer synapse with Gameguard. 3) Followed the post on the forums here to optimize FPS for NVidia cards I'm not sure what actually did it, could of been a combination of the above, but I've had a stable FPS for the last couple of hours now. Hope this helps someone else.
  5. I hope not, these are suppose to be the official forums. At least some kind of acknowledgement of the issue would be nice. On the subject of the FPS again, I tried running the game with the "Optimized for Low-End PCs" option ticked, FPS drop rate were consistent as when set to max. It definitely seems to be an issue on their end. Just to reiterate, the game was running perfectly smooth for me, on max setting, before the patch.
  6. I am having issues too, my rig handles most demanding games at maximum graphical settings with no problems at all. BnS was smooth before the patch, now fps drops to 25-30 from 100 every 15 seconds. Gets worst in populated villages like Jadestone.
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