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  1. HM Skill (lmb)

    Where or how can I get this one?
  2. RMB missed hits..

    For couple weeks hanging out on my summoner alt.. and I've noticed from time to time.. My RMB misses sometimes a lot, even tho if I have full focus.. and right in front of the mob/boss on almost no distance. Some days I hit them all.. and sometimes 75% misses? Asked a friend summoner, and he has the same problem. Never had this with my KFM or FM. Any other summoners having this problem also? The moment you miss your hit, it makes a sound like a "flat tire" :') Hope it's familiar to other summoners..
  3. Fire vs. Ice

    Which build is recommended for FM? Dungeon Ice or Fire? Or does anyone have a good build for PvE?
  4. Which soul shield to use for level 45 KFM?

    If you are recently L45, and not ready for Mushin's Tower, indeed the "superior" Blackram Supply-set would be easiest to get. You don't need to waste Moonwater Valor stones, as you need them later for your "Boatite" upgrade weapon. (Just 25 if I remember). But, since your target should be the new Labyrint ones, or at least a mix of Endless Tower & Bloodshade Soul Shields. Endless Tower @ Mushin / Bloodshade @ BSH Dungeon / Labyrint @ Naryu Dungeon If you have trouble with Mushins tower & Labyrint Dungeon, just go for the Bloodshade set @ Harbor Dungeon. They give good enough stats to do Mushin Tower Daily with ease, and work your way to Naryu Dungeon.
  5. Are R-autos faster than LMB-autos?

    Thank you Shandra, just figured out I was using it already the whole time.. -____________- My bad, but I appreciate it.
  6. Are R-autos faster than LMB-autos?

    It might sound noobish but just for the idea, hope someone can guide me cause on youtube, everyone comes with his own thing for 3RF Combi; The 3RF Combo = Button 3 + RMB + F ...or am I totally wrong? Usually I have "Leg Sweep" on 3, Guiding Fist on RMF and "Shin Kick" on F. Which skills do I have to activate for this combo, and do you guys mean RMB by R? o.O AND, What good is it for? For Mobs, For Bosses? and when to use?