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  1. This thread is not to complain about the bans. | This thread is about trying to find out, what triggers the false positive. I ask you only to post in this thread if: Your account has been locked "due to suspicious activities" (not RMT, exploits or otherwise - only suspicious activities) You know that you haven´t broken any rules (not that you hope you NCsoft wont find out) Keep it simple If you use the Ogong Glitch - don´t post. So basically to find out what triggers the false positive bans. I want to make a list of things that people have in common - that they may suspect triggers the false positives. ######################################################################################################## 1) What keyboard and mouse do you use (full model name and brand)? 2) Are you prone to be away for longer periods of time - to the point where you are automatically logged out to the character selection screen? 3) Do you solo dungeons alot? 4) Location of login. (country) 5) Do you login from multiple locations? (forum included) 6) Do you trade alot of gold via the marketplace? 7) Have you been selling gold for NCcoin (CTRL C ingame function) ######################################################################################################## @Victorion 1) Razor Deathadder mouse | Steelseries 6Gv2 mechanical Keyboard 2) Yes, almost every login session. 3) Yes, I always solo brightstone - sometimes other dungeons too. 4) Denmark 5) I use login from work and home to access forum. I only login from home to access game. 6) In general I will sell and buy for around 8 gold per day, with maybe 30gold during the saturday and sunday. 7) Once. However, first time I was banned, I hadn´t. @oyobo 1) Corsair gaming k95 keyboard & logitech G500s mouse 2) Yes atleast 2 times a day 3) Yes in the last few days been doing brighstone solo 4) Netherlands 5) No 6) Spending like ~10gold a day in marketplace mostly less 7) Sold max 12 gold in Nccoin store @SuckerPunch Azio Backlit Mechanical Keyboard(MGK1) / Logitech g502 Proteus Core sometimes, each time i have found my account locked was usually after 2-3hrs of inactivity no USA no no no @Sindrena 1Razer blackwidow 2no 3no 4us 5no 610 gold 720tops @Kazarann 1) Trust GXT / some cheap keyboard 2) i never log out, i just leave my PC on and wake up still logged in or been logged out by the anti afk thing 3) rarely 4) London 5) No 6) No 7) When it first came out yes but not anymore @xSk8eRx 1) Corsair gaming k70rbg keyboard and mouse mad catz rat 7 mouse 2) Yes atleast 2 times a day 3) No 4) Romania 5) No 6) Spending like ~10gold a day in marketplace mostly less 7) NO @JACKWEI0831 1) Razer Ouroboros + Razer BalckWidow Ultimate 2) Yes. At least 2 times a day. 3) No. 4) USA 5) No. 6) My trading achivement shows about 1.3k currently. 7) No. @freongal 1) Black Widow Ultimate keyboard, razor naga mouse,razor tartarus gamepad 2) yes when I go outside to smoke 3) No 4) USA 5) No 6) No 7) No @Rikazuchi2 1. Microsoft wireless keyborad / Razor NAGA Hex 2. yes I AFK often for long periods but rarley get kicked of 3.No (Pff BM) 4. NA 5. Yes ive had to verify multiple IPs because of mobile hotspot 6.I make a constant Positive amount of gold from the marketplace. But all crafting mainly (Merry potters, Soul shields , occasional 28 diamond) 7. I have but only enough to get the latest outfit @Mark1291 1) Corsair Strafe RGB + Razer Deathadder Chroma 2) Very very rarely, only happened 2 times 3) NO 4) Spain 5) NO 6) I sell and buy on the marketplace, i craft potions and buy quartz or gem fragments 7) NO @BanWagon 1) MS 2000 wireless.. Naga chroma 2)NO 3) NO 4) USA 5) NO 6) NO 7)NO Banned 2x on same account..... my ALT account still up and running fine through the ban wave. @Overworldx 1. Razer Manticore keybaord, Logitech G502 2. I forget to log out just about every night (Currently off work, going through depression issues, can't help it) 3. I do everything solo unless I'm being lazy that day, I'll use dungeon finder. 4. USA, Michigan 5. No, I do use WTFast though. 6. I PvP all day (over 2k games this season), soulstones all go on the market. 7. Multiple times. Over 80 gold sold. **Ban reason is for "Association with exploitative accounts** - no idea how that's possible since I play solo but ok. @fireEmplum 1)trash set no name 2)no 3)no 4) Egypt 5)no but my isp keep changing my ip so every time i restart or power off i have to enter code 6)no im poor 7)no just once for test 1 gold only i've been just playing the game normaly 5 mins ago then i got kicked and cant login again says my account has been locked @xi 1) Razer Naga 2014 (mouse)/ Max Blackbird TKL (keyboard) 2) no 3) no - almost always duo with my friend 4) USA 5) no 6) no - not rich enough for more than 1 gold but I do use the marketplace often 7) yes @Chessur1 1) Razer Deathstalker keyboard and Logitech G600 mouse 2) Yes - almost every day. 3) No, almost never. 4) USA 5) Only a few times, and not for weeks/ 6) No 7) No @SwagKappacino 1) Acme MS12 mouse and a cheap acme keyboard 2) Nope 3) Rarely, because I'm playing with my cousin everyday 4) Lithuania 5) Nope 6) no 7) no @Vyzardo 1) Corsair Vengeance K60 - Razer Deathadder 2) No 3) No 4) Germany 5) No 6) Rarely 7) One time. NB: To add - I don't use a VPN or a Proxy. @mustafaa 1) Gamma mouse MS-080OU / keyBoard 4TECH KBS-8 2) 2 time in day 3) No i did it 1 time 4) Egypt 5) in Egypt every time i restart router My ip will change but location same 6) NO , i got gold by Craft 7) No @819229_1452549930 1) I use Razer Naga and Black Widow chroma. None of the keys are programed. Except on my mouse I use it instead of pressing 1-4 z-v 2) No I am not logged in game long enough to want to AFK total of 4-5 hours of log in time in the last 1-2 weeks. 3) I solo every dungeon except BSH4 and Poh4 I 2 man those. I'm summoner so party isn't needed. 4) USA California 5) Same location minus today as I am out of state 6) No I do not, I am poor in game lol. 7) No I have not. @SecondAccount0 1) Microsoft Sidewinder X4 (I use one of the extra buttons to type in my long password and hit enter) and Logitech MMO Gaming Mouse G600 (I use the extra buttons for skills instead of keyboard buttons) 2) Sometimes. 3) No. 4) Belgium/Germany 5) No. 6) No. 7) No. @Devlin 1) Razor Deathadder mouse / Steelseries 6Gv2 Keyboard 2) Yes 3) Sometimes 4) Canada 5) No 6) No 7) No
  2. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    excact same hardware as mine
  3. Banned for third party programs

    Problem is, if 1 NC representative states that it is not against the rules, Then NCsoft is to blame and take responsibility completely. Not the players.
  4. Banned for third party programs

    apparently macros are not bannable either.
  5. Banned for third party programs

    look here
  6. This is very disrespectful of you, NCSOFT.

    hijackthis is a fine program. It basically just reports what processes are running and starting up with windows. I use it alot.
  7. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    Sadly thats not the fact. I for one, has a fresh install of Windows 10 on a clean drive, with nothing but the official drivers/software for my hardware, spotify premium and CPU-z installed. This alone gave me 2 bans, where as the only connection I can see, is that my mouse uses Razor Synapse program.
  8. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    If you use any macro or if you have software like Razor Synapse or the likes, you´ll trigger the automated red flags and get banned. Look at the overwhelming consistant answers - in this thread or many others. There´s around 20 threads on this forum alone - and on blade soul dojo forums another couple of threads with more than 25 pages of same complaints.
  9. Help: New Computer Specs

    Actually BnS is singlecore intensive. Meaning what matters most, is how fast your CPU is core by core - Intel miles ahead core by core. Also all your options seems prebuilt. And very poor choices. If you give me 1) Country of purchase 2) Budget I´ll list the best possible gaming pc for your money and where to order it.
  10. I know. First time ban -> apology 2nd time ban -> permabanned ... but i didn´t do anything differently since first ban. same hardware config - same software for mouse and keyboard?!?!
  11. add this to the list - off all the people that got permabanned for buying the wrong mouse or keyboard. The list grows everyday.
  12. Account locked!!!

    Welcome to the club, where you own a mouse that has software to re-bind keystrokes to a mousebutton.
  13. If I see a Level 45 with only 20K hp - then something is wrong. BSH adds from 18-24K extra hp - Endless 24-33K extra and Arena adds 21K extra HP. With any of these or a combination of these, you should have at very least 27K hp. And seeing someone trying to 4mans BSH with anything less than this - is a player that is: a) overconfident and incompetent b) incompetent and wants to be carried c) incompetent and clueless Because if he doesn´t know how to spend just an hour to farm arena soul shield - I can´t very well expect that person to teamplay or have any experience with boss patterns in BSH4mans. However a person with 27K+ hp and only 350 AP is fine with me - as long as they can teamplay.
  14. I am banned and need help

    Rika - the problem is you have a keyboard or mouse that have software with capability to rebind a mousebutton i.e. to a keystroke or a series of keystrokes. Seems all of us got banned for that. Razor mouses, Logitech Gaming mouses etc.
  15. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    There´s an overwhelming consistancy that the trigger is 1) Mouse that has macro capabilities. 2) Afk. for autokick to character selection screen. I am quite convicing that the trigger is macro capabilities that may look bot-like to the anti-bot software NCsoft may have.
  16. Permanent account closure: RMT: Selling

    Me2, and the response was so fast, that I am a bit skeptical if they checked anything at all. Razor Synapse seems to be the common denominator folks. A shame a game that should get good reviews, now are getting bad reviews because of the random bans.
  17. Bns Not Perfect, but a perfect start.

    I like: 1 PvP 2 Dungeons 3 Solo-ability 4 Graphics 5 UI 6 Story I hate: 1 Getting banned for "suspicious activities" 2 Getting banned 2nd time for "suspicious activities" 3 Finding out Razor Synapse is apparently a no-no 4 Badly optimized game 5 No forced PvP maps 6 Bots and spammers.
  18. The most worrying thing is 1) I was banned 1 time, and then unbanned with an apology. Shortly after banned again without unban. 2 different results, on the same pc config with the same standard programs and OS. 2) Razor mouse is one of the most common gaming mouses of all - not accepting their software, is highly unconventional - and banning people without a warning for using razor mouses is crazy imo. I mean, NCsoft knows that Razor is a popular mousebrand, and if they don´t tolerate the software, they ought to at least give a decent warning about it. I mean, like a server message at least once an hour for at least 1 full day, so all the people may have seen it and the word is going around.
  19. It´s not that hard really. Like, Poh4mans. I had one run, where my 2 teammates died to slashimi. The Sin still alive decided to stealth it out while I had already used my party iframe and my true friend iframe to buy some more time for the party survivabilty. We all died, and I told everybody to try again after they reset. This time I told the group to only focus slashimi and the sin who was badly specced to pop a AP potion. Result: Slashimi died before his first dive, and my Petals and true friend + 30% hp potion were more than enough to not die. That simply really. Doesn´t take a genius. Just takes experience. I have tons of examples like this. People who don´t know how to run through BSH without getting aggro when you move from 1 boss to the next. People who don´t know about their own skills and I tell them to respec and when to use it. Players that focus on dps, when they should pick up a boss to cancel a boss AoE - etc etc. It´s really not masterful tactics, its simple small things, that makes a huge impact on success and fail
  20. Same here. Only thing I have is Razor Synapse which comes with Razor Deathadder mouse.
  21. for 3 person party, my optimal would be: 1) Good BM tank 2) Summoner support tank + dps 3) FM for DPS and party iFrames Reason for this, is that - a good BM will tank better than any summoner. - Summoner heal, dps and tank support is great, and he also have party iframe. - FM reaches higher dps than summoner and his party iframes are more reliable. You´re too inexperienced. If you´ve done random teams enough, you´d know that you have to talk to your party members about their role and if necessary - school them about what to do. I never failed a dungeon random team run - when it gets close, I tell everybody to wait, and explain how we clear it. Always succeeded - even with 2 ignorant assasins that kept permastealthing on boss and a destroyer that kept pulling aggro but couldnt handle it.
  22. You´re just too inexperienced really. The statements you make, are clearly based on prejudice and inexperience. Some classes are more tankier than others. This being KFM and BM - while Sin is the most squishy, Destroyers doesn´t tank all bosses well - and FMs just kites the bosses around, making it difficult to get proper combos through. Teamwork and experience is essence.
  23. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    I just have a response too, saying I´ve been using 3rd party software. I am starting to suspect that the trigger is software that can rebind keystrokes to side-buttons of a mouse. My pc is a clean installation of windows10 with just necessary drivers - nothing unusual. I am very frustrated by this. First time I´ve ever experienced a ban in MMO.
  24. Wrong again. 1) Any party needs a decent tank. Summoner can tank pretty well - but when the summoner tanks, there is the issue when taunt ends and 4 seconds before it can be recast. During those 4 seconds the boss needs to be CC´d. Depending on the boss, the summoner may or not be able to do the cc. Some bosses are much more resistant to cc than others. 2) Summoner has Party iFrame if seed shroud is specced correctly and timed correctly. This takes practice and experience - and only skilled summoners can pull this off consistantly. The issue again, is that the Party iFrame skill for summoner (like many others) has a long cooldown, and the boss AoE may hit in faster intervals than the cooldown. 3) This goes for all classes. I.e. Mysterious Man will during his last 20% HP start spamming AoE - if you know this AoE doesn´t like corners, you position yourself there - to save yourself and your party from worry. They can focus on DPS instead. 4) you´re welcome.
  25. You´re totally wrong. This is the most important steps: 1) You have a decent tank 2) Your party know when to iFrame, especially when you have party iFrames 3) Positioning, cc-control and aggro control. I know, this to be true - because I´ve twice broken my weapon during mysterious man - lowering my damage to complete BS and still finished it fine. Yesterday with only 3 ppl. Kantis made a video of soloing mysterious man in BSH4man, so damagewise, you could do even with 2 ppl of 340 AP. Its much more important that your party knows how to stay alive.