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  1. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    excact same hardware as mine
  2. Banned for third party programs

    Problem is, if 1 NC representative states that it is not against the rules, Then NCsoft is to blame and take responsibility completely. Not the players.
  3. Banned for third party programs

    apparently macros are not bannable either.
  4. Banned for third party programs

    look here
  5. This is very disrespectful of you, NCSOFT.

    hijackthis is a fine program. It basically just reports what processes are running and starting up with windows. I use it alot.
  6. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    Sadly thats not the fact. I for one, has a fresh install of Windows 10 on a clean drive, with nothing but the official drivers/software for my hardware, spotify premium and CPU-z installed. This alone gave me 2 bans, where as the only connection I can see, is that my mouse uses Razor Synapse program.
  7. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    If you use any macro or if you have software like Razor Synapse or the likes, you´ll trigger the automated red flags and get banned. Look at the overwhelming consistant answers - in this thread or many others. There´s around 20 threads on this forum alone - and on blade soul dojo forums another couple of threads with more than 25 pages of same complaints.
  8. Help: New Computer Specs

    Actually BnS is singlecore intensive. Meaning what matters most, is how fast your CPU is core by core - Intel miles ahead core by core. Also all your options seems prebuilt. And very poor choices. If you give me 1) Country of purchase 2) Budget I´ll list the best possible gaming pc for your money and where to order it.
  9. I know. First time ban -> apology 2nd time ban -> permabanned ... but i didn´t do anything differently since first ban. same hardware config - same software for mouse and keyboard?!?!
  10. add this to the list - off all the people that got permabanned for buying the wrong mouse or keyboard. The list grows everyday.
  11. Account locked!!!

    Welcome to the club, where you own a mouse that has software to re-bind keystrokes to a mousebutton.
  12. If I see a Level 45 with only 20K hp - then something is wrong. BSH adds from 18-24K extra hp - Endless 24-33K extra and Arena adds 21K extra HP. With any of these or a combination of these, you should have at very least 27K hp. And seeing someone trying to 4mans BSH with anything less than this - is a player that is: a) overconfident and incompetent b) incompetent and wants to be carried c) incompetent and clueless Because if he doesn´t know how to spend just an hour to farm arena soul shield - I can´t very well expect that person to teamplay or have any experience with boss patterns in BSH4mans. However a person with 27K+ hp and only 350 AP is fine with me - as long as they can teamplay.
  13. I am banned and need help

    Rika - the problem is you have a keyboard or mouse that have software with capability to rebind a mousebutton i.e. to a keystroke or a series of keystrokes. Seems all of us got banned for that. Razor mouses, Logitech Gaming mouses etc.
  14. The people that got banned - wrongfully.

    There´s an overwhelming consistancy that the trigger is 1) Mouse that has macro capabilities. 2) Afk. for autokick to character selection screen. I am quite convicing that the trigger is macro capabilities that may look bot-like to the anti-bot software NCsoft may have.
  15. Permanent account closure: RMT: Selling

    Me2, and the response was so fast, that I am a bit skeptical if they checked anything at all. Razor Synapse seems to be the common denominator folks. A shame a game that should get good reviews, now are getting bad reviews because of the random bans.