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  1. Hard Time Buying Recurring and Ncoin

    I used paypal to pay for those things and got the premium and Ncoin immediately though. Having no problem at all. The black feather was arrived 1 day after i purchased.
  2. Why i Stopped Playing BnS

    You're suspicious when you made 50~100 gold a day. *facepalm* NCSOFT.
  3. I saw that the older topic is locked by moderators, so I made a new thread for you guys, who got same problem come here to continue the discussion. I already ask the support to give me proof that record "3rd party program", still, no reply.
  4. Good thing to mention is if you consume a huge amount of gold ( which is around 200 and above), the system will automatically ban you. I just use all my gold to upgrade my weapon and got banned almost immedietaly :|.
  5. Banned for third party programs

    Welcome to the league bro. They really cause a big mess this time. And don't even hope that they will reopen your account.
  6. I feel awful for you OP. I have the same problems. Like this is the worst system I've ever interacted with. My account have been locked twice in just 2 weeks. I have contacted with them through support's email, and They said that they couldn't reopen my account because they have discussed with their professionals about my account issues. Then why open my account in the first time ? why admitted that that was a misunderstanding in the first time ? They stated that I was using some 3rd party during the game time in both case, and when I asked them which one, what software have I ever use during that time ? And they said that they couldn't give any further information and tell me to read the use of term. Like really ? This is so f**kup. I really don't know what to say to these idiots who called themselves professional while the ways of their doing is just a bunch of amateurs.