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  1. Bombard? Is it a new skill for Sin? I don't think I ever saw it in game
  2. I've been seeing this kind of things for a while, but it seems that targeted melee attacks can miss if the opponent is moving. To me it seems really weird that you can dodge this, because it's not a skill shot. You can't chose to do it in front of him to anticipate his movement. I'm not sure if it's an intended mechanic or just a bug or even my computer being bad and registering that I can use an ability when in facts no one is there. The ability goes on cooldown, you are locked down in the animation and it does nothing. I'm playing a sin. It happened to me with spinal tab (stealth
  3. For some reason, sometimes when I try to pop lightning stride with 2-RMB a heartstab will come out instead. I don't understand why. If some of you know why or encounter the same problem, it would be nice to know. Thank you
  4. You actually can cancel the animation of bolt strike right as you land. With that you can double stun yeti easily or just stay close to the target to dps. Also, I see a lot of people jumping into one ice patch as soon as they can, but I really don't think it's the most efficient way to do it. You lose a lot of dps doing so. When yeti summons the ice stalagmite, I charge a mushroom to kill it and get the orb. That way, you won't randomly get hit by stalagmites (sometimes it's really hardcore) and you have good vision on the room to clear usually more than one ice patch with the fire
  5. I don't think it's really a bug, but when you are close to a wall or a big object, your camera goes on the other side of said object and you can't even see you character. A good exemple of this is in SSP, when a boss is close to the drill, if you are stuck between it and the tower, you won't see anything. Fighting close to a wall just doesn't work much, it either zooms in like crazy or you don't see anything because of the object. Again, I think it's consistent with how it is programmed. I mean the camera is an object that fly around. If there is no space for it, it moves closer t
  6. If it wans't for the fact that you can't control really when you use it, the ablity would be really good. With only one point, Summoners have MUCH MORE utility in this ability than assassin have. It's the same thing but they have a heal on this and the party is protected from cc while stealthed. Assassin can put more point in it though and you can get a third i-frame after the stealth (from what I understand). But you can't chose when to use it, so... Sure, in boss fight with a tank you don't need it to block ability since you don't hold agro, but even then decoy is the fastest wa
  7. Usually, I'd rather have more utility than damage in PVP, because the damage will come if you can cc them, but against some classes where you don't need the kd S1T5 can do a godly combo. I saw some sin using lotus kick with this and it up your burst by a lot. Stage 2 Tier 5 is really useful sometimes. I don't spec for it often, but when you need to clear multiple mob, it's incredible. You just need to set it up by getting a few mobs to different health. Considering sin don't have much aoe (some but with high cd), it's the way to clear lot of mobs. At the moment, I'd recommend it fo
  8. No need to put skill point to get the iframe. If you put one point in it, you can reduce the cooldown and use it in more situation. You also have an iframe on your flash kick (TAB on kd ennemies), that can be useful once in a while, maybe, Also, if you have HM decoy, you can get a 2 sec iframe on counter.
  9. Quidam

    Floor 12?

    I really enjoy this floor because it's the only time I use the lotus of poison. Put the dummies on one side. Stall the fight stunning mob and ccing from stealth and dpsing without killing. Once most of them are there, poison breath everyone. Activate lotus of poison, dps for 2 sec, knock them down with bomb. Spam shadow slash T5F2 (cd reset on kills, more damage on knock down ennemies).
  10. Yeah, once you know what it does it can really be useful. Especially with HM skill, you can protect your party from 2 aoe. The only thing I really dislike is that you have no real control of when you use the ability. It shares a cd with summoners party shroud and your stealth smoke and you can mess up your whole party if you happen to need decoy to save yourself. I think we should need to double tap 2 to activate it, it would make more sense especially since we don't benefit at all from that skill. It's kinda weird that you spend your whole time leveling up learning to
  11. Gives Stealth Protection to nearby party members I tried to figure out what it does, but I've no idea. Anyone can help me?
  12. It's not that destroyer bots are impossible to beat as a sin. The best strategy I have is to try to RMB stealth in, ss away, bomb + shuriken for the slow and run the *cricket* away. Hopefully, you can get out of combat before they reach you. Repeat. If you don't have time, wait for them and woodblock/q their engage, stun and ss away. What's really frustrating is that they can turn around and jump on to you if you try to follow up on your shuriken. In theory, you can't react to this, you can guess it and use an ability, but as a human you can't react. Some of the bots can. They can
  13. I was so happy when I reached plat, I imagined I'd play against human for once, but then no, not that much. I can deal with destroyer bot, even though the experience is boring/frustrating as *cricket*, but I've no idea how I can deal with summoners with their ability always up. Flower is always on my head and their snare is always up... Mainly, I can kill the cat when I'm away from the summoners. They are kinda stupid, but then I'm not so sure. I imagine I could play a running game (I saw one teleporting around and blinking back into stealth all the time) and just throw poison and
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