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  1. It's not about your gear its about you. The dng can be cleared with Raven 3, bt accessories, Dragon/Tiger bracelate,

    Check the vid out.


    Ofc you actually have to know your class and to learn to play it. And ive seen a lot of ppl with aransu weapon having no idea what they are doing. Playing with simple mode and holding right button. Get ure bracelate to stage 10 ... And get gud ...


  2. On 10/21/2018 at 10:22 AM, Vyd said:

    its been 2 month, why do ppl still complain? the other classes are just as broken on their respective fields

    why dont you complain about kfm and  their hour long iframes,or the shitton  utility of SF

    or bd and destros infinite spin, and oh wait, if you time your attack badly you even get stunned

    what about summoners who are just straightup simplemode in every aspect of the game?

    or gunners that 100-0 you in a matter of seconds

    but wait, there are forcemasters too, that can stall with being in the air,and frozen for a minute

    then there are assassins,i dont think that needs an explanation





    What about Warlock's !

    They .... ah oh wait !!! No no wait!


    No no Broken broken nerf them :)

  3. Whats the most funny part is. Warden outdpse's a WL XD


    Warden:                  Warlock:

    Party buffs: +               +

    Tank:            +               -

    Dps:             +               -


    Well considering that Wl was only good for Sb in PVE and now Warden has it. I wouldn't invest any gold in that class anymore. Its even dead in Koreoa tho ...


    They will probably buff it. And that will probably be a dmg buff. Cause now  there isn't a reason she should not compete with Summoners, Fm's and Gunners.


    Its like with Kfm's and Sin's. Both share bb but KFM is a tank and sins is a DPS. Hard to play but if u do it right u can be on the top. But Warden being a Tank. having Soul Flare and doing more dmg then WL its just stupid ...

  4. Got on 2 chars. On Wl got it on 100% ...

    On sin on 2nd try or 10% ...



    Tbh the even was burning most of the ppl and putting it in NS, EB and IF wasn't a smart idea bcs most of new players couldn't get in those. But if someone tried and get some work to it anyone could get it. And you get a really good item for it. So NCWEST did a good job afterall. 

  5. 3 hours ago, HateMe said:


    You people need to stop acting like kids.....it makes perfect sense that old content which is irrelevant gets adjusted in terms of loot.

    The entire point of a mmo game is grind, you are supposed to progress through content and not just spam a yeti dungeon where you can basically 1 shot the boss.




    There are plenty other places that reward materials, even more than what they nerfed, if you yourself choose not to run those because its too hard for you or because you simply do not want to that is entirely on you. they left the old dungeons with the loot in for so long, if someone did not upgrade in that time that means he didnt care about upgrading his gear as much as about just being greedy and making cheap profit of it.




    If you dont like the grind or dont have that much time to play the game, then have you maybe thought the game is not for you then? If you cannot invest the time to achieve what you want then its not a problem with the game but with you.

    If i can manage to upgrade my gear fully by playing 2-4h a day then so can you.




    You said so much things that makes no sense, I guess it makes to you but not to a new player. Lets start


    1st qoute.

    You said that MMO is all about grinding, and then you said that you can't expect to 1 shoot a boss and get good loot? You just owned youre self with your sentance ... Grinding means doing something over and over again as fast as possible, grinding isn't consider if you need 1h to get a party and 30 min to clear it.


    2nd qoute.

    Tell people where? Why don't you make a guide about it? Forum post or  a youtube video? If you are so wise then share us your secret where all other streamers and players cant ...


    No one complains about the grind, the problem is that ppl can't grind or if they do it isn't rewarding to progress to mid tier.

    And yes you might have  but so did many others before this change. Make a new account and try from the start and you will see what people mean.


    To clear something this patch is targeting new players, people who just lvled there char to 55 and finished the story. It gives them an option to quit or pay to progress ( or pay to win ). 


    Ill give you an update, from stage bela or seraph 10 to raven 1 you need around 2000gold ( without buying moonstones ... etc ) lets say u get those should be able to. And now a new player makes 10 gold per day that's 70 gold per week lets say 100 so thats 400 gold per month lets say 500. So he will need 4 months to get enough gold just to upgrade his weapon. And thats just his weapon where is the rest? And even when he does it this point of the game having raven isn't considered mid range ... So in around 1year he will get to mid stage where the stuff will be probably for free in the story or the game dies cause of bad managment system or should I say we want only whale community managment system ...

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  6. 14 minutes ago, LoliDolly said:

    So you only make 40 gold a day which is 280 gold a week because you only care to manipulate the market screw other people and not run dungeons...lol did you know i make roughly 1k plus between running dungeons, crafting and selling each week. 



    The problem here aren't people who can do the end game dung. Problems are people who can't, new people. Who can do Naryu Sanctum at most, and who have even problems to finish there weekly quest. Think about this, new player come  makes Belaful or Seraph to stage 10. Gets to 900AP, and now he wants to go for Raven. And for Raven not counting the not tradeble mats he needs more then 1500 gold. And weekly he earns 100 gold if his lucky of course ( if he does weekly challange  ). So what do you think those people will do? Yet again problems here arent whales or people who play this game for ages and are max-medium geared. The problem here are new people and returning people. 

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  7. 6 hours ago, Fufia said:

    Typical no social life argument.

    I can say the same for ppl that came here and get mad when ppl do posts like this and just say (why you need do this post or no1 care) 

    Basically they are addicted to the game and can not stand anyone talking badly about the game even when they only tell the truth.

    Just ppl that spent too much money on the game or too many time and can not deal with reality


    Relax guys it's not the people who say they're leaving the game that destroy the game NCS does a good job at it and dont need any help.


    You know you just said the same stuff I did? U are not the the brightest mind here. Anyway, ill make it simple so you don't have to spend to much braincells.

    People are leaving the game, and if they leave they should do it. But they don't need to make leaveing threads like this. IF you want to leave then just go, no one will miss you. Not you not me not anyone. Its a game, u get bored u can play another game or make a break or stop at all. If you want to help the game in this way then you are not helping at all. I left the game many times, why? Well I got bored of it, the game didn't feel fun anymore. I started semi casual again bcs of the story. But thats my perspective of the game it dosen't have to be urs. And many old players left, you didn't see them bitching? Anyway, relay stop bitching and enjoy the game, play the game dont be the game for heaven sake. Grow up, stop crying and you might understand what I am talking about. But I know you wont because you cant understand a word I am saying or you just dont want to. And that is ok, because its lose. But the again when you learn that the world is not about you or me you will get much further in life. Best regards and GL   

  8. On 12/20/2017 at 3:54 AM, LoliDolly said:

    i never get why people even make posts like this. Are they trying to convince others to leave with them or are we suppose to feel sad that they are leaving or maybe we are supposed to stop them i dunno. Anywho take care

    Well my theory would be that those persons have no social life outsude of there room. And he is searching attention, thinking if he leaves the game he hopes the game will die because in his ( them ) mind/ds they are the MOST important people in it ... Simple ... attention ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ...

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