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  1. I spent nearly 140 keys, didn't see any gems nor the stones for unity. The only thing I can't complain about is outfit. The crimson tab I saw like 6 times so got literally everything from that one but honestly, they should really guarantee some drops at a certain lvls, not only the cosmetic but as well the quip. 140 keys is not cheap, especially not in the country where I am living. Not to mention that getting customer support is difficult because based on their words, I don't spend enough money in game. It really discourage people from playing such game at all.
  2. Back in time, you needed to do the wheels to get the weapon for upgrade but now it's really not necessary not to mention those skins are really old and practically no one using it. As you lvl up, you get all the weapons you need and until you get to lvl 60 and finish the story which gives you the equipment to upgrade, you do not upgrade anything until then. Not like before when you got items and you had to slowly upgrading them.
  3. I had the same issue. I have two disks and before installing I searched how much space do I need to install the game. My SSD had enough so I was like okay, let's put it there, especially since I know the game is quite requiring SSD because of loading and smooth playing. Sadly had the same issue. As the game is being installed, there is no automatic delete of the downloaded patches and they are literally downloaded and saved on your disk, not just an image. So In the end I had to watch over my download and installation to repeatedly removing patches which were already installed. The game needed
  4. As someone who played the game in the beginning but stopped due to life and returned not so long ago, I am again tempted to stop. I welcomed the idea of soulboost which helped me quickly catch up with the server standard and at least put me on a playable level only to find out that after this patch I can't do anything. The dps is too low for HM dungeons so no one wants to carry a pleb like me. The second issue is Den of ancients where I have same issue with the last boss. This patch literally stopped my path to catch up with others and put me on hold. So can you increase the number of dai
  5. Looking for advice Doing daily quest for dungeons is easy. People actually searching on faction chat for it quite often. But stage 1 and Stage 3 won't take me to the end. Stage 2 requires to do 7 daily challenge quest which is literally all of them, since 2 are pvp and no one does pvp so those two are out of question. How HM 16 is supposed to do HM dungeons? The moment I apply, I am left hanging and when I ask to form party, the moment they see my HM they leave instantly. So doing HM is impossible. For the Mao, I don't have enough dps even when I know the mech. So every second day, this d
  6. SaoChan


    I am with the same predicament. I came back to game briefly almost a year ago after like 5 years of break and I am completely lost. Searching for any possible FM guides, which build to play ect. Thanks
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