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  1. its time to put back pet pods in trove, we have new pet stages, who needs tons of pet pods, so putting back pet pods in trove will help upgrade pet, because now with current prices you need 60k gold to max it.
  2. if i remember in stream they said tht patch notes will be available on may 8 so where to find patch notes?
  3. problem is not just trove but, the change to 5m exp charm craft, you need one pet pack to craft, so now , ppl not just buy trove keys, they buying tons of pet pouches, and because of this f9 is just crashed to 1.11 ratio lol, other mats keep getting up too, elysian orbs, moonstone eveything becoming mutch more expensive than before trove, now cant upgrade my pet i hope when whales reach max hm lvl prices start to drop
  4. there is patch notes? its already 20 and no info about it
  5. this change is beyond stupid. how farm jewel powdder? you need 50 jewel powder to make 5 jewels, that you can exchange to 1 leg jewel. but for 1 leg accesorie you need 100 leg jewels, witch means you need 5000jewel powder,how you can get that, all high gear players never stacked that trash material like me . so now i cant make enough jewels even i have a lot of gold, other method with soulstone and sacred crystals is not good too , all leg acc needs 200 sacred crystal and soulstones for breakthrough so its 1k of each, you can buy soulstone its cheap , but sacred orbs have insane price, almost
  6. oh yeh was farming sm for cores nice, i hope they fix that fast
  7. cant log in to game , wante to o 6vs6, hope they fix this fast
  8. don't have folder like that too, what tht folder changes?
  9. i have this problem, at start after patch 64bit game exe crashed , everytime i tried to play on 64bit client, i updated my windows with windows update and yesterday i was able to use 64 bit clent with no problems, but today after hot fix i again cant play on 64 bit , game exe crashes everytime i try to launch game.
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