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  1. Check ''Apply a code'' someone mentioned it to me in raid just now
  2. its here to stay
  3. its not like we are getting gilded obsidians or anything in the future. stocking up on them isnt a bad idea at all
  4. if your clan cant carry someone doing 100k dps then i would suggest finding a new one tbh.
  5. gunner is still really strong, what are you guys on about. Its like you dont even play the class when you dont bulletstorm. Read the patch notes, our unload got buffed through the roof. Try to adapt to changes rather than scream over a balance that was desperately needed outside of your little pve meta
  6. So this is probably the 7th time this has happened to me, and any ''fix'' to this problem has yet to work. Randomly, completely out of nowhere the 64bit client will just crash and burn, and when i try to reboot the game again, my 64bit client refuse to run the game above 20fps. Doesnt matter what i do, if i tweak graphic settings, reinstalling the game or anything. But when i swap over to the 32bit client it runs smoothly, 120fps no problem at the highest settings. The only fix to this that i have encountered is to straight up leave the 64 bit client alone for like a mo
  7. going to asume you're fairly undergeared based off this. You get a lot of stat boosters for both bulletstorm and your unload with bracelet, badge and raven. Unload should under no circumstance do less damage than your rmb Look at skill breakdowns after parsing, rather than just overall dps, since after a point your dps will stabilize and you wont see much a difference untill you pop bulletstorm again.
  8. With the unstable servers causing people to dc completely out of the blue, can you at least add a damn portal at the start of soguns lament so that theres a chance for the person that disconnects to be able to get back in to the dungeon, and reach the boss room before new years? Its one of the, if not the longest dungeon in the game and its just stupid that theres no portal at the start like there is in any other dungeon. doesnt matter in dungeons like yeti and lair cus you can literally just stand at the start of the dungeon and leech off the final kill anyways, but thats not possible in sogu
  9. pay a raid group that clear consistently with a good rep for raid items you need. Plenty of raids doing sell runs in the raid discord that literally everyone have access too. Theres always a way
  10. unlock tab, gather a million mobs tab - hold down rmb
  11. lots of procs from using 5 keys. you just dont get the confetti from opening them
  12. Im not sure if im the only one affected by this but ever since the last maintenance i've been having a lot of problems with my FPS ingame. Im running the game on a 1070 and an overclocked 7600k, so that shouldnt really be the issue, before the maintenance i had a steady 120fps and sometimes dipped below 100 during combat with maxed settings, but now i cant even get above 20fps in combat and i cant get above 40 when im idling in any town or city. I tried repairing the game, i tried reinstalling the entire thing, even the launcher but with no luck on improving my performa
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