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  1. Greetings! Recently, my WoW subscription has expired and I decided to get back into the swing of things on B&S and create a new character. I used to play many years ago as a KFM and it was pretty fun; very technical. I do have a few question before I get back into the game though. 1. Which classes aren't seen all too often; unpopular? 2. Which classes are difficult to become really good at; technical/combos? 3. How is the community in terms of population? 4. Being that recently I have been playing a Rogue in WoW, would Assassin fit that playstyle?
  2. Alright. So, I haven't played B&S in a while. I am pretty much unable to play my KFM because I forgot all the combos and my brain stops working after the first hit. I'm interested in starting a new class but I like playing the less common classes; That's where you guys/gals come in. Doesn't matter which server you play on. What class do you see the least of and which class do you see the most of? I'm thinking of starting a FM but I would like to know the popularity of classes first. Thanks.
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