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  1. #23597916 xaidax sever yura na #23597916 went my petpods the youl ppl took out off my acc it has been 6 days and i dont see my petpods in my bank yet so what do i need to do here pay for them from f5 and other players in game i use my credit card so i will let them know the you ppl stole my money and is not just me. ther is lots off other ppl to. i will call my bank now and let them know what has happen here and you all are not helping anyone here the i can see to get ther gold back and ther petpods back man this is so wrong to do this to paying players
  2. My pet pods the i was saving are gon i spent all my gold on pet pods. I want them back this is not right who do you all think you are stealing from ppl acc this is a 1st for BnS. I been saving them i pay for them and you ppl take them out off ppl acc what give you the right I see lots ppl are goin to quit this bad for this game.
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