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  1. Our feedback over the last year has been loud and clear, is the "dev team" just a fancy word for a paper shredder?
  2. Why do you feel the need to use your patch previews to lie to customers? I assume that you will be remedying the reduced quest gold in easy mode since the reasoning for the gold reduction was due to the lowered boss hp.
  3. Congratulations, you proved my point. The modifier itself isn't related to elemental damage. All damage is increased by elemental damage. You could have gotten the exact same results by keeping your ap the same and only reducing your crit damage. The point is that even if your elemental damage is zero, the modifier still gives you the exact same amount. That 300% AP modifier doesn't change.
  4. That isn't how it works at all. All modifiers on Soul Badges, Mystic Badges, Weapons, and Bracelets scale off of AP. The final value is then modified by elemental damage, but it is NOT RELATED to the skill modifier itself. The elemental part of the tooltip is redundant. 300% Elemental Attack Power means 3 ap scaling. This means for every 1 ap you have, the skill deals an additional 3 ap worth of damage. It is not related to elemental damage. AP * (skill multiplier + skill modifiers) * ele dmg percentage * crit dmg percentage = damage dealt
  5. You have to do all 4 phases to get past 33k points. Whaling will not get you rank 1 in challenge mode.
  6. Theres nothing to fix, the spreadsheet clearly stated that the breakthrough wasn't going to change with the patch.
  7. Formula for crit dmg: 125+(291.14854*crit dmg rate)/(5581.165185+crit dmg rate)+crit dmg bonus %/100 Example: (125+(291.14854*3148)/(5581.165185+3148)+63)/100 = 2.93 or 293% crit dmg. 63 is the sum of crit dmg bonuses from gear (soul shield 20%, draw stance 20%, weapon 23%) Skill damage calculation: AP * (skill multiplier + skill modifiers) * elemental multiplier. On crit: resulting number * crit dmg Example: 1000 * (9 + 2.6) * 1.5 = 17400. On crit: 17400 * 2.93 = 50982 Skill modifiers are the numbers found on weapons, bracelets, and badges that say +xx% attack power bonus on
  8. Legend mode is only available for 3 hours a day, from 6pm PDT to 9pm PDT.
  9. It is based off of base AP. If you have 1000 ap, and want to find the damage increase to cyclone kick from raven's 150% wind attack power bonus, the formula would be: 1000 (ap) * 1.50 (raven multiplier) = 1500 wind attack power added to the attack Because it is additional attack power, and not additional damage, the damage added to the attack is effected by elemental damage and critical damage. All raven weapon multipliers and bracelet multipliers work like this. All they do is ADD that amount to the skills multiplier. You can find every skill and their base multipli
  10. That isn't how it works at all. Abilities don't deal damage. They deal elemental damage. The damage of the ability is calculated through the AP Multiplier. Cyclone kick deals 650% of your AP as wind damage, another 150% if Searing Palm is on the target, and another 350% with 4 stack of Ultimate Flow. 1150% in total. Raven Gauntlets would then add 150% to the multiplier. The multiplier is now 1300%.
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