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  1. This entire post is just one side effect from the server merges. SSP was VERY do-able without the server merges. People pushed for merges, now EVERYONE has to deal with the side effects, whether they wanted it or not. I never liked the server merge, cause SSP literally carries new players from 420 AP till 500+ AP if done correctly. Now a new player MUST find a guild to help them gear up to even have a chance at SSP.. doesn't sound very cool to be at the mercy of other players before you can even play a very major part of the game, just my opinion anyway. I'm not ba
  2. This stupid freaking glitch right here is what is making me hate playing my BD, happens to me almost every time I fight and drops my DPS greatly. The glitch is also the number 1 reason I'm hesitating to fund my BD lol, its like why spend gold into a character that wont even function properly.. even though countless players complain about it, no one will do anything to fix it. Pisses me off man. Wish I could play another melee class with good DPS and survive-ability like BD..
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