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  1. This entire post is just one side effect from the server merges. SSP was VERY do-able without the server merges. People pushed for merges, now EVERYONE has to deal with the side effects, whether they wanted it or not. I never liked the server merge, cause SSP literally carries new players from 420 AP till 500+ AP if done correctly. Now a new player MUST find a guild to help them gear up to even have a chance at SSP.. doesn't sound very cool to be at the mercy of other players before you can even play a very major part of the game, just my opinion anyway. I'm not ba
  2. Game just keeps getting worse and worse for new players. You know its sad when 650 AP FMs struggle at SSP lol Hmm.. I wonder how brand new players are feeling now.. oh yeah, who cares about those guys. Each and every update has just progressively been a big fat 'eff you' to new players. Being level 1 - 50, easy; 400AP - 550AP, SUPER difficult cause you cant do anything worthwhile; 550+ AP, back to easy cause you can do everything and most updates are geared for you. But hey, that's just my experience.. maybe others had friends to carry them.. maybe some had a
  3. 1. You can reroll to FM and catch up pretty quick depending on how many hours you play per day. Leveling up isn't hard, its gearing up that can be a problem if you don't have enough cash. But as a FM you can do pretty much anything PVE wise to get money much easier than BM. This is just my opinion anyways.. 2. Last I knew, those two servers are pretty populated so I don't think that really matter that much, choice is yours. I don't think costumes can be mailed cross-server. But I may be wrong, I never tried. 3. FM is good in PVP as well as BM, only clause is you HAVE to
  4. That's what I like to see right there, dude got called out because he spoke some words that are hard to handle, and he stepped up and shut everyone up lol Thanks Wiri for actually being able to prove your words. I don't say this to further enhance his ego, just to further enhance his words, it's a game that requires skill to play. If you fail at something, try again till you beat it or find a way to consistently beat it lol Yes, it's a fact, ranged have it easier but it's not impossible for melee, just tougher. So melee's get bragging rights. If you just want an easy
  5. This stupid freaking glitch right here is what is making me hate playing my BD, happens to me almost every time I fight and drops my DPS greatly. The glitch is also the number 1 reason I'm hesitating to fund my BD lol, its like why spend gold into a character that wont even function properly.. even though countless players complain about it, no one will do anything to fix it. Pisses me off man. Wish I could play another melee class with good DPS and survive-ability like BD..
  6. It's all fun and great to make a forum post about this. The AP requirements people give for their groups is just plain crazy. I remember when the level 50 patch first came out, people were doing 4man Yeti with 500 AP; heck even some groups nailed it at 470 AP.. Now, try to create a group with that and guess what, people just leave over and over, everyone wants some crazy and totally unnecessary 550+ AP. I'm 531 AP as a BD and it's still hell trying to get a 4man Yeti group going. The forum post is great, but nothing in the game will change. This makes dungeons stupid as heck a
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