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  1. Yeah, those fire walls are a stupid mechanic that serves no viable purpose other than *cricket* off people. However, if that was the purpose, then they've done a good job. Not to mention that, of course, some people "exploit" (abuse) that on purpose (especially high level players when they happen to be part of a team with lower levels, such as in the Tomb of Exiles, for example). One (or two) will rush to a certain point, wait until the others catch up to them, up to a certain point where the players whom rushed ahead know where the firewall spawns, then they attack the boss and th
  2. They're cool, yeah. But their head is soooooooooooooooooooo small, what's up with that.
  3. They look weird, those two in the pictures. They both look like they had a significantly different original design, one that didn't expose any skin. And then they decided to strip away entire parts to expose more skin and the final result is what we're seeing. It's like taking away pieces of a completed puzzle, but instead of removing random pieces, you try to remove them in a certain pattern to create a shape. I mean just look at the second one, there's armor at the top, with the shoulders, and the "belt" at the waist. It's like the chest part of the armor WAS there by design and
  4. I do have a suggestion to stop botting altogether, but it just won't happen. The solution would be drastic, just as proportional to the severity of abuse level that B&S suffers from. The main reason as to why bots work, beyond the technicalities of the game's files and code (which apparently has more in common with Swiss cheese than anything else), is because it generates Gold for the user, obviously. In return, it screws up the game's economy. So what would be my solution? Remove the Marketplace, and remove ALL in-game trading, Diablo 3 style. I KNOW it will never happen, but
  5. Alright, it worked. I got my 30 days membership. It was also instantaneous. I remember reading in other threads that some poeple reported that it took hours for the membership to apply. In my case, I payed, logged-out, logged back in and boom, membership was there. I'm still confused as to why the Billing Address fields was different for me though.
  6. Ok, so I filled out the Billing Address fields from the NCSOFT's Account settings. I selected Canada, then "Other". But I also typed my Postal Code under the Zip Code field (I hope that doesn't create any problems). Now, once that was done I went back to the Shop > Premium Membership page, and chose the PayPal method. This time around, instead of having to fill out the fields it directly sent me to the PayPal Checkout page, then I only had to click "Agree & Continue". I didn't proceed because I was expecting to see the Billing Address fields again. I suppose that this time i
  7. I quote her in particular because I think she looks great! Especially the top right picture, something there in her eyes, her expression, really well done character creation.
  8. Ok I just tried to edit the Billing Address under NCSOFT's Account (My Account) settings, and I have the exact same options to choose from: The only difference here is that instead of just showing "State", it shows "State/Province". However, there's no actual Province choices in the list at all. I don't know what's going on. I've purchased memberships from other games before (such as TERA, and Star Wars: The Old Republic), and I've never had a problem like that (with the same computer, same settings, same everything). I can't figure out what's happening.
  9. Nope. I'm just using Windows 7 Ultimate (x64), with Firefox (latest version). My connection is a normal one (typical internet connection setup by Windows). My modem isn't even a router, it's just a normal plug-and-play modem without internal protection (I'm using Kaspersky Suite for security). My Windows Firewall is disabled (everything is included in Kaspersky, firewall, etc). And on a side note, I've just tried with Internet Explorer just in case it was Firefox... still the same.
  10. Ok, this is very baffling. I don't know what to say, nor what to do.
  11. The feeling I have when I see the bots situation in B&S is also that the developers consist of persons who have never programmed software in their entire life.
  12. Ok so I'm doing it step by step, showing how it goes for me: First thing, I choose the Country. Then, I choose the "State" to open up the scroll down list. As you can see, when the list opens up I can only see U.S. States (from top to bottom). I go at the bottom of the list to choose "Other". This is what it looks like when I'm done choosing Canada (1st) and the "State" (2nd). Now, after I choose "Other", when I go back to check out the list of States, nothing changes, and Provinces don't show up.
  13. I've played one MMO that had a DPS meter. It wasn't an official one, but it was indirectly supported via modding (modding wasn't illegal for that game, and almost everyone used that DPS meter anyway). It created more drama than anything else, really. Sure, it DOES allow you to sort of constantly try to improve your own DPS by knowing how much actual DPS you're doing. But that's fine in an isolated, solo environment, or with people you know very well in real life (maybe, even then it doesn't serve much purpose for THEM). The problem is obviously coming in the form of external judgement. The oth
  14. Thanks for the reply, but I don't understand what you mean by "...try doing it on the site". Because that's of course what I've done. I'm on the site, here at bladeandsoul.com. And I don't see any Canadian Provinces listed. I chose "Other", and then nothing changes, Provinces don't appear, they just don't show up in the list. If I misunderstood something please let me know, thanks.
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