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  1. Strongly disagree with Joanna suggestion. First off, the moment you played blade and soul you are already exposed to the negative side of the community through region and faction chat. Expecting the negative side of the community is expected at any MMOs. Second i would like to share an experience i had on my 950+ alt gunner. I saw a premade NS asking for 1k so i applied to join because i did not think it was a big deal as my main has more then 1k and its NS afterall. Still, i was kicked out. Then i queue into the lfg and was matched into so said premade team. The aransu gunner insulted me and
  2. so sick of facing macro users spinning the instant moment their retreat land even when you tech chase, at least put a 0.5 sec delay after using that skill so that people can tech chase them. At least with other classes you can stun defense and punish those macro ppl, those spinners after macro spin can still counterattack from ground or move out of range slightly with spin to avoid kd. And how about give BM lightning rod parry penetration instead of just defense penetration? really make no sense why you give that skill defense but not parry penetration whatsoever :p this does not fit into so c
  3. hello, i may be the odd one here, but i am here to say NCSoft has done a decent job in implementing those past 2 events! This event reminds me of that southshore vs tarren mill in WoW, NCSoft in just one event brought back world pvp as it should have been! the only complaint i have is how much ping is required and the 1 shot kill from extremely overgeared players, even for someone with 5 pic beluga and 3 ssm i still get 1 shotted. As for the previous event, initially i was very annoyed at poharan, but then when i look at LFG and people quitting over 1 wipe/leave the moment they see
  4. Hello, BNS is no longer the BNS like before. Also if you have less then 1k ap and no legendary accessories, expect to be treated like some poor peasant where you will be shunned at. Even if some people have 1.2k ap, they will simply shun you as you as seen as being carried, some people might even leave DT nm the moment see you with 850 ap, nevermind the fact that a hm version of that raid can be done with 600+ ap by 4 people. Also there has been a lot of changes, should you even asked a question that you will not understand, expect to be flamed for being stupid . Cheers :p
  5. yesterday tried to queue for tag match, waited 15 mins advertising no one came, then i entered an hr later and funny how a tag group was formed and queue. Queued for beluga but no luck and wasted 10 mins, in the end it was too late for me to complete my daily. Today i queued at least 20 mins before i finally got a ww queue, i was almost given a fright when my client mysteriously crashed with some runtime error bs just when the match was over, luckily i got my win but this whole long amount of time really gets on to me. I am starting to think of doing 4m dungeons so i can try for an outfit, i
  6. oh ok thanks ^^ guess i just didnt knew that was the one oh well :p
  7. hello, i just came back to do pvp mainly for fun, but i keep getting rekted :p for starters i realise raid doesnt extend cc duration anymore, also most of the pvp videos i see on youtube does not take into account the newest changes. I do know most of the skills are standard but without raid to extend cc according to the tooltip i am not sure of a reliable combo anymore. If there is someone who can point me in the right direction it will be appreciated :p
  8. Hello, i have not been playing for a long time but recently i am keen to start playing again. I quickly browse through old topics and one interest me greatly, which is the xml thing that can reduce GCD. It was seen as illegal and nothing has been said for months. However personally i think it is very useful for pve dungeons especially when i have like 250+ ms. Would such a feature be available legitly in the near future?
  9. *facepalm*, you obviously have little clue on classes. Please do not embarass yourself further. I think based on what you have posted this is my best reply i can give to you.
  10. saying bm can tank in instances therefore they should not have dps is the most ridiculous bs. In the first place, every class can tank as mentioned in bns dojo the tanking system here is unlike in other games where you need a dedicated tank to soak damage because you can move around and dps on the boss and use cds or q/e to mitigate or avoid dmg. In ffixiv, when you select a class and do instances, it will say you are tank, healer or dps. In WoW, you have to respec to tank to be a tank. In BnS i never queue for tanking roles yet having people demanding i should tank is ridiculous. When i selec
  11. kfm hm counter t5f1 according to bnstree: User is resistant to Stun, Daze for 2 sec on Counter User is resistant to damage, status effects for 1 sec on Counter does that mean every time they put up a counter which has a cd of 1.3 secs, they get 1 sec resist effects and 2 sec stun/daze resist? do they occur concurrently? and can bm use winged protector from hm block without pressing the block button?
  12. the animated pic you show is way too fast :p and from what i gathered, i might be wrong but this is how the bm hits you: the bm uses rush stun, anicancel to use lunar slash fire build to go into draw stance, 1 dragontongue, 1 flicker stun since i see a different animation, 2 more dragontongues and then 1 raid followed by q/e to knock you in air. This also means the bm has to give up the 3 sec daze. And i dont think that is just 1 stun but 2. Assuming you tab after the flicker which is a 40 sec cd, the bm has to spec flock of blades aoe damage to further kill you. But si
  13. I main a BM, and I only fear NCsoft would listen to these people who knew nothing about the classes they are talking about/making false slanders.
  14. this game is the least p2w f2p games of all the MMOs i have played. Those "f2p MMOs" that i have played all required you to spend thousands of dollars to be competitive. Played a couple, still do and then i got sick of all these p2w elements and just quit. On top of that they routinely delete low level characters when they feel like doing so. I lost some money that was stocked on those low level alts since i dont have space on my main. I played both ffxiv and bns and i can even say bns storyline is at least around ffxiv story plot level. None of those other "F2p" can ev
  15. lol the denials of these people, they won't learn do they :p You can easily get asura ss in 6 man sogun with 500 ap, and you can get 3 pc of sparring ss as long as you clear level 20 below 500 ap, which is both doable asura is actually one of the toughest, if not the toughest boss in soguns, the other one that can be compared to asura is iruga, but asura is tougher due to mechanics and loss of dps taking lifeblooms. The easiest boss in shattered mast is the 2nd one, people may say the twins are harder but i personally doubt that since they are easy as long as you know w
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