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  1. Hey there, 2nd attempt to this, if anyone of this inhumanly managed gaming community including the very badly underpaid code monkeys and forum staff read this, you may think about changing your life for the better if you read it til the end. At the very least: teach people that gaming addiction is good for the publishers pockets but very terrible for everyone else. As you might have already guessed by the title of this post, i have finally managed to say byebye to bns with no regrets after all. Some might now think "oh well he is still writing here, he didnt quit at all".
  2. I really dont know how it is in NA, but in Eu we are savages and we all hate each other. So fromm when a pvp event ends, til the next pvp starts, you have a huge list of people that really kicked your bucket too heavily and they deserve to die. And then you realize: wait, cant I just tell people that if they discrminate me in the ugliest form possible on f8 or weeklies, that I would surely kill them next pvp zone? And then you realize: wait i havent had this much fun in four freaking years of blade and s*. and then you realize: wait, didnt NCS make this event so redicolous, so that
  3. "wondering why other people still play this game", when you are a an elist a* yourself. You make me wanna jump into nyraka and kill some more elitist a*s like you. You are the representing the reason for why people quit this game for good in the first place. Nevermind defending ncsoft, better defend your own petty reasons for still playing this game: you seem to get your high from pure discrimination, in the ugliest form that it can exist. Why am i so tilted? Well its a nobrainer, but maybe a braindead monkey would understand if you explained it well enough for him, so here it go
  4. oh how much you are wrong about this. xD me and many others went on the killing spree the second this event started. yes please, add more channels, means more people to kill.
  5. Hallo, der Support meinte im Ticket, ich dürfe es hier gerne posten, also tue ich das hiermit. Ich habe mir wieder viele Gedanken gemacht, weshalb manche Änderungen von Ihren Code-Monkeys unbeachtet bleiben und dachte mir Ihnen vielleicht nochmal einen Anstoß für Ihr Quality Assurance Team zu geben, falls denn eines überhaupt existiert. Mir ist schon bewusst, dass die meisten Resourcen lieber in gewinnbringende Projekte investiert werden, sofern diese direkt quantifizierbar sind, jedoch habe ich wie auch Sie bestimmt im Studium gelernt, dass man beide Vorteile, also Hard- und
  6. Lets see if that is really true: Conservatism is a political and social philosophy promoting traditional social institutions in the context of culture and civilization. That means: seeing there is some sort of sense and civil impulse to actually believe something is true and seen true by the majority of a certain population. Yet I dont quiet see anyone of the actual staff playing the game, soo I am not quiet sure if conservatism really holds true for that. Lets see what else fits here: Defective Product - Is an imperfection in a product that has a manufacturing or de
  7. Hi there, I would like to suggest an upgrade to the current autofarm function, that has been accessable during the last ebon realm event. Can you please include a toggle function for targetting players when turning on pvp mode during auto-farm? It would make my job of clearing the zones of this toxic trash community so much easier, if i could leave my game running only targetting other players. See you on next pvp event. - Kind Regards Taraxa
  8. Dear Devs, before Christmas i would love to see another fire ring drop please. But for that to happen, you need to reset my RNG on my FM and at least give me a chance to get my fire ring instead! I dont believe in rng, i believe in calculated code, saved values and reused attributes for calculation. I have seen the same thing drop over and over again. I have seen no result changing, switching raid groups, raid leaders and party members. Whereever i go with my fm, the same thing will always drop continuesly... Please, at least give m
  9. You cannot even show your face on stream 3 days ago and say it out loud, and give us that sad excuse of a gollum looking shy guy with french accent. IT IS 30 HONGMOONCOINS on F10 !!!!!!!!TODAY!!!!!!!!!!, that is 30*1.1206/ 2.00 = 16,8 GOLD you piece of cricket. BEST cricket community manager EVER!!!! ~~You got no clue, but "It*s all intended", as another really dumb person once said~~
  10. This crafting system is gonna make it impossible for lower people/alts ot craft. It will skyrocket important weapon upgrade materials, and destroy any existing profitting markets with craftings... If you cant handle it and have to answer without saying anything valuable, you might not wanna say anything at all...
  11. Hi there, company, that is like USA currents president very lousy in executing its job, messing with basically every of your supporters as maximally as possible. So in a few points I am going to tell you, why the new crafting system is too early and how it will be executed totally wrongly, yet again another unbalanced and totally wrong implemented future update by the company thats famous for messing up every single thing that its costumers might like or implementing exactly what they hate. 1. Most profitable crafting guilds deleted/totally unprofitable, but most n
  12. Hi there, company who has the intention of a giant octopus, grabbing all the money and leaving bad marks after touching your victims: Was the nebula stone event an actual waste of time and effort? Since NA/EU has copied a lot from taiwan, thats probably going to happen next: its gonna be cheaper to upgrade to raven 6 without nebula stones. You apparently saved with nebula from baleful/seraph stage 12 to raven 6: - 56 moonstones - 5 silverfrost premium transformation stones (costed less than the 70 silverfrost transformation stones during the event thought, so you sav
  13. Hi there, there is already a lot of topic about this, so i am keeping mine short: Having the hands of xanos bound to account, but the locked draken bracelett chest not bound to account is a scam, a bug, an illwill of the developers and does not make any sense at all, in vision of all other draken items being bound to account, too. Having the costumer service openly telling you, (not a quote of any related ticket content) that this was meant in such a way and that you are utterly screwed with having that box in your inventory is not helping the issues at all: this only means it w
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