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  1. Dear Devs, before Christmas i would love to see another fire ring drop please. But for that to happen, you need to reset my RNG on my FM and at least give me a chance to get my fire ring instead! I dont believe in rng, i believe in calculated code, saved values and reused attributes for calculation. I have seen the same thing drop over and over again. I have seen no result changing, switching raid groups, raid leaders and party members. Whereever i go with my fm, the same thing will always drop continuesly... Please, at least give me a chance to see it dropping again, and reset my rng... If you dont do this, then I will have no chance to ever see a static Raid for Vortex or Scions Keep - i will be excluded long-term from Endgame-Content and will probably quit the game very soon. Or at least, like in other regions, after nearly a year of bt, let me buy the Ignitor Ring for Raven Feathers, which would give everybody a chance to finally reach the gear to partake in VT or SK. Sincerely Yours Taraxa, Jinsoyun-
  2. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    You cannot even show your face on stream 3 days ago and say it out loud, and give us that sad excuse of a gollum looking shy guy with french accent. IT IS 30 HONGMOONCOINS on F10 !!!!!!!!TODAY!!!!!!!!!!, that is 30*1.1206/ 2.00 = 16,8 GOLD you piece of cricket. BEST cricket community manager EVER!!!! ~~You got no clue, but "It*s all intended", as another really dumb person once said~~
  3. New Crafting System, All you need to know!!!

    This crafting system is gonna make it impossible for lower people/alts ot craft. It will skyrocket important weapon upgrade materials, and destroy any existing profitting markets with craftings... If you cant handle it and have to answer without saying anything valuable, you might not wanna say anything at all...
  4. New Crafting System, All you need to know!!!

    Thats so toxic again.
  5. Hi there, company, that is like USA currents president very lousy in executing its job, messing with basically every of your supporters as maximally as possible. So in a few points I am going to tell you, why the new crafting system is too early and how it will be executed totally wrongly, yet again another unbalanced and totally wrong implemented future update by the company thats famous for messing up every single thing that its costumers might like or implementing exactly what they hate. 1. Most profitable crafting guilds deleted/totally unprofitable, but most non profitable guilds are suddenly very profitable, bad revamp for majority of gamers. A. So yes, i am going to point this out again, merry potter is being deleted and also some other guilds will become very badly unprofitbable. The loser guilds are the most used ones: I. Merry Potter: Majorly screwed, its getting deleted with no compensation, its a full blown mess up, its profits will be 0 II. Soul Warden: No more sts, and primers will be hard to craft, which will most likely not be much profitable. a. Silverfrost Transformation Stones: moved to Forge Keepers, b. primers, the support states Premium Kaolin Refiners will be available, but its probably being fully removed instead. This price will go down like crazy or will it not? c. blacktower/vortex ss infusement: those are so expensive, but maybe the only worth thing III. Earthseer: no more empyrean charms, only expensive exp charms, fully blown mess up again, no more profit. a. Empyrean Charms: Moved to Forge Keepers. b. Redicolously expensive 1 Million exp charms: so jeah, the only reason to take Earthseer is this, but it needs a lot of rare material, later more and is character bound. IV. Acquired Taste: no more profit, or maybe just little from the soup. a. Honey Cookis: no more cookis guys, no more profit. b. Dragon Soup: expensive soup, honestly who will craft that? c. Dumpling soup: tradable buff soup 15 ap, 450 critical, 450 accuracy, life drain by 40, which makes this guild semi unprofitable, B. The winners are the mostly unused, which is why this update is really bad for the majority of everyone, since not many will be able to make any profit from guilds anytime soon. I. Forge Keepers: biggest asset for any crafting trader a. Silverfrost Transformation stones: 35 stones cost ~190g, thats 5,5g per stone. This market will drop endlessly, whoever bought them for nebula before was scammed! b. Emperyan Spirit charms: 20 charms cost ~ 2100g, thats 105g per charm. This market will drop crazily, whoever bought them for nebula, got scammed. c. Field Repair tools: no more tradable field repair repair tools, this market will skyrocket and then hit the earths inner core after all is sold... II. Silver Cauldron: from bottom to sky, this makes a jump in every trading crafters dreams a. Tradable Offensive box: tradable +50 ap buff, this guy is gonna sell well! b. Tradable Defensive Box: tradable +24k hp, for vt a must, this is gonna sell better! III. Radiant Ring: not very profitable, a lot of investment for very little return of investment, whats the point??? a. Hongmoon Silverfrost Keys: untradable 20 keys are ~ 600g, thats 30,2, this markets gonna drop like a chicken from a cliff, steadily from 90g until it hits low. not acc bound. b. Tradable Silverfrost Keys: tradable 11 keys are ~ 980g, thats 88g per key, but with trove its gonna drop hard, too hard, and too unprofitable. c. Octagonal Diamond Pouch: 3 pouches are ~11.000g, thats 3600 per pouch. Which 30% of it being AP, you probably need all three. This is so unprofitable, whats the point?! 2. New requiered crafting materials are unfriendly for beginners, very alt unfriendly, very grindy, absurdly hard to get, not for the current patch: A. Materials and Keys, all untradable / not account bound I. What can drop: new boxes with more materials that will waste your inventory space!! a. Mastercraft Material Box/ normal mode dungeons: basic and highquality%%(not sure) material b. Luxus Material Box/ hard mode dungeons: basic, high quality guarenteed, but rare%% material c. Masters Material Box/ plebraids (Room of the defeated, Fallen Aransu School, Dawn of khandar vihar): basic, high and rare material guaranteed. II. Why is that materials important here: a. You need guild keys: to craft those boxes, you need keys, keys cost soulstone crystals and sacred crystals b. You need to run those dungeons: without doing the dungeons, you cant do the craftings c. You cant sell, what you can not craft: for nearly all tradable crafting items you need a lot of rare elements, see next point for that. d. Less recources, and less raids: On other regions you get a lot of daily materials, and 3 beginner raids, we get very little daily materials and only one beginner raid (dkv) e. Is your alt not high enough, no dailies, no materials: If you dont have your alt to a certain level and you dont do the dailies, you cannot craft on it! f. all boxes, keys, materials are untradable: you need to do them on every character individualy. B. The Concluision: No level/ no dailies/ no materials/, no raids, this crafting system is a total messup. I. for our bns updatelevel, with only one beginner raid, and a hard lvl requierement, you can only craft very limitly. II. = you will be forced to play those dungeons, or you cant craft III. = you will be forced to play to a higher level with every character, or you cant craft IV. = you will need to wait for more beginner raids, or you cant craft V. = you cant mail anything to your alts, so you need to do all individually, or you cant craft. VI. = you will need to farm tons of weapon upgrade materials you dont have (as far as easily as in other regions), or you cant craft. 3. It is actually a lot harder to level your guild in the new system, and you should do it soon!!! I. you need to actually craft items with all those materials you dont get (especially rare materials from beginner raids) II. the majority will need to switch their crafting nearly completely and you wont be seeing any profit from your new craftings anytime soon III. you cant mail anything to your alts, so you cant help leveling them either. IV. You should definitely respec now, because on Saturday all crafting is disabled and it will take a lot longer to see anything happening (1-2 weeks) !!!! 4. So lets sum it up! What the very smart community manager of this game doesnt tell you, is: I. You have only very little time left to change your crafting guild, II. you should do it now, actually do it five days ago. III. your crafting profit is gonna hit the earths core and come out in china to fly into deep space, it will be 0 IV. It is only profitable for max geared players that can do hard mode dungeons / other regions with all 3 beginner raids, all beginners are totally screwed V. In three days you wont see any crafting for 1-2 weeks from then VI. if you plan on selling your stuff, do it after next Saturday, because all is gonna be on hard shortage and skyrocket in price. VII. all ingame crafting item markets will be bottomlessly destroyed. Thank you, thank you yet again for that very bad update, because now even more people will leave the game and soon you can merge all servers into one... Source: check out the youtube video "[TW] BnS New Crafting System v2" and the spreadsheet "crafting revamp.xlsx" If you like it, like it, if you like it more, comment on it.
  6. Hi there, company who has the intention of a giant octopus, grabbing all the money and leaving bad marks after touching your victims: Was the nebula stone event an actual waste of time and effort? Since NA/EU has copied a lot from taiwan, thats probably going to happen next: its gonna be cheaper to upgrade to raven 6 without nebula stones. You apparently saved with nebula from baleful/seraph stage 12 to raven 6: - 56 moonstones - 5 silverfrost premium transformation stones (costed less than the 70 silverfrost transformation stones during the event thought, so you saved nothing) - 12 elysian crystals That is not enough: A. Oh and that empyrean spirit charm is reduced to 5 after, means you save -3, you actually wasted 600-800 gold. B. And you could have spent the event tokens on sacred oil instead, and waited a little bit longer to upgrade to raven stage 6, means you effectivly lost 1600 gold. What are the developers thinking, what in the name of cricket, making everybody waste their tokens on nebula stones and prompting the gamers to upgrade now?!!! I would luv to see an apology from the super up to date community manager naow... Like it, if you like it, comment on it, if you like it more.
  7. Hi there, there is already a lot of topic about this, so i am keeping mine short: Having the hands of xanos bound to account, but the locked draken bracelett chest not bound to account is a scam, a bug, an illwill of the developers and does not make any sense at all, in vision of all other draken items being bound to account, too. Having the costumer service openly telling you, (not a quote of any related ticket content) that this was meant in such a way and that you are utterly screwed with having that box in your inventory is not helping the issues at all: this only means it was definitely an illwill of the developer to annoy its costumers with this item. Can you at least do me a favor and remove the item and give me 200 hands of xanos and delete the box in my inventory, as it doesnt make any sense now to have such an item. How does it affect the game: I. low lvl people will be unhappy to not participate black tower. It does indeed greatly affect the game, if you give people the idea, that they can easily gear up their gunner to a point, where they are able to participate in higher lvl dungeons. It will make them happy that they dont need to undergo all of that utterly annoying grinding content for the third time again for the gunner. They can not participate in naryu sanctum before they reach baleful 7-8, with the bracelett, they can go black tower and enjoy the same gear content of all the other classes much sooner. They even need to get to 850 ap first before they can even do naryu sanctum, this way its faster for them. If i have to farm 200 times naryu sanctum to get my bracelett by xanos hands, which i have to do anyways because of the low box droprate, how do you think its possible to do that with a new class? II. high lvl people have a huge advantage over beginners Same as, it doesnt change the fact, that people with 200 hands of xanos, will definitely give it to their gunner, so they will have it definitely on release day. So it will definitely happen, but only for high levels. It even greater affects the game, if you dont make it account bound: it is absurdly beginner unfriendly, as only 1000 ap+ people will be able to participate in naryu sanctum hard mode to even gather enough account bound hands of xanos fast, you are unfairly giving an advantage to the strongest, but a huge disadvantage to the weakest of your costumerbase! Conclusion: hands of xanos account bound, but chest not is unfairly impacting the game Such reason as to not make the box account bound for avoiding game instabilities in any way, is absolutely incorrect. It doesnt make any sense, to have the xanos hand account bound, but not the box. At least give people who paid a ton of money for the box, 200x hands of xanos, so that your content is not becoming utterly useless and annoying for your costumers, which feels like a scam/trap/bug/illwill of the developers. Give me my 200 hands of xanos for it plz, so that this box doesnt become utterly useless. Kind Regards. If you like it, like it, if you like it more, comment on it.
  8. Hi there, company, who has very little understanding of your costumer base and doesnt even play its own game. A. You dont understand, that you need to tell people what profession exactly they need to level now, since you are deleting the most expensive to level crafting guild: - which is "Mery Potter". B. It is not enough to say "it will be available somewhere else"! Come forward and tell them, "where will it be available", please. - Especially the Premium Kaolin refiner is of importance here, since everybody needs it, where do i find it? C. And, obviously, what compensation do i get for my crafting guild being removed for multiple characters? If you just delete it, if it it will it just be gone, do you think that your costumers will like that? They obviously wont, it is the most expensive to level crafting guild after all!!! - For Merry potter items, that are not utterly worthless - For other items, that are connected to Merry Potter and gathering guild items, and are now utterly worthless, too. Do you even play the game, do you know what impact your deleting Merry Potter will have on the crafting system and on the ingame market?? D. I wish to know, where i can find each and every single item, that is crafted with Merry Potter, now! That, so I and everybody else can prepare, anything else is scamming your own costumers with new content they dont want. - And obviously, I want it on the front page of your bns news "Crafting Streamline", and on the stream, that overwise are a really cricket waste of cricket time!!!!!! Thank You. Like it if you like it, comment if you like it more.
  9. Hello company, whose name is censored like voldemort`s and cant be spoken unless you want to get banned for multiple days. Your community managers do a very very poor job at handling the community regarding news, when the gamers expect important ingame related announcements. 1. Weapon upgrade paths: a. Silverfrost upgrade steps/paths You did not come clear with how it is affecting the actual user of your new system. Starting way back with your silverfrost path, you have implemented a way too expensive silverfrost upgrade path, that was way more expensive than moonwater/pirate. Obviously the regular gamer doesnt know that, since you are not giving much insight to that, unless people actually post it on reddit related to korean content. But still you give them a deadline to use the old and much cheaper upgrade path. After that, you gave people the idea, they should go true scorpion with nebula stones back then, too, you remember? And you promoted it not at all. b. Ivorymoon upgrade path Too bad, all people who upgraded to true scorpion back then got scammed and received only very little compensation for following your ideal vision of a perfect gaming experience, since you did not tell them about your even more cheaper silverfrost upgrade path in advance, i am talking about 2 months in advance, only, which should be doable. c. Baleful/seraph upgrade costs Back then you also lowered the baleful/seraph upgrade costs and people upgraded their weapons 1-7 with one silverfrost premium transformation stone per upgrade step. Not only, that before upgraded weapon users did not receive a single gold compensation for that, no, just two months later you have heavily scammed every single seraph/baleful upgraded weapon user by making it for free until seraph/baleful stage 7, that obviously also did not receive a single gold as compensation, too! d. new nebula stone event My best bet is, that you will bring out the dragon god upgrade path and dont tell anybody about it two days before its release and that youll make baleful/seraph 8-12 cheaper than the nebula upgrade cost reductions. Again, probably nobody will get any compensation for that redicolous nebula stone event you have promoted to prompt people to upgrade their weapons. 2. Grindable content With your events and your future updates, you made it ultra important to farm zawei ruins and SSP, and MSP. Then it became dead content overnight. As a consequence of that you created a full market for soulstones, frozen stingers (sacred orb) and moonstones and you ruined those markets after, too. a. Zawai ruins It became dead content and frozen stingers are now only used for creating empyrean spirit charms, not grinded here. b. SSP: Before SSP was already heavily nerfed, because you receive thousands of useless soulstone crystals that you cannot use for nothing. After you merged 9 servers with each 2 channels into one server, and then gave people !!!!!only!!!!! 3 channels to farm soulstones with. On top of that you reduced the bosses prestige points given by nearly half. SSP is now overcrowded and became dead content, since its impossible to farm enough prestige to get any soulstones, that you need to craft and receive a bunch of very useless soulstone crystals. Again, thousands of useless soulstone crystals that you cannot use for nothing, oh and the bosses die in 5 secs fps freezes. c. MSP: When this dungeon was released, it was (nearly) impossible to get your 6-8 soulshield pieces, it was a redicolous, absurdly hateful act to get the first 5 soulshield pieces and yes, there was also the very useless Draken Earring. Now finally you have understood, that you should give people the soulshields easier, but before that nerf, it was dead content. What i dont understand is, if you found a useful way of dealing with that on other servers like korean, why do you not simply jump a few updates steps to the usefull solutions directly? 3. Raids a. your recrutiment system is developed by 6 year olds You have created raids, that can only be cleared by a very few persons, because your clan/raid recruitment system is in difference ot other servers heavily underdeveloped, and been put together on a base close to the very unbalanced match making system of 6 years old developers (view the post on the forum for that). b. changes not on news / front page, but hidden in forums You again did not do a good job at telling people about any important changes for the raids. You have ultra messed up the raids before the nerf by falsely announcing 12p raids. Important and very concrete changes were not even on the front news page or even in the life stream!!! c. your announcements have ruined raids!! with your 12person raids announcements effective for multiple days you have ruined multiple 24person raids that disbanded permanently in hopes for the new 12 person raids. It was already hard to find a raid to do BT with, now you have totally messed up and more persons cant enjoy your late game content. Thats something your community managers utterly fail to understand: diplomacies and treaties only work until they are broken, after that the trust is gone. That trust between clans and raids was gone and you still stayed with 24person raids, from which many of your gamers suffered greatly. d. 12 person raids are coming, but where is the news update on your frontpage / stream??? So now you announce 12person raids again in that overcrowded threat on the forum, why do you not put it on the life stream/front page instead? If you are so called "community managers", why do you continiously fail to grasp your own gamer community? My best guess is, that you dont even play the game! 4. Craftings a. You have no idea, what is happening in your game related to your crafting system / crafting market By implementing changes to the crafting system, you have plummeted prices for crafting goods on F5, which was the only way to make money for f2p gamers. You cared very little, that this would make some of your gamers very angry. You made viridian to moonwater transformation stones useless and worthless and left most of the games evolution item into the game without making them any more valuable, then they actually were. b. Your full viridian to moonwater content is dead content and your full items from that are useles and worthless. You have ruined more than half of your game and peoples ingame investments into such items. And you didnt even warn anybody on the front/news page, again. Conclusion: If you put some game breaking changes into the game, you should really trust the feedback of your gamers. Obviously its impossible to receive any feedback on future content, if you stay silent about it. If i was a company and I wanted to promote my game related features, i would be open about its changes a month or two in advance and people would give me honest feedback with which i can plan on the future content, too. Because if you dont do that, and rely on the community to carry your sorry ass out of the mess with korean update loggs, people will be left frustrated and quit the game: your main reason why you had to merge servers, btw. Your community managers dont play the game and dont care about its gamers and thus cannot grasp whats important to them and what needs to be improved drastically to make them happy for enjoying the future content. Again, if you like it, like it, if you like it more, comment on it.
  10. Hi there company, whose name is filtered and cant be spoken, there is something utterly wrong with your F10/F9 market for hmcoin exchangers/users. I am refererring to hmcoins only, thought the prices for ncoin/hmcoin are the same. 1. Situation: F9 would actually be working, and people had a chance to buy that crap for hmcoins for 3,00. Althought soon it will be lower. A. Soulstones: Since you nerfed ssp to a degree, that noone can exchange many prestige points anymore (mobs have less prestige, 3 ssp channels are utterly packed), you probably expect people to buy those soulstone crystal bundles for 5hmcoins*1.1206 / 3.00 (price*fee/exchangerate) = 1,867g. When you cant even use the trash crystals for crafting!! B. Moonstones: 5hmcoins*1.1206 / 3.00 (price*fee/exchangerate) = 1,867g 1,867g seems fine, you save 1g each, but its untradable, so why make a 20 moonstone daily limitation, if i need 300 moonstones to upgrade my weapon with nebula stones?? C. Sacred crystals, the same nonsense as soulstones/moonstones, untradable/ not usable for crafting and I need 800 of them for nebula seraph stage12 - riftwalk stage 3, how long should I buy them on the store in 20 days until the event ends, if the limitation is 20 per day??? D zahkans claw. Nobody buys that trash, as nobody wants the destiny ring so badly. E. Stones of wisdom, my absolute favourite: Since none of your employees actually play the game, you dont understand its actual value to the gamers/your costumers. 30hmcoins*1.1206 / 3.00 (price*fee/exchangerate) = 11.206g. You can exchange them for 2500 celestial peaches, farmable in 10 minutes on celestial basin, buy them sealed on the market for 6-10g, and bid for unsealed for 4-5g in dungeons, why do you expect us to pay that much money for it??? F. Ivory Beluga Orb. If you used that 2500 battleground points you save for buying the ivory beluga orb on f10 for battleground chests, i. you would pay2,5*6*2,7 (2,5 chests*average moonstoneper chest * moonstone F5 value) = 40,5g per 2500 battleground points. ii. Your current ivory beluga orb value is 260mcoins*1.1206 / 3.00 (price*fee/exchangerate) = 97,12g. Double the price, do you even play the game??? G.-H. Specials, the only thing thats really worth it. Usueally worth 450 hmcoins, this time gems, the only way to get heptagonal gems. This time thought you put ultra cheap silverfrost premium transformation stones and scared oil into the F10 specials. And that totally broke the complete F9 for the past 5 days. I. Duelers Medaillon. You are really expecting people to charge ncoins for that, dont you?? No sorry, people wont, and its very hard to understand why the past four event tokens were for hmcoins or free, and now you actually need to put real money into the game. 2. Situation: where are we now?! F9 is broken, due to too many people putting in too many stacks of buyable gold into the market. For the past 5 days it is impossible to exchange any more hmcoins for gold. Why is that? A. sacred oil or silverfrost premium transformation they fear you might do the same mistake again and put heavily underpriced sacred oil or silverfrost premium transformation stones into the f10. Do not put that ever again into the F10 and announce that you wont put it there again, so you can render the F10 market usefull again!!!!!! B. they stock up for the future they try to stock up on as many hmcoins as possible for that, no future underpriced special items, no stocking up for them. C. every gamer has too many slots You can have up to ten slots on the currency exchange per person, thats way too many and has ultimately led to the current problem. Considering the overcrowded ssp after server merge, and the way too little amount of channels (two channels before server merge, should be seven after merge) and the broken F9, you really have not thought at all about the consequences of too many people being put into a too little server after the server merge, have you?? i. You need to give people more channels in areas like beastbog, ssp, ii. You definitely need to limit the amount of available selling slots on F9 and F5 per person iii. Or and maybe including: lower the exchange rate, adapt your hmcoin prices seperately from f10 ncoin prices. D. you want to make people pay real money for the game Yes, the conclusion should be, either you were not intelligent enough to think about all that, or you lacked the information due to too little employees actually playing the game to give you any constructive feedback. Or and that seems pretty apparent, you desire to milk out as many gamers of your game for your stupid events as possible, you definitely want them to pay for your free to play game. Even thought your revenue is described by your playerbase that you can use for advertising money and so on, that has created more money than guildwars 2, you still want to cut costs and milk costumers more! That being said, the only way to overall buy those items on the F10 are premium users with their daily dash venture tokens, and ncoin buyers. You ban people that would buy the F9 exchanges for lower and you do not even give them a reason why you banned them, since its obviously not an exploit to help people getting hmcoins from F9. If you like it, like it, if you like it more, comment it.
  11. 6v6 Matchmaking system designed by 6 year olds

    1. "you are new here, and dont know how things work" Its obviously very easy to discredit someone by calling him a newcomer, but lucky me I play since release. More than 500 matches in 6v6 alone. 2. you say team effort, being bad means getting gud, and trying will give you enough, so you dont need an algoyrthm that matches equally strong players together. A. team effort or being good: obviously you didnt take a look at the screenshot, so you cant judge the situation, hm7-8 have no chance against raven/true soul B. being bad/ getting guud: you cannot get any points against four raven, that kill you on the spot, the match will end 1800:0 and you get no points by default C. try harder is a lame excuse: its also determined by damage participation, but you dont deal any dps against four people that kill you instantly, using all hm skillz. 3. we dont need gear score, people refuse to play 6v6: Has it ever crossed your mind, that people dont want to participate, since you need to do 6v6 to have your 6v6 soulshields, or even go high in toi? A. How is someone about to start their 6v6 gear, if they have to be raven to get challanger ss/beluga ss to get anything in the first place? B. Do you think its easy with 700+ to get gud enough to participate in a bg against fully geared pvp defense holding + raven users. C. There is a need for gear score, so people can play and earn points on their level, since obviously they dont earn nothing without doing damage or even taking bases/horns when they get killed one shot. If they played against equally geared players they have a much higher chance to get points, get ss, gear up, rank up and play against higher geared players. And will participate more!!! D. Genius, if you participate more in the current matchmaking system, you only lose more, it is much much harder to rank up at all, you lose 27 points, gain 7, and you will never get many points with bronce, thats for sure! Having a better system helps all also to rank up: higher and lower geared gamers. Think about it from someones eyes that have weaker gear than you, before you answer this please. And also, in this forum you are to discuss, not to discredit, think about that, too. Oh and saying contradicting things, meaning you say something and then say something against your own opinion, is not really making a point, chose one of them and try to find reasonable arguments why that is your point, or why it is not.
  12. 6v6 Matchmaking system designed by 6 year olds

    1. You do support this thread, since you know the matchmaking system is utterly broken and put together by heavily underqualified developer hands. 2. if you think a ranking system like that is contributing to any kind of balancing, then you should either reasonable state why, and how it is balanced*. * Just saying "i dont like" is not really an argument for contra why everybody else think its even not balancing the teams reasonable at all. 3. you can not carry a full team 4x raven versus 4x hm7-8, thats contradictional, again, state how you think it is possible to carry it alone 1v6. 4. there should be a reasonable gear balancing when matching, gear score is nothing new to mmorpgs, it existed for a very very long time in other games already.
  13. Hello, you gave me and my post a break for a few days for some very dodgy reasoning at that, and me and my post didnt like that, so i am opening it up again! R stands for raven, you should be ashamed of your matchmaking system!! I dont mind playing with whales, if i have the same lvl as them, and can somehow compete with them, thats alright with me! But with four totally newcomers against highend gear? Cricket, you should know how to match it up better! Hey greedy company, whose name cant be spoken, and is blocked by the filter and whos employees dont play the game. Your matchmaking system is so bad, that even a 7 years old can programm it better. In fact, "java is just an island" can be read by anyone that understands how two if- connectors work! Your matchmaking system is so broken, that each and every single one of your companys employees should be forced to play 6v6 for 10 hours a day or fired, just as a little of compensation to the gamers and btw costumers of your game. (before anyone says it: i dont hate the game, i only hate how poorly the company manages it and its costumers) That being said: since you guys punish us for losing a game with -27 points, and only with -30 when quitting it, i have helped myself to find an appropriate "non-ingame-existent- leave function" Oh and since every bad word or not so comfortable connection of a-z is censored with "cricket": Hey crickets, fix your matchmaking system you unbelievably untalented developers of this poorly managed game.
  14. Hi there, many may have wondered, if with the current market prices, seraph/baleful and Riftwalk/dawnforge are actually worth it upgrading with nebula stones. Maybe for a start two things: 1. nebula is in many ways only substituting the cost with less expensive upgrade materials, like silverfrost transformation stones, that have in the process become double as expensive, so obviously the upgrade cost reduction for some stages will not be as good as for other ( mostly higher) stages. 2. the nebula stone has a gold value, too! As you can buy a sacred oil on the F5 for a certain value, you can also buy it with the tokens. Each token so to speak has a value. If you use those tokens for the nebula stone, you are making the sacrifice of not buying that sacred oil and therefore pay for using them. The full cost analysis. You see Seraph/Baleful, and Riftwalk/Dawnforge, as they are the cheapest upgrade paths. Nobody goes riftwalk/dawnforge stage 1 anymore. Whats important is the total cost, the evulated costs per upgrade step in gold for normal and for nebula. Whats important is to note, that some levels cost reduction is less than what the nebula stone is actually worth (again, considered you buy a sacred oil instead). 1. You see that in the lower levels, the "nebula-effect" itself has a higher value than the upgrade cost- substitution. 2. And it becomes really valuable until one point and after that you will need to substitute 1x silverfrost premium transformation stones with 20x silver transformation stones. So if you want to make the most out of this event, upgrade from Seraph/Baleful Stage 8 to Riftwalk Stage 3. maximum. Like it if you like it, comment it, if you like it more.
  15. Compensation for Downtime of Servers & F9 Exchange

    Does this mean we still shouldnt get compensated for its unavailability? If i deny certain costumers and then bring out very nice outfits during that time when they turn down the f9 exchange, i hardly think its fair for a specific part of the community. Could i have bought hmcoins before? Its unfortunately not so very easy to buy that many hmcoins for several days. The only people i know that have enough hmcoins are premium members, that get the hmcoins on mass from daily dash!