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  1. I didn't know they didn't know. Well then, I agree to having them bring them back. I'd like to farm some of those weapons for myself.
  2. What if they end up messing it up again next week where the Today's Specials have no costumes again?
  3. How would anyone know what is good for them unless they wanted to look for it?
  4. After the update, Fulmination does not apply after using Lightning Draw. Not sure if it is the Hongmoon version that is bugged or if it is both versions, but it hasn't been working. Not sure if this is just me or if anyone else got this.
  5. Showing examples or explaining more would be nice instead of being vague.
  6. Or we can let both be put into the shop because working hard doesn't mean anything when it comes to RNG. RNG is chance. It really isn't that unique, but it is worth collecting. But now that you say it, I guess farming for it wouldn't be too bad. It's just that if they go with this suggestion and put both in, that would be nice.
  7. I agree with this. Barely anyone runs Zaiwei Capital Ruins and it is hard to farm due to the lack of people to have every boss spawn.
  8. I don't know if there is a better way to give NC Soft suggestions. If I knew or could find out how, I'd do it.
  9. They used to be in the game and them something caused them to be taken out. I wanted to know if it was possible to bring them back by putting them in an exchange shop or by allowing them to drop from the last boss in Dreadtide Arena or both? They made great weapon skins and it would be nice to have them once again.
  10. It was said that most materials would be in there, which have been, but there was also something said about outfits being in there at times. At what point will there be those outfits? And if it is ok to find this out, would the outfits be cash-shop only ones or would they include outfits obtained in-game as well? I've just been waiting for the day that they would be selling something extremely rare like that aquamarine that was sold a week or so ago.
  11. Go with Jin Male. Most outfits look best on them. At least the ones that are not gender specific.
  12. They are the Furious/Beginner Blade Masters npcs that you have to fight in a quest. This never came out.
  13. Is it possible that we will be getting this outfit sometime soon? Does anyone know the name of this outfit? Are the GMs/Mods able to answer if possible??
  14. Oh. My bad. Sorry about that. The way they said it looked like he or she got it all back.
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