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  1. Hi there. If you're looking for a place to settle, feel free to try us out for a few days. If we don't seem to be your fit, no harm done. We primarily consists of people from NA. Consisting of about 13-16 members, we're fairly small, but adds to us being closer with each other. People are mostly casual, and the average age is about 22. That being said, it doesn't mean that you're not welcome even if you're a hardcore player. We have a few of those as well. For more information, or if you feel impulsive and would like to join us, make a comment or add my main: "Shiro Rolandish". Regards.
  2. LF general clan

    Hi, if you haven't already found your place to settle, we are a pretty casual guild. "Celestial Order". It's fairly small, consisting of about 13-16 members, but that just makes us closer. Occasionally we RP as well, but that's optional. If you feel like trying us out for a bit, let me know!