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  1. Because this is the only fun you can still get in this game.
  2. Octa core I7, directx 12 GPU, game installed on a dedicated SSD, 1Gbps internet connection, 12GB of ram - fps drops all the time, lag in cross server all the time, lag in arena some times. My old rig: Dual core Intel Pentium, direcx 9.0c GPU, 1 SATA HDD, 1Gbps internet connection, 4GB of ram, no fps drops game works fine on all places just the normal server lag
  3. This is a one core game, the rest of us with multi cores machines have a lot of performance issue, if I play this game on my 7yo game rig this game works like a charm flawless gaming no fps drop just the normal EU server lag because good servers.
  4. SIN - easy stuff when you are invisible all the time.
  5. Going from pirate to true breez requires around 400-500 GOLD... only for the weapon upgrade. None of my friends are playing this game any more. The reason I quit this game, 500+AP, 550+AP, 600+AP...while the prices:
  6. SIN = perma invisible... easy skyp... easy game, pvp 99% inivisible, One day I was looking at a sin in moonwater plains he sat perma invisible and killed everything one by one in the camp. Nobody could touch him.
  7. Ever wanted to know why we have FPS drops, and performance issues in general ? During weekends they kill terrors like there is no tomorrow
  8. 3 Soulstones for 5 silver or 20 worrier tokens for 10silver... At least daily dash gave you something for free, now you have to pay to get them... ohhh this game cashgrab is insane.
  9. get ready to get locked, it's not permitted to shame hackers, exploiters, cheaters, leechers on the forums
  10. So after I have seen a print screen on another topic I decided to verify myself so: https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us/articles/207420056-Why-Can-t-I-Send-Mail-To-Other-Players- Well seeing this I went online to see if it's true, really needed something to transfer items between chars in a f2p account... well in game the reality was not the same as they advertise there. You can't type anything in the email window, it's still under the cash paywall... so... NCwest care to at least not false advertise a free featur
  11. Topic of the day NCw doesn't give a rats arse about cheaters, hackers, leechers... they only ban hacked accounts, texture modders, doors exploiters :)) typically, *cricket* the forums are more entertaining than the game :))
  12. That is why and never will spend a dime in this game... even I sometimes I would have wanted to... I simply don't trust NCw with my card their security is let's put it nicely really not that good. I am really sorry for you that you lost all that money, spending money in this game is a well known risk, recover what you can and move on, because staying here will only get more salt and they will never give your account back, all the white knights will come to NCw defense and say that you got keuloggers or you buyed gold from goldsellers it is a pointless fight against
  13. Best solution, F-it, it's not worth it they don't give a shit, I have 480AP and 51% crit an with a summoner and still can't tag the bosses because the game refusses to work, even with Ctrl+F, all settings to 1, all players name hidden ( except the opposing factions ) and game still freezes because server can't handle the load, in shot performance issues, what did NCw did in the last update they didn't give a rats ars, and let's be honest the players deserve it because they put a lot of cash in their pocket, instead of punishing them for a the bad job they are do
  14. Play the game and at some point you will be back on the forums ranting like everybody else :)) Well OWPVP is a pve-pvp zone where you need to do quests while a gang of lvl 50 players with 60k HP will *cricket* you if you are not in the dominating faction, while you just have 15k HP
  15. My advice uninstall the game, before you enter like it and then when you reach 45 the reality of this game is disappointment and you want to progress this week well we accept visa paypal and other metods, oh you want to play free well maybe next year you will get there if we don't update the loot tables so it takes more :)). Play whatever char you want is a good game until the game just shoves in your face a big middle finger with forced pvp (you will see) with really bad performance on a really good rig :)
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