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  1. Because this is the only fun you can still get in this game.
  2. Octa core I7, directx 12 GPU, game installed on a dedicated SSD, 1Gbps internet connection, 12GB of ram - fps drops all the time, lag in cross server all the time, lag in arena some times. My old rig: Dual core Intel Pentium, direcx 9.0c GPU, 1 SATA HDD, 1Gbps internet connection, 4GB of ram, no fps drops game works fine on all places just the normal server lag
  3. This is a one core game, the rest of us with multi cores machines have a lot of performance issue, if I play this game on my 7yo game rig this game works like a charm flawless gaming no fps drop just the normal EU server lag because good servers.
  4. SIN - easy stuff when you are invisible all the time.
  5. Going from pirate to true breez requires around 400-500 GOLD... only for the weapon upgrade. None of my friends are playing this game any more. The reason I quit this game, 500+AP, 550+AP, 600+AP...while the prices:
  6. SIN = perma invisible... easy skyp... easy game, pvp 99% inivisible, One day I was looking at a sin in moonwater plains he sat perma invisible and killed everything one by one in the camp. Nobody could touch him.
  7. Ever wanted to know why we have FPS drops, and performance issues in general ? During weekends they kill terrors like there is no tomorrow
  8. 3 Soulstones for 5 silver or 20 worrier tokens for 10silver... At least daily dash gave you something for free, now you have to pay to get them... ohhh this game cashgrab is insane.
  9. TheHorror of the new OWPVP is not about pvp but the lagfest, fps freeze, I have the dps but you do 0 dps when games decides to not give a duck and just freeze. Is not that I can't do the damage it won't let me do it.
  10. You don't really know how to read do you ? or didn't even bother to read... I say I don't mind them, they are just annoying, and the only existence for them is because the RNG and insane costs for upgrades ( you go from a 50 SILVER to upgrade a ring to 50 GOLD for the next upgrade on the same ring... now imagine if you could fail considering the RNG we have here ) Also you say it's not expensive to upgrade weapon lol, you gold buyer you :)) or kid still in school buying your premium on your parents money, just to upgrade from aw siren to true siren
  11. Wow nameshaming bots is not allowed :)) rly ? Now although I don't mind bots in general, because of this lvl to 45 challange made me realise that this game has a bigger problem with bots than it had when we started this game in january, way worse. Also they are now offering to be your frind or give you a girlfriend Now they are party leaders in cross-servers and you get in their party even if you leave 5 times you still get in the bots party unless you block them ( but how many can you block before the list is full, becaus
  12. Because Loading takes forever, to restart a pt after you are inside it need to load 4 times to remake a pt, not all party members read the chat, not all know to read in english (EU player). More and more legit players go afk, most of them Premium , they afk at the start or fallow the pt and do nothing, yesterday I had an PREMIUM AFK LFM in Supply chain, he really like to die and not revive, then I threaten him to play or will be reported as afk/bot, he just moved from zone to zone and played from time to time... trash players on cross-server, one time I had to look f
  13. At this point I think that NC really likes bots a lot, first of all why does the drop Auction includes someone who didn't even move, why it's split with someone who is at the beginning of the dungeon.... just why. So to not be treated as an ars for just ranting here are some of my solutions some hard to implement some easy: - Limit repeat dungeon, after 1st 1 h, after 2nd 2hours, after 3rd 24hours cool down, this apply only to blue dungeons from moonwater region. - 4 DIGIT random PIN when you try to enter from cross server to dungeon. - TIME based Vote/ki
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