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  1. To all the low ap players in F8

    Not sure why you all replying when people are just still going to continue doing whatever they want. OP is just butt hurt and venting out.
  2. 150 Golden Lotus Chests

    Can't tell if it was worth it. Can someone add up how much gold all that is?
  3. 90g to mail gems between characters

    This made my night.
  4. What? Congrats you're able to kill some raven players, but how exactly does that benefit those who are under geared? You're kind of forgetting that they can easily add just some random dungeon in hard mode or something easier for those who don't actually like to pvp such as maybe farming peaches etc etc? There's a reason why on normal dailies they have like 4 dungeons you can do and pass on the arena/battleground to complete it.
  5. Should add either remove battleground from weekly or just add another pve challenge.
  6. Are you even listening to yourself? They have every right to complain to how unfair the weekly challenge is. Instead of boosting those who are already ahead of those who just started or just returned, they should make the weekly event benefiting for everybody. Who the hell wants to do battleground against bunch of rave players? Regardless if you don't need the raven feathers now, you will still need them in the future and let's also not forget how long it takes to actually obtain a certain amount for a item. Honestly, having battleground even being a option for a daily challenge is pretty stupid to me knowing its reputation and how many players complain about it everyday. I would love to know the idiot who suggested it to be for a weekly. You want to keep players, not force them quit. Get your stuff together ncsoft.
  7. Once again these guys have no idea what they're doing...
  8. Silverfrost Dungeons Normal Mode Nerf

    Can't believe some are actually whining for this. If you want a challenge do it on hard mode.
  9. I think I seen 2-3 threads about this and not a single staff response. It's cause they would lose money if they did this. btw, I like how they respond to only money questions, but when it comes to other things they completely ignore it.
  10. Golden Lotus Chests

    That p2w lmao...
  11. Feedback on Seven Days of outfit in Daily Specials

    I found all the costumes to be a joke except maybe like one. They could had put a summer beach one like how everyone was requesting, but they didn't which isn't surprising to me at all seeing as they always tend to ignore us players.
  12. 90g to mail gems between characters

    They really have no idea what they're doing lmao...
  13. Never understood how those who do p2w can sit there telling those who can't afford the items to not play the game or just to suck it up. The game is overprice, and for any of you to continue to spend hundreds of dollars and say it's ok? You obviously got some serious issues. This game has lost so much players already because of the all the p2w and to actually even have a discussion over p2w vs f2p is beyond stupid.
  14. 200 Sacred oil at total to max ?

    Who cares how much you guys make on your alts. It doesn't change the fact how stupid high the prices are.
  15. 200 Sacred oil at total to max ?

    Just leaving this here because of how hilarious this is.
  16. Stream

    Pretty much what you missed..
  17. Some people really just need to open there eyes and look closely on what blade and soul has turned into. Just like at the upcoming update and all these threads that are created everyday.
  18. New Soul reactions

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL im dying. What makes it more funny is how everyone in the live chat is laughing at them. GG NCSOFT.
  19. June 28th Update -- Soul

    As if the price for upgrading your soul wasn't crazy enough... I'm 100% sure now these devs don't play the game.
  20. Funny thing is they're all seeing this and they're probably thinking is there a way for us to upset the players even more? These guys have no idea what they're doing. I don't understand why they can't let some other company run blade and soul.
  21. 90g to mail gems between characters

    We seriously need new devs. Devs who actually play the game and not come up with stupid ideas like this.
  22. It doesn't mean na can't lower the cost. Oh wait when was the last time ncsoft ever cared about us?
  23. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

  24. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    Female only? Way to go ncsoft..
  25. Why can't we edit our own profile in the forum?

    They barely pay attention to their forums..