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  1. Marketplace petition

    Please we need a counter in marketplace so that we know how many daily listings we are left with.. we need this as we cannot allways remember how many we have left....
  2. Professions way too unbalanced

    i dont know what u mean but ok :P all i am saying is that my profession's greatest item costs 89silver per item in marketplace, and stones cost 5-6g each. now how is that ballanced
  3. Professions way too unbalanced

    ok thank you for your time friend!
  4. Professions way too unbalanced

    can you please tell me the name of this item ?
  5. Professions way too unbalanced

    and thats worth it ? im new to this game but when i reached 45lvl i thought that they are a joke or smth
  6. Professions way too unbalanced

    only profession that pays off is Soul wardens , and merry potters. every single one of the rest is useless, for ex forgekeepers its a total crap, noone needs weps to evolve since u get drops everywere, same for pots and dumblings for the other professions. i mean NCSOFT please cant you see this? eventually everyone will create transf. stones coz other guilds are not worth it ! please do something! add more items or people will just not level the other guilds