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  1. New party buff idea

    I say we need less buff classes.. We have too many mandatory slots as it is. Blue buff and soulburn is already reserved in raids.
  2. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    1. Enrage timers are very generous in this game, almost never factors in the difficulty. I've only enraged when I intentionally joined undergeared parties with an undergeared character. Messing up mechanics in normal mode has almost never been the cause of enrage, but rather the team I had during "champ select". (skip) 2. There is the tab escape and F roll (some classes have a third trinket), but other than that, you're right about being koed with a cc lock. The pvp style in this game is a matter of taste. I haven't played other fighter games much to really compare, but I enjoy BnS pvp mechanics to a decent level. If it is the case that the majority hates the pvp and TOI by extension, then fair enough that they leave it behind. Still, I want to contest my broader point of scaleable content. My sentiment here is I really enjoyed this content and liked getting beat by the AI and revising my ways to fight it back in the day where Floor 100 was unattainable; it was truely a tower of infinity. I may be the minority, but this was one of my favorite things to do back then, hoping to relive that nostalgia with FL1000. 3. You still failed to convince me to want to gimp my gear. It's not the same, I explained with my newgame+ vs gimp gear point in RPGs. I can only reduce my gear so far before my rotation changes, if I don't reduce it enough I can still manage floor 100. Does seeing big numbers and high floors not mean anything? That's part of what I mean with the oomph factor. If they branded tower of infinity as tower of floor 100, this would put my mind at ease. I would personally as a developer keeping updating it so the final floors isn't attainable with that name of "infinity", it only makes sense. It may be unlikely it'll be implemented, but I want my feelings heard and it seems fairly simple to add on to this game. I don't see how they have anything to lose, the players that never liked it can ignore it and players like me who are tired of the same floor 100 being irrelevant since VT gear, can experience the nostalgia of when it was a struggle to reach the top. Battlegrounds does have a relevant audience. I know people who would never play battlegrounds if they gear equalized it because they hate arena style pvp. There's a whole discord I joined dedicated to battleground pvp. Alot of players at one point considered battlegrounds to be the only true endgame content as raids and hard mode dungeons became clockwork to them. This is hardcore content, TOI FL1000, may satiate that same audience. 4. Why do you insist that having many dungeons, optional ones at that, will harm the population like that? That's like saying we're at an all you can eat buffet, but you must try one of everything or you can't eat. The only minor inconvenience I'm seeing is that f8 would have more different dungeons shown in recruitment and you'll have to scroll up to find the one you want. That's assuming people disperse themselves in the manner you speak of. Even then people can use discord to organize such groups in a more convenient manner. Also I mentioned that the dungeons will have mostly the same rewards, it will probably get standardized to which ones people will choose. The unpopular runs can be ran with a nostalgic group of friends. That's pvp content you're talking about. I can see this being an issue for something like battlegrounds, if we had 10 different battlegrounds, with all battlegrounds available the same day and being manually selected. However that's not the case. That's remedied with our current system where we force people to participate in the same battleground types same day. This is dungeons I'm talking about, where we got a substantially larger pve population. If we had a system where we had a rotation on daily challenge as well as bonus reward doing the dungeon on hard mode in proportion to how high you scaled it, I'm willing to bet people would appreciate the change and it would breath life back to PvE. It would make the game more western as opposed to eastern as we aren't doing repetitive motions. E.G Soguns Lament, x1 moonstone on normal, but if done in hard mode, you get moonstones x the HM level you chose that day, doubling it after HM15, so x30 to encourage mains rather than alt spam. This will set a focus for people to do a specific dungeon that day, as proven already where there's large participation in daily challenge as it is.
  3. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    1. Messing up a mechanic, which prolongs a fight is basically what normal mode is. You lose out on a bit of mech damage, but the fight goes on. Choosing to run a hard mode dungeon where the same mechanic wipes you is not what I consider masochist. Also it's not as polarized as what you describe. Some of the mistakes done in raids and hard mode dungeons are not always instant wipes, but salvageable if you coordinate compensation with the team. 2. If you're suggesting I'd be interested in extreme mode where one tiny misclick is an instant wipe, no that would not interest me. I'm content with the difficulty of hard mode dungeons and raids. 3. Yeah that's what people do in high elo pvp, if you don't kill them in a stun lock you get punished, personally I'm fine with that. We can suggest an easy mode TOI if that's what interests people like that. The bugged skills are annoying, think everyone agrees on that and it should be fixed. 4. If I wanted to gimp my gear and do that, I'd do it already. So the developers should never develop challenging content, just leave it up to the players to play with baleful instead of raven? I think the majority of people who play video games when given the option would prefer a Newgame+ over playing over again with gimped gear. People like the feeling of that "oomph". Reducing my gear isn't the same because I lose my rotation and weapon procs which affect my gameplay. 5. That's why I'm making a suggestion. Who's to say they will go on that direction indefinitely. A game can evolve. No having more content spread out does not mean it'll disperse the population. It only adds variety to the gameplay. If you look at F8, you see the same dungeons posted over and over. It is not my idea of entertainment to do the same dungeons all the time. The daily challenge is an attempt at them diversifying what people do everyday. I've heard from more than one source that people would like nostalgic dungeons like sundered nexus come back. As for being hard to find groups, I really doubt that's going to be an issue. The rewards on the dungeons can be similar, so it's not like people have to run specific dungeons. Like back in the frozen stinger days, if I couldn't find a Yeti group, I could run Lair, or necropolis for the same resources. If a certain dungeon is popular, the recruitment messages will naturally gravitate towards it and there will be plenty of parties. Ultimately, the implementation comes down to a popularity vote. If a lot of people think like me, then this idea will be warmly welcomed, if not then good for the status quo players.
  4. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    1. Hard mode dungeons and our raids do a good job of that I'd say. 2. Nope, I can dance around with the bots for the full 4 minutes if I wanted to lol. Clearing them in a CC chain just means speed. This is coming from someone that's very well geared though, if you do it in pve gear, sure you can say that. 3. That makes two of us. How they scale up is the question. One idea I propose is to have a difficulty slider from HM level 1-25, except the floor is not 1, but the current dungeons difficulty. Have this difficulty slider exclusive to hard mode, re-enable hard mode from Lair up (or straight up all dungeons no problem with that either :p).
  5. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    I don't see how your definition of difficulty makes sense. If messing up a mechanic just means to prolong a fight, that actually makes it easy, but time consuming. If it prolongs it where it never ends, that a soft enrage. I don't have a problem with the AI having perfect reflexes, having pvp knowledge, you learn to work around it. As for the ignoring cooldowns, maybe happens to others, but I haven't had that been an issue. Everytime I've had a hard time is because I've made a mistake. You do have a point though and that does need to be fixed. Wearing lower gear for TOI doesn't interest me, the idea of getting higher floors was to get higher ingame rewards in proportion to your gear. Not new here, don't make assumptions. I realize that is the trend, but I'm still allowed to have my opinion. It's not like the new content is more fun than the old content. The way I see it, not having scalable old content seems like a big waste of download space when only 10% of the content is relevant.
  6. TOI: Floor 1000, Trial Arena: 100 stages. New badges

    Looks like I'm in the minority, I found it quite fun, just not challenging enough. Getting rank one is gear and technique check, not what I call a challenge. If they decide to trash old content instead of recycling, I'll just agree to disagree with the developers and continue playing until they deplete all interesting content.
  7. TOI isn't a tower of infinity anymore. The final floor has been attainable for well over a year. The allure of climbing floors which made this content interesting is long gone. Likewise, trial arena needs a similar update. While we're at it, make new badges for class balancing (some classes outdps others by way too much, others needs some serious QOL changes). It doesn't even have to be a new concept necessarily, but a buffed version of old badges. (e.g I still insist on a destroyer primal force, eternity badge 2.0 with 8s of wrath vs 3s) Make the tokens for new badges post-floor 100, so they will be rare and exciting to attain!
  8. Ideas to improve the game

    I want to ask, are PTS the main bottleneck or anything else? Also I feel that the PTS that are craftable should only work up until raven 9 and maybe it shouldn't be called PTS, but something else like Raven Transformation Stone. If there are any other bottlenecks, then the same concept of craftable mats via running hard dungeons should apply to it, with very minute quantities in normal mode.
  9. Yes, that is a all. I don't see how it would be a problem to log on with 1 hp by default instead of dead.
  10. Shattered Masts "A JOKE DUNGEON FOR DAILY"

    I guess, you can try LFPing that dungeon on non daily days. I can see how that can be a problem, it never made sense to me. I wouldn't mind if they reverted it to the final boss again.
  11. Ideas to improve the game

    1. 10 runs before purchasing a badge sounds reasonable. To make it not too easy maybe add a badge mat from another class as part of the purchase. Agreed with the awakened BT mystic badges not using the same mats, it should be cheaper. 2. No that is too drastic of a change to PTS. What I can agree to is to have nontradable versions of PTS crafted with double the materials as the equivalent. This takes away the RNG element as well as giving a fair price to make. 3. Sounds fine, doesn't seem like that will hurt at all. The old dungeon finders should still be available at the dragonspire of their physical location though. I can see lowbies wanting to chill with their lowbie friends there still. 4. Buying a raven weapon directly would still probably be very expensive. Like true ascending soul it'll probably be 15k+. The problem is farming rates are too low and hard mode dungeons aren't rewarding. Naryu sanctum should drop materials necessary to upgrade raven. If Naryu Sanctum HM dropped special mats to transmute craftable PTS, that would be great content for intermediate players as well as honing the skills of the overall player base. By extension IF, SSM and HH should do the same, but at better rates. It would be very encouraging seeing those dungeons come alive. I think it's fair that even normal mode of HH can drop bound PTS mats as well. I'm a strong advocate of HM dungeons and I would fully agree on NS-HH hard mode giving enough mats to fully upgrade to Raven 9. The effort is well in proportion.
  12. [Suggestion] Silver Scales, Supply & Demand.

    Reposting, but keeping it short. I like the idea, but disagree about whole scales, instead have fragments drop 1-2 in normal and hard mode. In addition to hard mode have 1 fragment be guaranteed in dynamic box.
  13. Sounds like a good idea, thought about it for a bit and I don't see the repercussions. People who use DKP can still copper bid. After thinking a bit.... Potential issues can still arrive, by abusive people, small chance but I've thought of some scenarios. If someone in a DKP group really wants an item, they can end up gold bidding and getting the item. Though the leader could simply kick this person and restart the bid. A leader after seeing a big bid could also randomly kick people so he gets the most gold. So scammers can still be scammers, unless there's a kick lockout during a bid. Even then they can start kicking people as a boss is about to die. If there's a setting where everyone votes before a kick, this can dramatically stop abuse. I really doubt in pug runs people will randomly gang up on strangers. Better yet there can be a voting system where if everyone agrees, the raid can start as a "no-kick" raid.
  14. Players rejoining lobbies after kick

    The lockout during a kick can easily be solved by having a 1 minute timer. This will deter spam joiners. On the off chance of accidentally kicking, which is rare (can't remember the last time I did that), they can just wait the 1 minute and rejoin. Better yet if you explicitly invite them, it overrides the lockout.
  15. 1. It's been over a year since grabs have been actively sought after in F8. The last time people have asked for grabs was for Naryu sanctum and Desolate tomb. In Naryu Sanctum, all 3 bosses were grabbable. If you look at a recent dungeons like SST, DD, and RT; it's a different story. You grab very sparsely or the bosses are ungrabbable at all. Think about this, soulburn and fighting spirit are just dps support skills, but it would be blasphemous if a boss were to be suddenly immune to SB and BB. This very thing is happening to grabs, but it's not treated with the same respect. 2. The next part is to increase restraint skills (again). Very simply, double it (e.g TT5 100% > 200%). Right now it is on the verge of being useful; it's buffed to the point where it's dps neutral. When restraint skills first came out, it was the indisputable skill to use. Restraint skills can now be ignored, if not must be ignored if VT badges proc. With SST bracelets, it's even more worthless. I did the math and doubling what we currently have will bring it back to it's former glory. I'm not stopping there, I noticed that there's also an imbalance on base multipliers on restraint skills. (e.g crosshairs for gunner is so slow, it's better off disabled) It either needs a speed increase or a multiplier buff. Doing some math (good skills have a 180 base multiplier on a 6s restraint) here's an outline of what should be done. Crackling blade - 10 > 11 One Two punch - 10 > 12 Long Division - Good as is Mystic Fire - Good as is Double Time- Good as is MoonFall - 9 > 10 Thundering Sword - 9 > 10 Storming Sword - 12 > 15 Soul Dash - Good as is Beam Cannon - 9 > 10 Cross Hairs - 10 > 13 3. One badge effect I would love to see changed on a destroyer is the measly 3s wrath you get from primal force and eternity badge. The duration for perfect synergy would be 8s for both badges. This in effect would allow a smash comboed with a shield break to fully utilize the starbreaker bracelet. Also great for long soul so you retain the 36s x 2 fury cycle for the 72s cooldown. Understandably, ancestral badge will be undermined, but here's my suggestion. Add 0.5s reduction on smash per cleave for glory badge and increase reduction on courage from 6s > 12s. This will in effect give you 3 24s fury cycles in 72s as well as giving smash a sufficient reduction to not depend on RNG resets. Earth destroyers are in need of a buff and this will give enough of a boost to give them comparable dps to shadow destroyers. If it ends up doing more, that's great! It's a more difficult rotation and deserves more for it's difficulty. This is coming from a shadow main. I know I could have easily been more concise, but I feel passionately about these changes and I've put many things into consideration before creating them and wanted to explain the details. The changes I'm asking for is merely fidgeting with some numbers for vast changes. The somewhat demanding part is the grabbable bosses, which I'd love to see, but I'd be mildly disappointed if it can't.