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  1. Oh boy, and I though Tera had a toxic-elitist community ... or maybe they moved to this game, who knows? Oh, yeah, the point. More veteran elitists => less new players => game dies => "why does WoW succeed omg" and similar stupid questions
  3. Some spot with good exp farm with crap gear? Cuz with pvp only I'm not even 50 still ... Oh, and how the hell do I get dragon certificates? Do they drop from dungeons or dungeon quests or what?
  4. Same as before. only that now I see more hackers than bots :D
  5. Sit in corner. Seems fun to me :)
  6. >Farm the book for decoy T1S5. >I have no clue how to farm it. >Go in arena without your "balance" skill. >Pray. >Lose to a summoner. >Search how to get that friggin book. >Still no clue. >Close BnS >Open another game >Profit
  7. Can humans participate? Or only for bots? Also, which of all the hack are allowed, I would like to use my 100% immune scum.. summoner.
  8. Multitasking aint that hard, you know? :D I'm both killing nazis in Wolfenstein and reading posts here.
  9. Watching the game burn to ashes slowly, from the forums.
  10. What if I told you I only played this game cuz of the pvp? :D And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.
  11. Some months ago I was about to purchase a "Founder pack". Sooo damn happy I didn't. When game launched I told myself: "I should at least buy a subscription". Again, happy I didn't. I don't know, nor I care how is the PvE state of the game. But the PvP is bad right now. REALLY bad. No, I'm not talking about balance. Bots man. Bots everywhere. Oh, and hacks. And lag. And ... well, I don't need more negative things in order to quit a game. Right now I face more bots and/or hackers than real people playing "legally". And thats sad. And lame. And not a single of
  12. They just don't care at all. Thats why NCsoft's games tend to fail, even when the games itself are good and have potencial, like this one. Not a single answer in forums, not even a "We are working on it". I face hackers, boters, exploiters every day in arenas, and not a few times, no no. A LOT. But hey, it's better to tell me that my account will be suspended for using too many "cricket" words in forums ... geez. Its like they prefer to have bots than real people playing this game. And after a few months when only a small community plays BnS in Europe they will wonder why that happ
  13. You must be lucky then, yes. Even popular streamers have encountered bots at plat. Ping is VERY important for ani canceling. So, a summoner for example won't be as affected as a KFm if they both play with hight ping. I'm not against macros, but when it goes against the game rules ppl using them should be banned. I'm not happy with the current state of the game, as I think it has a lot of potential but NCSoft doesnt seem to care enough to fix it properly. They seem more concerned about releasing costumes and dishing out patches instead of dealing with hackers
  14. Bots ARE in platinum, you know? Plus they use hacks. Ping affects some classes more than others. As a sin Hight ping really *cricket*s my damage output, combos and iframe timing. Macros are supposed to not be allowed here. I will return to WoW with Legion, don't worry for that.
  15. I've heard soo many good things about this game's pvp. I've been playing WoW arenas semi-hardcore for a long long time, and with BnS launhing here I decided to try it ... oh boy. Ooooooooooh boy, what a mistake that was. This is by far the worst shit I've tried in ANY mmo. EVER. 99% of this game's pvp, at least en EU: - Bots - Hacks - Bots with hacks - Macros . Summoners - Blade Dancers - More hacks - Oh, and lag in a *cricket*ING PING RELIEANT GAME, AND I HAVE *cricket*ING OPTICAL FIBER. This game will die here pretty quick, looks fun
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