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  1. Personally I don't mind low AP, it's just the cross server you can't trust. If I form for anything and you have low ap/bad gear but talk english and contribute, then you're better than a silent 500 ap player.
  2. well that's true but 400AP/HM2 etc also means low crit/crit damage and poor knowledge of the game(not always) Other day I cross server Yeti and it was terrifying, I was max ap with 505 and had aggro 100% while everyone was 400-420 AP. It didn't work well. I prob did half the damage solo
  3. the person who's forming the party will always ask for higher AP than his current AP, this is mostly just to show off "Look I made it to 500 AP so only 500+!!" bsh naryu and poh shouldn't even have an AP check... also 500+ for 50 dungeons is OVERKILL. I think It should be around 420-450. my AP is around 517 now and if I pug new dungeons..just forget it. You cant do those in cross server, from my experience it's been bad. They do no damage and freeze all the time. Scorpion and Lair is fine with cross but Yeti is problematic.
  4. Yeah grab a full party of 6 with 400 AP for yeti and see how that goes... AP is not everything but it's an indicator that the person did their homework.
  5. try to repair ? it can also be your graphic settings from nvidia/amd. most likely anti aliasing issue if anything
  6. do u have volumetric lightning on and your settings are all max?
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