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  1. i want to say that im frustated with this and sorry but i didnt see that expiration date was announced. :(
  2. that is the problem, the first event was mushrooms, that event expired, its ok, but im a player that spend only 5 hour a day to get mats for upgrade my weapon to scorpion. and i repeat, i dont understand why the item have to expire, my suggestion is allow us to use that item in the weapon, not sell it for only 5g.... upgrade ur weapon to breeze or scorpion is not easy for a standard player.
  3. i dont understand why admins expired the nebula stone item ??? this is a item to help ppl to upgrade weapons to the next level, i was saving all the mats for a month to use and when i saw this upgrade, my nebula stone expired, come on !!!!! come on !!!! just let us to use that item...... im so sad with this "upgrade". my suggestion is to allow us to use the item again. PD: sry for my english. :D
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