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  1. Really do wonder what you play, KFM for example relies on rhythm, not spamming as fast as you can. Afaik most classes lose DPS if they just try to spam as fast as they can. Also no one is forcing you to minmax your damage, if you don't like anicanceling... don't do it.
  2. How are korean ladders even relevant atm? They're playing level 50 patch where summoners are SIGNIFICANTLY weaker, second worst pvp class even. Summoners are utterly broken in 45 patch, everyone knows this. Every relevant player/streamer has said it. We need 50 patch asap, or summoner hate ain't going to go down.
  3. still players in arena?

    Sin I can understand, they are impossible if they dont screw up. FM however... not too hard unless they have huge position lag. Elbow Strike + mid path of avenging fist goes along way.
  4. Broken Arena

    If they turn around in CC they are bots.
  5. Broken Arena

    Now I don't know about other cases you mentioned, but this sounds like you had searing palm stun version dot on you. When the dot expires it knocks you down if the requirement for stun wasn't met, or it stuns you if it ticks for the last required hit to proc the stun.
  6. Ani cancel BS must stop

    Ani-cancel combos do hurt, but if you tab out vs destro before they pop fury (if specced for it) you deserve to get ani-canceled to death. Same vs KFM, if you tab before they use their longest CD stuns, spinning dragon and/or tremor, you're gona eat some insane damage. Also about wasting tab.... every class except summoner has a combo that will 100-0 you in a CC if you waste tab/use f while tab is on CD. Even BMs mind you:
  7. KFM counter bug abuse ?

    It is indeed elbow strike. If you get KFM rooted you must circle them so they will no longer be able to counter your spells. As of the current patch, elbow strike has the CD of 0.4 sec (shows as instant on tooltip), costs 1 chi and recovers some on successful counter.