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  1. So far I have opened about 500 boxes and no wings have dropped. Which is like over 69,500 hongmoon coin or 55,600 which is close to $700 worth. This is total scam. Why would the drop rate be this low? Considering how low the drop rate is. Will there be another time where we can get wings again, at a more reasonable rate?
  2. I was able to get it to work for a couple days by reinstalling windows. NOw i have the same issue. I can run any other game on my computer totally fine.
  3. My game crashed in the middle of 6v6. Now when I try to play the game. when Xign finishes loading the game doesnt start. If I change the launcher to run the 32 bit client it works. But the 64 bit client the game immediately crashes/closes and no splash/loading screen is shown after Xign fiinishes loading. I restarted my computer. Disabled all non microsoft services. Updated my graphics card drivers reinstalled Blade and Soul deleted and reinstalled bin64 folder I cannot get 64-bit client to run anymore. Any fixes?
  4. The ones that can turn while rooted and the hacking summoners. This type of hack is a serious offense and really degrades the game's enjoyment for everyone else. Something as blatant as this type of cheating should at least put the cheater's account in a suspended state, so they can be reviewed for cheating and ultimately banned., When the evidence of the cheating is obvious such as doing things not possible in the game, this should be pretty straight forward. The fact that this goes on, they way it does is shameful. =/ So, Why can't bots/cheaters that defy game logic be auto-banned? And what is being done, to resolve suspending/ removing hacking cheaters from the game?
  5. Why can't bots/cheaters that defy game logic be auto-banned? The bots/cheaters that can turn when rooted, and the summoner bots that can ignore cooldowns. I know automated scripts that actually send user key presses and such are hard to catch, I also know these types of scripts aren't very powerful when it comes to cheating, but with the bots we see in Arena, they are defying the game logic and code. Also the commands they send are going from client to server and then to a client. The cheaters client might have been fooled to allow such movement and lack of cooldowns, but what about other players' game client and the game server? Also since this type of cheating is blatant and due to the nature of it, should be very detectable. Why isn't there any auto-bans or faster turn around time to ban these people?