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  1. Ooooh. thank you for the infos! I will make sure to give it a shot. And i agree, Poh-chan needs more kawaii outfits in Blade & Souls too.
  2. So, i randomly found this while looking around the web. It's from a Ncsoft blog but i can't really read moonlanguage and google translator is just waaay too derpy. Should we be hyped? Here's the blog: http://blog.ncsoft.com/?p=9876
  3. Still waiting NCsoft to pay us for our new part time job.
  4. Hello everyone. I know this might have been asked before but i'm way too lazy to scroll across the pages to look for it. As Poh cosplayer, i really love the look of the true siren razor. I think it fits her outfit since it resembles her minigun. Now my question is, is there a way to keep that appearance without having to craft a second true siren weapon? I'm asking this because, other than being super expensive, i've heard that with the 50 patch you won't be able to craft true siren anymore as you will skip from profane to devil.
  5. It's really all about RNG. My warlock had the full Poh outfit/hair/eyepatch on day 3 of warlock release. Took around 18 runs. I have a total of 63 runs now and i've seen Pirate Princess multiple times. Just make sure you have enough gold with you when you run it. Depending on your party, you can either pay 1 copper for it or 15+g.
  6. This is really old but i thought it wouldn't hurt dropping it here.
  7. The artist is ミレミル. On his Pixiv account he only uploaded 4 pictures. Maybe that's all he drawn, maybe not. I wouldn't know where to find out if he did more pics. Sorry if it took a while to answer, login in the forum is bugged for me and just doesn't want to work sometimes.
  8. I get what you mean. I think they should just add an option for the costume to keep the original chest size or have it reduced, so both people who like their characters busty and those who want to cosplay will be happy. And yes, i created my warlock as Poh-chan cosplay so i wouldn't want her chest too big :P
  9. You monster! Don't you know that flat is justice?
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