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  1. I was gonna say something good, but after they move the server to east coast while ignore all players from west coast, I guess my answer now is none. Why play a game when the company doesn’t care about customers?
  2. Good to hear you are still staying brave and positive while they choose to abandon you western NA players.
  3. NCSOFT, first of all, you really should tell us at least a month ahead since server merging is a really big deal, especially for this game which is heavily ping dependent, also telling the server location is your job, not our job to minecraft your client files to find it out by ourselves, what you guys did was posting a simple maintenance note one day ahead like "hey guys we're moving our server tomorrow," like, wtf? And the worst, you choose to move the server to the edge of the continent, good job NCsoft... did you even think about players from the western US for a second? I've been playi
  4. Good job ncsoft thanks for putting the server on the edge of the continent while doesn’t care players on the west coast.
  5. I don't think they changed the rate... From my experience the rate was low all the time, you were very lucky on the first 3 days.
  6. 1% credit card warriors feed ncsoft and they don't care about 99% ftp players. That's their business model even in other regions.
  7. I won't recommend it to a brand new player, but if u really like the class u can try it. Assassin is a pretty difficult class, if u play it good u will have a lot of fun with it, but if u r bad u could do nothing in the party.
  8. Guys chill... I think when u compare dps there're many factors u need to think of. Which dungeon? FM definitely do higher dps than sin when u face bosses such as poharan, wig in bsh and mandate... Cuz those bosses move a lot, as a melee is hard to do damage all the time, Fm can just dps the boss ranged easily. (Even better if someone else is tanking ) This factor does matter a lot. Hit dummies at mushin tower? I personally think sin do higher damage than fm when the boss is not moving such as winter mane, lair fang and Scorpio... Solo dungeon? I personally think sin do better
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