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  1. Master Blaster, thank you so much. I've been struggling to find the right ap for the right dungeon, but all I can ever see for reference are increasing ap requirements for even the level 45 stuff. This make for a great set of references!
  2. For what its worth, it was confirmed for me by support that most of the craftable items for radiant ring (accessories) including some of the endgame gems are locked away from the NA/EU region. I was never able to get a reply on the forums as to the reason why (nice guy from support did admit Customer Service/GMs are not associated with the Dev team/localisation and thus have no info behind missing game content). The same is true for the Earthseers. Many items gathered by Prospectors and Herbside Service have no usage in the NA/EU regions.
  3. Currently Radiant Ring and the Earthseers have items that are locked / hidden for the NA/EU region. -Will the accessories Radiant Ring makes be available for crafting in NA/EU? If no, then why not? Why were these items locked to begin with? -Will items gathered by the Herbside Service like the "Baby's Breath" ever be usable? It says they are used by the Earthseers, but there is no recipe viewable to NA/EU that makes use of it.
  4. The Bamboo guard camp near Foshi Pyres has a quest titled: "Bamboo Guard Needs Food Badly", I do believe it's a reference to the Gauntlet arcade games. Yes, I am old enough to have played that game in movie theater arcades. ^_^
  5. I would love to be able to re-watch cutscenes as well! When in a party, sad fact is, most of them do not care about cutscenes, especially the pivotal plotline ones, and if you dare to watch it, you can miss out on a good portion of the dungeon or boss fight. And the thing is, they put so much work into the art that I think it's a shame you cant' enjoy the scenes more than once. One of the best work arounds I know, Final Fantasy XIV, has a journal-item called "The Unending Journey", which when interacted with brings up a menu of all cutscenes from dungeons, story and quests that y
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