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  1. What is be done about the exploit in whirlwind valley, where never lose a game. This was talk about during the live stream, it seem like everyone was ok with this exploit nothing was going to be done about leaving game never losing a game. What the point of having ranks game if never lose a game.
  2. When it comes to loots in dungeons, as far as I am aware, there was no undocumented change (bugs aren't excluded however). It's often the case that unlucky players complain more and feel like chances are lower for some reasons while in reality, nothing has changed. I have yet to see on forums someone taking a proper statistical approach to determine with a high enough degree of confidence (typically 95%) that there is an issue with drop rates. Things aren't as easy as "I'm unlucky and so are all my friends or people in this thread, so there must be something wrong!". Same goes for people still
  3. About time they add DPS meter. It's need in MMO to many troll believe they are correct in way playing champs. This tool will help people fix DPS problems. Nothing worst carrying well gear player in a zone because just doing LMB/RMB. People with low ping are not effected as much. Low ping really effect CC/IFrame. Timer on skill reset don't appear to be effect by ping unless going up and down.
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