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  1. Why everyone is quiting

    I haven't quitted outright yet, I still log in a few times, but loosing interest in BnS, my reasons are, Game(Crap)Guard, plenty of disconnects and crashes again, there are many other good Anti-Cheat programs and you choose to use this crap.... Also please optimize this game, low fps, stuttering, for example, Soulstone Plains should be renamed to Crashstone Plains, that place is unplayable, my skills don't work, so much lag and after awhile, bang, crashed/disconnected...
  2. The "Share your Couples" Thread

    This threat is one hell of a Pain Train for singles lol!
  3. You know you can get Hongmoon Coins with gold right? (CTRL+C)
  4. <Crimson> Awkward Llamas

    Bump Amazing clan with funny and nice people! :D
  5. I heard something about Jinosyun's threat ends and another begins. End of a big arc, the start of a new one.
  6. Drop Kick Feature For Dungeons PLEASE!

    They need to fix their *cricket*ed up loading screens first before adding any kind of kick function.... I got plenty of times where I'm just way too long on the loading screen, and by the time I load into the dungeon, the other party members are already WAY ahead... And sometimes the game crashes too.....
  7. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    Most gaming companies just don't give 2 shits about Europe, NCSOFT is really open about that apparently, doesn't even bother to correctly inform European players... The West is more than just America NCWest.....
  8. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    Same here, hit 45 last week, I still haven't got it....
  9. BnS Reaction Gifs

    And by the 100th time you start going crazy and want to go nuke mode on everything in sight...
  10. BnS Reaction Gifs

    Every time BnS disconnects/crashes on loading Screen while I'm in a Dungeon or changing zones...
  11. Why no good MMORPG's this year ;/?

    Biggest flaw with Korean games imo, they make the most beautiful looking MMOS, but everything else sucks, gameplay, P2W crap, Bots...
  12. Failed to connect to server?

    Same, getting error 200 too...
  13. Server Authentication Failure

    Hey guys the problem is back, now I also have it.... So unless I was hacked and my pass was changed I can't play too...
  14. about bns future

    This is why I avoid the forums, too much negativity lol.... BnS is a fun game, but like many who started out has F2P, the company will just run it to the ground, sad but it's true, only people who really play these kinds of MMOs are the ones who are short on money, jobless or waiting for their next pay... Seriously who really wastes money on these kinds of MMOs when you can just go to the top ones?
  15. Error 3000.

    Same here, and not just in dungeons sometimes, along with 2 or 3 other issues...