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  1. No. On dummy not possible. Max burst you will pull with strictly CTA is ~30 mil. (IA stage 1; TB9; ET SS; CC bracelet; Paragon & ET badges; w/e trash soul/heart). Maxing IAs still will not pull those numbers on dummy. On Raven King maybe. Maining KFM - trash class for many years. With 10s taunt have enough time to see DB go down to 1/3 of burst so like w/e mate. Thank you for damage
  2. They used to work on higher levels. So that should be minimum requirement. But yeah you are unable to unseal it anymore. Same problem with "Sealed Blightwood Berry". Dunno about other two. Edit: found
  3. Interested. Hit me up with details. Saw someone stuck skill spamming in spawn spot of Spectral Shrine. But I simply though - weird. From history of things, there was no punishment for XP farming. 1st punishment I ever saw was outfit thingy maybe last winter (?). When they removed outfist from players.
  4. Well you don't simply put any in-game screenshot as your F2 profile picture. I don't think you can even do it, unless UE4 changed somehting. In-game all you can use is built-in character view capture. Totally behind in years feature you totally would not expect but it's what we have. Players are modifying original character view captures and applying them via in-game gallery. Google "custom profile bns" for an online tool, if I linked it message most likely would get deleted.
  5. When anti-cheat is released remember that you wrote this
  6. On my new character I have Agitator Necklace since day 1 of UE4. Still no way to upgrade it from doing Easy modes, never even saw breakthrough chest. On my own I can not do Normal modes. No random group wants low geared ass in their parties. And LFP is like rolling a dice for it roll into a fireplace. First, have to finish Call to Arms chest to finally dive into Normal mode on my own.
  7. Bug Summary: Degrading arena match performance Reproduction steps: Play multiple arena 1v1 matches. Additional information: Was playing Dual Blade in Shifting Blade specialization. First several matches had good performance but it looked like with each following match FPS during combat was becoming worse. I have tried to lower graphical settings, using "Graphic Performance Mode" and "Optimize for Low-End PCs" but it had literally no influence over FPS. Only way to fix it was to go back to game world. Upon returning to arena lobby and playing several matches problem surfaced again.
  8. wdym? It is fast. Killing boss in 4 minutes even with full party of CTA abusers, imagine when all of them finish CTA event. Oh boy!!! Daily reward scale fragment chest is amazing, huge value. You want what? Materials? But it's 2k21. Players, their parents, siblings, friends and dog is either fishing or in Primewald. Easy mode is meant for players to get good. If they don't want that, their choice to stay stuck there.
  9. Never had a problem clearing Easy mode dungeon with full team of CTA players. Like legit all that craze about it being too hard is weird to me. Killing boss within 4 minutes with starter CTA is normal. If you die in Easy mode, its not that dungeon is too hard. It is player problem. Learn boss rotation, avoid taking damage. If you can not do that, don't even bother going to Normal mode. It does a lot more damage and some dungeons require proper mechanics (like Stonestain Passage)
  10. Why would there be guides on game's official site? It would be strange to find any of in depth guide in game's official site. Black Desert Online: no World / Field bosses guides and those will pop even geared players in a few hits. Archeage: noting about dungeons, raid / open-world bosses. FFXIV: did not see any guides while playing it for few weeks. There are plenty of guide sources (videos included), if anyone bothered to look for them. It is usually fan made sites, videos, community guides shared in discord servers (for BnS can find all of them listed in r/
  11. Bypass methods are always available. Only show you don't know what you talking about. Even industry's current best anti-cheat Riot's Vanguard was bypassed and you are talking about "safe ways" 😄 Xigncode is like little cute red panda compared to Riot's hitman.
  12. @LefpaWhat is going on is players do not know what they want. They say "anti-cheat now" but they are so ignorant to fact that it will not fix cheating issues. It will be bypassed in a week or so. What is needed it's actual hands on reports, responding to them, giving out harsher punishments with them becoming even worse with repeating offences and fixing damn game. Why the hell can someone just solo TC in 3 minutes? Why can they speed/fly hack through flame, chi recover and bait boss to water for instant death? And I'm not talking about sin, summoner, blade dancer cheese on mi
  13. Have seen chest only once since update. And I'm doing all dungeons across 3 characters every day and not counting when I'm just joining my friends for fun on character I did everything already. That is minimum 84 dungeon runs. And sad part is even though I need it on for upgrading Agitator Necklace on my low geared character it is bundled with Jaechun's Energy. Thing that most high geared players will bid up to few hundreds gold.
  14. It is not hard. Influx of new and returning player that are just bad at the moment. Now they have only starting Call to Arms gear but by the end of it they will be better and so much stronger. Making HP nerf irrelevant and only introducing faster power-creep and killing F8 once again. Class that is hard to play as Shifting Blade Class that has suicide skill in its starting rotation which leaves low geared players 1 attack till death Class that they do not know how to play Players that do not know anything about dungeons since they just started playing.
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