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  1. Too lazy to create a big text to motivate people but quick sum up, tag matches are dead and devs never got a plan to revive it, unfortunately there good season reward and basically all we have to do is to gather and have fun...i'll organize tag maches session every friday till end of season 8pm-9.30pm cet, if interested send me a message here or discord Medusa#3949 or join server https://discord.gg/vbUxM6P
  2. Too lazy to create a big text to motivate people but quick sum up, tag matches are dead and devs never got a plan to revive it, unfortunately there good season reward and basically all we have to do is to gather and have fun...i'll organize tag maches session every friday till end of season 8pm-9.30pm cet, if interested send me a message here or discord Medusa#3949 or join server https://discord.gg/vbUxM6P
  3. Would be cool to have a clan alliance feature so we can alliance 2 dead/drying clans, to make an alive alliance adding features like joint CBG etc... oh and btw would be cool aswell to update clan feature and items, that a shame for a mmorpg to have like 0 social feature, can one of you just login for 10mins / month and update every outdated thingy.
  4. This is clearly not the time to chill out or wait an official announcement on our region, NCwest demonstrated those past few weeks they got no clue what going on, so like everyone i better fish for information in korea, lower my gametime and start to pack up cause for now our last hope "Ue4" look more like a last backstab and moneygrab update.
  5. The first 20 mins of this stream are illarrous but resume this game perfectly, totally unrewarding game, dunno how those devs just litteraly thought that removing every reward from dungeons/quest was a good idea, no unity boxes / no mats / no items/ not even decent experience pt, the base for a mmo, nothing worth farming anything in this game anymore.
  6. This is a perfect feedback you got there, nothing much to add, i have been aswell amazed about all those nonsense unblockable attack added on everything, back then when game was good it was focused on what they called "martial art", a boss attack = you react to it/ you block it like a fighting game, now we basically have to read book for everyboss "attack pattern" and script our gameplay, if devs decided to implent thousand of unblockable red attack you have to avoid as melee every 2sec making the fight completly boring then we have to.
  7. can we at least get an answer? what the hell?
  8. Everyone care lol and 35 stones in 6days? what are you talking about haha, probably a hidden dev not playing the game trying to argue hahaha, it took 1day before wich is Nothing, and dont think people will suddenly run around with 10k material to spam that craft button, making it 1min change Nothing, those who struggle gathering mats to upgrade will struggle even more cause it cost more to craft stones
  9. [clown sound and benny hill soundtrack] Hello everyone your not dead yet, your still playing this game after the mess we did the previous patch, Don't worry we got dis !
  10. The few change added recently are nice but problem of this game is that you need to update it and to focus bringing back challenge /hype and fun... and if you people keep slacking i fear we wont even pass UE4, putting few nerf to make the progression faster is nice but what about the rest? what people desire is to have a decent mmorpg not even a perfect one but at least what everything is provided on any other mmorpg, you have to consider that few players wont come back because september patch was like last hope for them, they wanted good changes instead you implement broken features no1 asked
  11. It's kind of sad to see that the entire Community waited that long to wake up...the current state of game is due aswell because majority of people tolerate everything, smart kids aren't even concerned about that issue, they just doing raids and earning more golds than everyone else skipping those boring dailies, even if they revert back to the old system, you have to consider first that dailies is no longer an efficient way to progress in this game, never been to be honest, the drop rate in dungeons is way too low for every single item, you'll struggle even trying to farm an old item/outfif 3
  12. What are you people talking about all the time? who complaining about content being too hard we need mechanics nerf? where is that community asking for it?show me a populate thread about it or stop coming here inventing story, the proof is they added "easy mode" and almost everyone whining about it so link us that invisible topic i am unable to see where people are doing the "fiesta", yelling "we got what we asked its a christmas miracle"... seeing the current state of pvp the constant warning from the entire community you think they ever listen to anyone? wake up lol ...community mostly whin
  13. What save more time? Create an high AP static group to daily repeat same dungeons to gain time, you need to find that simple answer by yourself. I wish i could have fun like you but It's kind of sad to see that way of thinking seeing the current state of game... People doesnt suddenly ask for more AP, if you take example for a raid like TT/ET when they first came out people asked Aransu geared players for TT they are still asking for TT geared players for ET... but that won't be the case in few months, why is that? cause there going to have a new raid/new dungeon...so if we speaking
  14. Problem is most of time you taking nosense argument to prove your point, "someone can buy account", "i found an outdated VT geared group but i was even less geared so that prove my point"? seriously? you really think that in this game just "knowledge" wise out of 100 different group you going to find more trap TT geared players than VT geared players? You still don't understand that game fault? press F11 and look at all those group in challenge mode, i don't see any VT geared people and i do not think they burn down everything to skip mechs. So meanwhie all those high AP training/doing last
  15. Aransu 9 pt as example? lol? you got traped because you joined a party of VT geared people, VT is a 2 years + old content, people pug it or dont event do it, so i dont think you understood the concept of more AP = clearing fast, if i want content to be cleared fast i'll ask for almost every dungeons /raid at least TT geared people... There is one more parameter you have to take into consideration more AP= better knowledge aswell, you have less chance to be traped by a full TT group than a full VT group and why is that when both group suposed to be able to clear reguarding their gear? is be
  16. Your people are funny with that statement, "its Community fault aswell"lol...This is entirely NCsoft fault, this game is build around "farming" even korean probably didnt had a game that grindy, but they let no time to the NA/EU people to even take 1 Week break those past years, event after event, agressive patch after agressive patch, they formed a Community of people who no longer here to have fun but to login to endless farming ...and because of that system yes most of people requiere more AP for every content, cause more AP = faster clear and we clearly all need to optimize our time in thi
  17. The equation is quite simple....Optimized game + solid endgame content = hard time farming or Poorly optimzed game + no endgame content = smooth farming mechanic Its sad to see how this game has turned the peple left...the way you playing this game is totally unnatural even for a korean mmorpg, dailies on 9 characters to try to keep up? to be rewarded by a 10 FPS raid and nothing else, not to mention those unrealistic numbers, 900g /day doing dailies only on alts? like 100g every 13min, wow...you seeem a smart person so i dont understand what soo hard for you to understand that even if we gi
  18. You fail to understand that 2-3 months of intense farming is already a lot in a lifetime, people in this game don't quit because there no challenge they quit because there no point to keep playing a game just to endlessly farming, there 0 proper endgame content in this game, dead arena because of awaken patch / depressing 10 Fps raids / pay2win locked battleground
  19. Like someone already stated game is not "dying"....game is dead ! we no longer have the proper amount of players to make it enjoyable, for exemple arena who's now a depressiv place to stop by. Also most of recent patch made me understand that this game is no longer owned by devs with correct mental health. reworking gameplay 3years after launch (awaken patch) that make everyone quit the game, why? nerfing reward/mats but asking more to upgrade gear, why?.... - awaken patch : game breaking feature, nothing else to say, remove it pls i didnt sign for that clown fiesta - loot system in raid
  20. Your wrong like most of f2p people, your problem is you don't value "time", you think is fine cause at some point you will eventally be able to catch up those who "pay" by sacrifying more time of your life playing this game...but in real life and in games aswell, "times is money" its an hard notion to understand but this is by far the most expensive and powerful currency in the world and this is what Ncsoft selling with "trove" or daily boxes they are selling us "time" under the definition of pay2progress, you still have that "simple minded definition of "pay2win" cause you seeing no items (ge
  21. My thought, mechs in this game are not adapted for the average IQ of BnS Community and for a game that poorly optimized, when you spend double or triple of time your suposed to spend in a raid cause of incredibly slow Learning curve of 80% of the population in Blade & soul + mistakes caused by low FPS, freeze and lagg...better nerf it and end our misery.
  22. That sad to say but when i want to chill i dont play BnS because its clearly not a game to relax & chill, you wont see people organize event on their own or chill around how a good mmorpg is suposed to be, we dont have time, daily have to be done....
  23. What are you talking about , that make no sense....RNG boxes & Treasure trove arent available to everyone, you don't choose or not to obtain those things, you need ressources (lot of golds to sell) or money, the game's developers have to have a limiter or condition???.... devs put a limit to how many boxes/keys you can buy as F2P players, 20boxes or 20keys everyday using Hmcoins... for those using their credit card = no limit....wake up pls ! Like you said on Pay2Win game there a limit , there a condition, on the one i was playing premium were giving better stats, so that was the "P2W" f
  24. Saying content is available to everyone was their way to fool simple minded people, but the thruth is when they'll release a new raid a lot wont even try it for months, if you meet someone who paid in battleground you getting destroyed if you ever can compete with them the only explanation is you gave up on life, to make it even more simple for you...find me a single top player 6v6 or pve gear wise who dont spend 100+$ every trove
  25. What are you talking about, your arguments litteraly make no sense.... i will make it simple so people trying to sound smart finally understand what going on here what make people progress faster in blade & soul & get advantage in every situation pve/pvp gears wise etc... = mats How can i get more mats than everyone else = Paying for it Is A free To Play player can even reach someone "troving/buying rng boxes, instant max their soul day one or run around with max fused gems day one = no and a bonus just for you : Compared to other games is patch & new content accessibl
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